Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Numbers ( Part 12 )

 But nor Jasper or me knew the answer.
- So, where do you want to go? -  the Taxi driver asked
- We can´t come back to my house, nor yours, Jasper. They know where we live, and there will be the first places they will search us! - I said, frightened
- So, where are you thinking to go? - Jasper asked me.
- I think that first we have to think on the Numbers Mister Frank told us... -
- What where the numbers? I forgot -
- 40, 26 , 3 , 41
- But, what could mean all those numbers???
- I think that I have seen numbers like those somewhere... - I said
- Yes, me too, but where? - Jasper said
- Geography... numbers.... -
Then I remembered.
- Geographical Coordinates! - I said
- Yes, you are right! - Jasper, said, excited
- But, what place do those coordinates mean? -
Luckily, the Taxi had a GPS installed, so when the Taxi Driver heard the numbers, he entered them in the GPS.
- So, what is the place? - Jasper asked, excited
- Madrid, Spain - I said
- So, what do we have to do? -
I thought a few seconds and then I said to the Taxi Driver:
- Take us to the Airport -
                                                                                                                    Made by Je45rry
( Part 13 coming soon )


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  2. Hey Jerry! Sorry I never commented on your blog. I come here a lot! GREAT JOB! :D

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  4. SO COOL! I like Madrid...have fun!

  5. @Jasfriend: I am sorry to say that I eliminated those Images from my Computer... sorry
    @Ppppookie: Thanks! I also visit your site!