Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great Snow Race: Operation Hibernation!

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Hello penguins! Guess what? Club Penguin has released the Great Snow Race Party! Yeah! To start, we have to go the Ski Village. Here you can see a giant announce saying "Great Snow Race!" In one side, you can see the winners podium. #1, #2, #3 and you will see #4 in the snow... well, let's go in! Once you enter, you will notice that it's the same mountain we traveled through during the Island Adventure party 2010. But some things have changed: there are new items at the Gear & Supplies shop, it seems to be more things, and seems to be a "Half Pipe" attraction for skateboarders. Also, it seems to be more cold, because there are stalactites everywhere. You can see an "Ice Climb" poster but you can only access to it as a faster way to get to the Mountain top once you get to it manually. Before you start, you can buy some items there ( only for members ) Once you are ready, enter the cave. There you will see that there are some words painted in the floor. Now, to have access to the next room, you have to click each stalactite, one by one. In this room, you will be able to pass this level clicking in the red button once you finish this. Now, let's go!

Here you can see the an Ice Cream little shop has been added, also a Coffee shop. There's also a giant TV showing 2 penguins racing. Here you can relax, have a great time with your friends, and have fun! You can pass to the next room if you want. Let's go there... In this room, you can see 2 things very clearly. one, you can't pass to the next room, two, there's an "EPF Only" announce in one side of the screen. Here you can make your own choice: go to the Snow Race or to the EPF "Operation Hibernation" mission! You can choose any first. If you choose to go to the Snow Race, you will see that there's one Free Item, a green racing helmet. There you can race with other penguins, maximum four. In my opinion, I thought that the Snow Race was going to be different from the other ones, I mean, new features, things like that... well, once you race, go for duty at the Secret Cave, ( EPF Only ) to complete your mission.

As you may know, this was a secret room in the Mountain last year, but it seems that now everyone knows about it... Well, that's ok! Hmmm... here is the signal anntena that works for EPF Agents... see! There's a secret path in the left side of the screen! And those seem to be polar bear traces... right? Before you enter, you have to take the free Helmet that is there. Once you have it on, you can enter safely. In the room you will see many lasers. If you touch any of them, an alarm will sound and you will restart the level. You have to wait until the laser dissappears before you walk in. There are 3 levels, the last one is the hardest one. In the 2nd level you will have to get the Key to enter Herbert's lair, in the last level. Once you are inside, you will see Herbert and Klutzy sleeping. At first, you will have to throw snowballs to the Energy power, that are 3 and are located at one side of the lair. Then, create the special "jail" around Herbert and Klutzy, connecting it to the AC3000. Yay! We catched Herbert! You will get 3 medals. Oh, Klutzy escaped! No worry, he is a good crab, I think. Later I will make another post talking more about this. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

( This way is how Herbert's cage must be made )

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reviewed by You: Top Elite Agents!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry by not posting anything last days, I have been very busy with school and some events. To start, I would like to tell you that, as you may have noticed, Herbert and Klutzy are really planning something big. Same with Gary the Gadget Guy, he seems to be planning something to trap Herbert and all his other enemies. I will be working in a special post to talk about all this and even more curious facts of the EPF later. For now, I will talk about this "Reviewed by You!" named: "Top Elite Agents!". I think that this has something to do with the upcoming events, don't you think? Well, if you can remember, last "Reviewed by You!" question was about your favorite part of Club Penguin's Island Adventure Party. Suite106's answer was selected! He/she had this to say: "My Favorite Part of the party is the ship battle! You have the pirates with complicated cannons to load and the penguin navy with easy to load cannons. I actually like to be the pirates because I have an actual pirate costume and I like more of a chalenge. I Also Like the different bases in the cove and the beach and the things people say make it better. Rock on CP!" I also liked the idea of the Ship Battle, Suite106! Very nice! Though the adventure party is over, we can still find adventure in the Island, such as the next upcoming event, The Great Snow Race.

*** Warning! The following Information is for EPF Agents only ***

For this "Reviewed by You", we will be talking about EPF Agents. As many penguins know, every EPF Agent and Tour Guide receive a special paid $ each month. But, they really deserve it? That's one reason that Billybob made this" reviewed by you", to see what EPF Agents really do their job correctly. Here is what he says about: "As some of you may already know, there's a new level of System Defender launching very soon. So this week, we want to talk about what a great job you do to keep the island safe. Agents: tell us about an agent that's gone over and beyond the call of duty for the EPF!" Well, there are many good and nice agents working at the EPF... one of them is my friend Loulou11207, who always responded the call in an emergency case to help other penguins. A very good agent is the one who doesn't gives up, is always happy, and that is very nice and helpful with everyone, like me, for example ;) lol... Well, what do you think about this? Remember that the winner will get $10,000 coins to its penguin account! Thanks for reading, please comment ( I haven't received no one recently ) and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 12 )

