Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Style Catalog!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin Released the Penguin style catalog earlier than normal. This catalog seems to be related with the beggining of Summer, and the Music Jam Party. This new catalog has MORE Secrets than other Catalog I have ever seen. Here they are:

- Click at the Snow Crop at the top of the Tree to get 3D Glasses for $50

- Click the First Button to get a Supernova Suit FOR $850

- Click the Second Button to get The Rocker for $750

- Click the little Speaker to get the Blue Sunglasses for $150

- Click the Speaker to get the Purple Electric Bass for $550

- Click the Rectangular Piano Compartment to get the Red Sunglasses for $150

- Click the Mask to get the Trombone for $500

- Click the Penguin´s mouth to get a total Girl Dress TOTAL MONEY: $1370

Music Jam 2010!

Hello! Guess what? The Music Jam 21010 is coming up! This is the Party to make a band, prove your Musical Habilities and having fun making Music! There will be a Special Room for Members, and maybe the Penguin Band will appear! Be ready for the Music Jam this July 9 to July 18!

In other news:
The Newspaper #246 is now here at Club Penguin. In it you can see the next events:

.- July1 : New Penguin Style
.- July 8: New Penguin Mail
.- July 8: Music Jam
.- July 15: New Pin

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Third Field -Op!

Hello Penguins! The third Field- Op assignment is now available! First go to the E.P.F. Command Room. Once you have received your orders, go to the Cave Mine (that is located in the Mine) and stand near the Giant Light- Bulb processor. Once your phone starts to ring, cick it, and began the operation. It´s the like the first field- op we had. You will earn the medal once ou have completed the Mission.

Contest begins!

Hello Penguins! Today the contest begins!
This contest consists to go to the Final hint (and pize) using hints you will find. There are a total of 5 hints. These are the rules:
1.- Follow the hints. There will be a hint per day (do not navigate freely on the Blog to take a shortcut to Hints)
2.- Once you have reached the final hint and won the Prize, there will appear a code below. Send me a comment with the code on THIS POST.
3.- I will not publish the comments you send to me until July 5 (so other penguins can´t see the code before making the contest) But I will write a comment on this post saying to you that you won.
4.- The things that you have to write on the comment:
- Code
- Penguin name
- Blog (if you have one)
Good luck!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello Penguins! I have been thinking it too much and finally I have decided to do a very- special contest. This contest will be about a Series of Hints that you will have to follow searching on ALL the Blog. This contest will began tomorrow (June 29) to finish July 5.

But, what is the Prize?
1.- Your penguin will appear on the "Contest Winners" Post.
2.- If you have a blog, I will put it on the post!
3.- UPDATE: Thanks Pips4lucy for giving her idea of a new Prize: You will be the Next Penguin of the Week!!

If you have other prize that you think that could be available, send me a Comment with your idea!

New Shortcut at the Forest!

Hello Penguins! Today the Adventure Party has finished...awww Rockhopper has gone of Club Penguin, and if you look through the Telescope at the Beacon, you might see him sailing to his Island (Rockhopper Island). But the Adventure Party left something that will be there forever... A secret shortcut from the Forest to the Hidden Lake!

Secret of the play "Ruby and the Ruby"!

Hello Penguins! I have a super- secret of the play "Ruby and the Ruby":

- First open the Costume Trunk
- Then go to the last page that says something about: "How do I get coins?"
- Click the Square and move it down with the mouse.
- A Secret Background has been revealed!
- Click it to buy it

Enjoy your Background!

Dark Falkner´s Party!

Hello Penguins! Today was the First Great Dark Falkner´s Party! We started at his Great HQ Iggy dancing with our Puffle: Loulou11207 with his white Puffle, Dark Falkner with his Orange Puffle Zachery, and me with my Green Puffle Greeny.

After that, Dark Falkner started a Snowball Fight. All agreed and in one second all of us were throwing snowballs to each other!

Later, we maked a costume party. I dressed like a Giant Tarantula, and Klutzy the Lifeguard:) Loulou like a Hawaiian, Jet- Pack guy, Shadow Guy, Guardian Dog, and Dark Falkner like a Fire Ninja, Aquatic Boy and Rookie.

After that, we made a Hat Party. I put on all the hats I have. I have like 17 hats. (Not icluding the member ones) We all dressed on many ways an put on our funniest hats.

Then we made a Wacky Costume contest. I was very surprised by Loulou´s and Dark Falkner´s wacky costume. They are the best wacky costumers of the World:)

Then all of us put their old Style looks. All old- looks were very nice and cool. Ahh... those old remembers:)

Then Dark Falkner proposed to do a Fancy Costume Contest. We put on our Fanciest and more elegant Costumes. We looked like Super- Stars on an Oscar Award!

After that, we dressed (also changed the Pin and Bacground) with our Oldest Items! We looked very old (just kidding). Well, I have to accept that my items are the oldest ones:)

Then we put our Newest Clothes. Everyone looked very good. Lou and me coincide with the Same Squid Lid item as a Head item:) Practically I use almost my newest items.

Then we dressed with our Coolest clothes. We looked so fun! I dressed like a Scuba Driver- Lifeguard.

