Monday, October 18, 2010

Numbers ( Part 9 )

There, on my Notebook, was written: "If so, you will not wait too much"
I think that Jasper noticed my Terrorized  face because inmediatly he asked me:
- What does it says, Jerry? - he said, shaking
When I showed him the Notebook, soon his face turned as the same as mine.
- What does it means? - he asked me.
- I think... - I answered him - I think that something really bad will happen very soon - I said, with a short voice.
- We need to find an answer to all this - Jasper said.
- Sure -
- But, how? -
- Maybe we have to search -
- Search? Search what? -
- Search if someone else has other numbers - I answered him
Both remained in silence, thinking if someone would have other numbers, until Jasper shouted excited:
- My Math Professor!!! -
                                                                                                       Made by Je45rry
( Part 10 coming soon )

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