Monday, October 11, 2010

Numbers ( Part 6 )

- Maybe, - the shadow said - you mean what do WE want - he said, laughing.
- What are you talking about? - I said, shaking
- Oh, - said the Shadow, - I think that you know perfectly what I am talking about - 
The Shadow looked at me with a smiling face.
- One moment, - I started to recognize - you wrote those numbers on my Notebook? - 
He didn´t answer. He just looked at me with a "Yes" face.
- But, what those numbers mean? - I asked him
On that moment, the Door opened. The Shadow dissapeared instantly. Then I saw Jasper, entering the Room.
- Oh, Jerry! - he said - I need to talk with you URGENTLY!!!
I couldn´t respond. I was still paralized by the Shadow that appeared just a few minutes ago.
- Jerry! - Jasper shouted
- Sorry, Jasper - I said - What do you want to talk about?
Jasper telled me all his Experience. Just when he finished, I started to talk with him about the Shadow I saw, and the Conversation I had with it.
- Something is really out of place -  he said - He didn´t telled you what those Numbers mean? - 
- No, but I already have a suggestion... - I said
                                                                                                                             Made by Je45rry
( Part 7 coming soon )