After that we ate some delicious Pizza, mmm I like Pizza. the way it is so cheesy, and with tomato, filled with delicious cheese and tomato, and pepperoni with a mango juice... Oh, sorry if I made you hungry...

Then, Guess who appeared? But of Course it was the Party Special Guest: Saraapril!!!
I was so happy to meet her for the First Time! We started to dance and Run at Dark Falkner´s iggy. Then we went to eat some Pizza at the Pizza Parlor.

Then we went to Smors Iggy at Map. We started to dance and to run all around the Room. We danced and danced and danced...

Then we decided to be ecologists... everyone Green! Desafortunately, I didn´t have green on my Color List... We past so much fun with Saraapril until she had to go. See you other day, Saraapril! Thanks so much for going to the Party!:)

Thanks Dark Falkner for organizing this AWESOME Party. This was the Best Party EVER!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Party with Friends!

Hello Penguins! My Party has been a success! Here are some Important Penguins that went to my Party:

- Loulou11207
- Dark Falkner
- Caytlyn99999
- Pinkeyslam

These are the events that we do together:

- Sled Race

Here you can see Loulou11207, Caytlyn99999 and me Racing.

- Dance Party

Here we are at the Iceberg dancing like Crazies:)

- Soccer Game

Here you can see us at the Soccer Pitch playing a little Football Game in conmemoration to FIFA 2010!

- Costume Contest

All of us put on our Funniest clothes. That´s me, with the Klutzy costume. Oh, and that´s Loulou11207 with his Blue Dragon Costume. And also there is Caytlyn999999 with her Cheer Costume. Oh, and there are my Puffles dancing, playing and sleeping.

- Treasure Hunt

We played a couple of Treasure Hunt games. Mmmm, we are Rich!:)

- Hide and Seek

I seeked Loulou11207 and Dark Falkner until I find him at the VR Room.

- Igloo Party

We went to Loulou11207´s iggy. He has a great Igloo!

Thanks to all for going to my Party! Remember to go to Dark Falkner´s one this Monday!

Things to do...

Hello! Like you must know, today is my party. (Look older entries) If you don´t remember the points, this are:

Server: Summit
Day: June 25
Hour: 10:30 PST

This are the things that I have planned to do during the Party:

1.- Dance at the Iceberg
2.- Play Sled- Racing
3.- Play Card- Jitsu
4.- A Snowball Fight at Snow Forts
5.- In commemoration to FIFA 2010: A little Soccer Game at the Soccer Pitch!
6.- Having Fun!

If you have an extra idea to do in this Party, it will be accepted!

UPDATE: Thanks Loulou11207 for the Costume Theme Party idea!
UPDATE: Play Hide and Seek!
MORE UPDATE: Play Treasure Hunt

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Fun!

Hello Penguins! I met today (again) Dark Falkner at his igloo. First we dance a little at his Secret Igloo (surprise:) and then he suggested to go play Card- Jitsu. I definitively agreed. He is a really good Card- Jitsu Player! If I were Sensei I would gave him the Ninja Belt on the First Battle:) It would be so much fun if Loulou11207 had go too. Thanks Dark Falkner for all the Fun!


Hello! Today I played with my well- known Friends Dark Falkner and Loulou11207. First we have a little Dance Party at Dark Falkner´s house. Then Loulou11207 suggested to play Sled Racing. All of us thought it was a great idea. Like always, Loulou11207 won the majority of Races. But to surprise of all, Dark Falkner suggested to play upwards: the last would win. And guess what? I won! (which means I loose:) Then, we went again to Dark Falkner´s house and Danced until he went to dinner. Then Loulou suggested to play Card- Jitsu. I thought it was an Incredible Idea! We went to the Dojo to play. It was a Hard- Battle, but at Last, Loulou won!

Dark Falkner is organizing a Party!

Hello! Do you remember my friend Dark Falkner? Well, he is making a Party! Here is Dark Falkner´s invitation:


WHO: ME!!!
TIME: 6:00 AM CP Standard to 8:00 AM CP Standard

To more information go to Dark Falkner´s blog:

Oh, and remember that tomorrow is my Party. Don´t forget to come to both parties!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hello Penguins! Loulou11207, Dark Falkner, Pips4lucy and many other penguins are now my friends! First I met Loulou11207 at the Dance Club. We started to Dance! Then, Pips4lucy joined us! After that, went to the Ski Mountain to a sled race. There I met Dark Falkner! We played like three times Sled Racing and then we went to the Forest. After that, we went to the Underground Mine to get some coins. Then, we went to the Hidden Lake.

We past so much fun together! Thanks to Loulou11207, Dark Falkner and Pips4lucy for all the Fun!

Please visit Loulou11207´s Blog:

Also Dark Falkner´s Blog:

And Pips4lucy´s one:

Monday, June 21, 2010

I met Rockhopper!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? I was at the Mermaid Cove (Hidden Lake) at Server Southern Lights when I saw a very familiar figure. It was Rockhopper! All penguins were so crowded and happy! I get his Background Card! This is the first time I meet a Club Penguin Celebrity! Have you met a CP Celebrity someday? Or do you want to meet one? Send a comment with your experience!