<< Image coming soon >>

It was Victor's voice.
Jerry turned his head around, shaking. It couldn't be possible.
- Victor? Are you there? - he said, nervous
Because he couldn't see anyone in his room, he slowly opened the door. He walked out, trying to see someone. It was already night, and everything outside was completely dark. The rain seemed to never stop, and the thunders where so loud, creating a freaky environment in the House. Jerry was scared, so he decided to go downstairs with his mom. That surely would make him feel better. So he decided to take the glasses off, keeping them in his pocket as always. But when he was just about to walk downstairs, there was a blackout.
- Oh, come on! - said Jerry, scared
Everything was dark. He couldn't see anything, so walking downstairs could be dangerous.
- Mom! The lights went out! - he screamed
But there was no answer. Jerry began to worry.
- Mom? Are you there? - he said, in front of the stairs - Mom?? -
Everything was silence, until he heard something:
- Aughjjj -
- Mom? Are you ok? -
- Aauuggjjj - 
Jerry was completely scared. That voice was completely husky and deep. It was obvious that there was someone else than his mom downstairs; and maybe his mom was in big danger. At first, he didn't know if going downstairs to check what was happening or staying up there safe, thinking:
<< Come on, Jerry... you have to go downstairs! >>
<< Downstairs? Never! There's someone downstairs that should be dangerous! >>
<< That's the reason that you have to go downstairs, Jerry! Your mom is there! >>
<< But I can't! I'm scared! >>

Finally, he decided to go downstairs and confront whoever that was downstairs. His mom was more important.
He walked down to his first stair. Then second, then third, and so on, trying to do not make noise. When he was in the last stair, he looked around. But he couldn't see anyone yet.
That was alarming.
- Mom? Are you there? Hello? -
He began to walk, slowly. Suddenly, when a lightning flashed, he could see the shadow of someone standed up in the kitchen. Jerry was completely scared. He could feel his heart beating fast. He went to the kitchen, walking very slowly. When he was there, he couldn't move.
There, in a chair, was his friend, Victor. But there was something different in him. Number one, he seemed to be very pale, and Number two, he was crying.
- Victor? What are you doing here? -
Suddenly, Victor turned his head to him, screaming:
- No! Jerry, this is a trap! -
Suddenly, the Kitchen's door closed with lock.
- Victor? What's happening?? -
Victor didn't answered, because in that moment, someone entered the room, trespassing the door. It was a girl, with white glasses. Shaking, Jerry said:
- Sarah??? -

Created by Je45rry. ( Part 13 coming soon! )

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super - Post! ( # 2 )

Hello everyone! I am really sorry because I didn't posted anything these last weeks, I have been more busy this days with works and family. Well, though I couldn't post anything, I could notice that Club Penguin posted many things in his Community Blog. As you may know, I usually don't post short Club Penguin entries, ( like a simple video or a very short paragraph description ) so that's another reason because I didn't post. But today, I'm going to do my Second "Super - Post!" posting everything I missed since August 5, 2011 ( my last post ) But I will start this post with the newest entry to the oldest one. The first entry is named "Igloo Items Coming this Friday: Sneak Peek!" Here is what Billybob says about: We're finishing work on new stuff for you this week, including a new furniture catalog! Here's a sneak peek inside! The new stuff will be released early in the morning on Friday (Penguin Standard Time.) Remember that you can check Penguin Standard Time at the Snow Forts, or on the Community page. In other news... We just added a new version of Fluffy the Fish to the Beta Team site. Be sure to let us know what you think of it, and whether you prefer using a mouse or keyboard to play. Wow! The image seems amazing! I think that this will be really an extreme furniture catalog. Also, it says that a new Version of "Fluffy the Fish" is now available in the Beta Team. It means that is has been improved. Check it out! :)

The next post is a little shorter, but that doesn't means that it isn't important. It is named "Canuck Place Hospice Tour 2011!" It shows us a video that talks about a Tour that was made by the Canuck Place Hospice, to show children with life threatening illnesses the Club Penguin Headquarters in Kelowna, B.C., which we already saw a part of it in the "Behind the Scenes: Club Penguin!" video Billybob gave us. Here is what Billybob says about: As some of you may have heard, last month Canuck Place Hospice brought a group of children with life threatening illnesses to our headquarters in Kelowna, BC, Canada. We made this video in honor of them. I think that it is very good that Club Penguin cares about this people, because it is very important to care about each other, specially children. I think that these children have many fun, right? I would also like to visit it. Well, here is the video:

              << Sorry by the Inconvenience, video will be added soon >>

This last entry is named: "Think WE!: Speaking Tour!" Here is what Billybob says about: Do you want to help motivate others make a difference in the world? How about nominating your school for a tour about giving? We've teamed up with international charity group Free The Children to present "Think WE!" -- a speaking tour and leadership program for students ages 8-14. Just like the team at Club Penguin, the "Think WE!" speakers are passionate about making a difference. They share stories to inspire YOU to take action both where you live and around the world! You can learn more about this free program, or nominate a school from our Global Citizenship page. The program is available anywhere in English, French and Spanish! You'll need to nominate your school before Monday, August 8 for a chance to participate in this year's tour. Very nice idea, Club Penguin! I would like to join. What about you? Everyone can take action in this project! Just nominate your school and it could be chosen. ( Well, the nominations closed last week... ) What do you think about all this? Send a comment with your opinion and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

P.S.: I will try to post the next part of "Someone Else" very soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

EPF Information at Newspaper #302!

