Friday, October 8, 2010

Some words for the First Anniversary

Hello! As you may know, yesterday was the First Anniversary of my blog ( and in 2 hours at 4:00 P.M. PST the Party will take place! ) and I would like to tell you some words...

Thanks so much for all the Penguins that visited this Blog, and that continues visiting us. Thanks so much for all the awesome followers of this blog, without you this Blog couldn´t be possible! Also, Thanks to all my great friends that accompany me all this time!

Here are a list of important events that happened on all this year:

- June 7: My First Comment Click here to see it!
- My First Follower was Loulou11207. Thanks!
- I met Loulou11207, Pips4lucy and Dark Falkner Click here if you want to see that moment!
- I met then Davidhopper2!
- Later I met Flipper14354
- And I met many other penguins like Monstercjr, Chuckyb13, Rosie7721, and many others.

Thanks to all of you, guys! I am very happy with this First Year! Thanks to all!