Hello everyone! As you may know, Club Penguin has released the Club Penguin Times Issue #302. As all Newspapers, it gives us information about what's actually happening in the Island, about what's going to happen in the future and even more. But this Newspaper Issue is special! To start, it announces ( by Gary the Gadget Guy ) a special event that is going to take place very soon: The Great Snow Race! But, why would Gary made a Snow Race during this time of the year? It seems very fun, but Gary's attitude during an interview ( outside the Everyday Phoning Facility ) with a reporter for the Newspaper was strange, as seen in the Image. He sweats, and is like a bit impatient. Here is what he said about this Upcoming Event: "The Great Snow Race begins August 25! My Zest for the Sporting life is indubitable - in other words, I really love sports! I simply can't get enough, umm... extreme walking! And... intense reading! I'm very- what's the word? Ah yes, stoked. I'm very stoked for the Racing and such" Ummm... Gary athletic? I never thought in that... I didn't knew that Gary loved sports... And, intense reading? That's not even a sport! Why is Gary so nervous? By lying, maybe? It seems that something is happening, but Gary doesn't want us to know yet.

And, what's that in the photo image? Are those traces of a... a crab? And they are coming from the EPF! I think that that crab made something inside the EPF Headquarters, but what? Also, in the "Behind the Scenes: Club Penguin" video it shows us a part of something named: "Operation: Blackout!" It also shows some images of crabs and Herbert! I think that this "Blackout" may have something to do with all this! Maybe Gary wants us to participate in this event to avoid something... As you know, a Blackout happens when all the lights go off, and everything goes dark. But I think Herbert may be planning something more big than a normal blackout... As you can see in the Image, there is something that seems to be a machine surrounded by crabs... and it seems to be Probot! Do you remember the Club Penguin Schedule image that I posted some months ago? In the image, it was programmed a "Big EPF Launch" in May, but it never happened, and a "Blackout" in June, but it never happened too! So I think that all this is going to happen very - very soon. What do you think about all this? Please send a comment with your opinion and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Developer Update!

Hello everyone! I am really sorry by not posting nothing this last days, specially the "Behind the Scenes at Club Penguin" Video post. I was really busy with work and I was out of the city. Well, Billybob has posted another "Developer Update" post in the Club Penguin Community Blog. As you may know, this posts work to give us information about what is working the Club Penguin Team these days, such as squashing bugs and preparing new events. Here is something that Billybob said to us: Thanks for everyone's feedback on the behind the scenes video. We're working on some new exciting stuff for you this month. If you saw this video, you may have noticed that the Club Penguin Team is working in many new things, specially in the EPF. It also shows us some things they are planning to do in the Island, such as new games, new features, and a possible new EPF Mission named: Operation Black Out! I'm sure that Club Penguin will make more things to EPF Agents very soon, and I think that the crabs will take part of it... well, returning to the Developer Update, here is what Billybob says about:

New items at the Gift Shop -We're just finishing up the catalog. For those of you that asked, it should be out tomorrow. Get ready for some extreme sporting action.
More videos - Happy77 and the team are working on some more videos for you, like a music video and another Penguins Around The World slideshow. Let us know what other videos you'd like to see in the comments!
Bug squashing - In our last developer update, we told you we're working on a fix for the orange penguin that's appearing for some of you when you log in. This should be fixed tomorrow, too.
Top secret: for secret agents only - We're putting the finishing touches on a new System Defender level. I won't say too much about that quite yet, as the EPF likes to keep things kind of secret, and I don't want to spoil the surprise...

As you can see, the Image shows us some of the new clothes that will appear in the next Gift Shop ( Clothing ) Catalog. Also, Billybob says that the Club Penguin Team will work on more videos, to make easier and more interesting important information. He also says that New System Defender levels will be added soon! That is very interesting... and I think that it is very good that Club Penguin is fixing the bugs. I am very happy that Club Penguin is keeping on its promise of improving Club Penguin... that's very nice and grateful! I hope that all this new things will be bug - free... I can't wait for the next party! I'm sure that it will be awesome. Meantime, we can enjoy these improvements in Club Penguin. The Club Penguin Team says that many new and awesome things are on the way! Thanks for reading this, please comment with your opinion, and see you later in Club Penguin Island!

P.D: I am thinking in making a Club Penguin Party soon, but I need your response. What do you think? :D

UPDATE: Here you can see the "Behind the Scenes: Club Penguin" 2011 Official Video :)