Friday, October 29, 2010

Numbers ( Part 13 )

- Take us to the Airport -
- Sure - the Taxi driver said
We spent almost like an hour to arrive to the Airport. Then, I reacted and I asked Jasper:
- Jasper! We don´t have money to pay the tickets! How are we going to pass? -
- Calm, I know what to do. I always carry in my pocket some money for an emergency -
Then he showed me a big amount of money.
- All that is only for an emergency?!? - I asked surprised
Once we payed our ticket, we went to sit a moment on a chair that was near there.
- On what hour is our flight? - Jasper asked
- In 30 minutes -
- What time is it? -
- 7:30 A.M. -
We where waiting like 20 minutes when we finally decided to go to the Plane. When we where there, we took a sit and waited until the Plane launched. It passed like 40 minutes when we where above the Atlantic Ocean. Then, something strange happened.
 Something hit the Plane. It leaned to the right. All the passenger that where in the left side of the plane felled to the floor.
- What was... -
Jasper couldn´t finished his sentence. Something pushed him to the window making it crack.
- Jasper! - I screamed
Suddenly, something pushed me to the floor.
- What happens!?!?  - I asked, feared
There I remembered what happened at the Park a day ago. I took my Camera, and I turned it on.
What I saw was horrible.
                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 14 coming soon )

Halloween Party here!

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin released the Halloween Party yesterday! Finally, after 27 days we where waiting, it´s here! When you log - in Club Penguin you can appear at the Town. This is a really decorated place!

 All the Island is really spooky... well, the Dark Chamber and the Haunted House are now available! NOTE: Maybe you have notcied that if you use the Night Vision Googles ( the Green ones ) at certain part of the Dark Chamber you can see all the Room! ( Thanks to Loulou11207 for telling us this ) But also, if you have something with light ( like the free item that is there ) you can see a part of the Path. I think that this also happens if you have my Orange googles, my Flashlight and all those things! ) I´m sorry but I don´t have images of them because I´m not member... :( Now, the Halloween Candy Hunt is also available. Here are hints of the places where you have to go to find the candies:

Once you have all these candies, you will receive an animated Halloween Background! Also, Club Penguin´s Halloween Movie "Night of the Living Sled" is at the Lighthouse, Coffee Shop and at the Lounge! It is divided in different parts, first Coffee Shop, then Lounge and finally at the Lighthouse. Click here to see Part 1. Click here to see Part 2. ( I´m sorry Part 2 is in Spanish ) Also, Part 3 is  not visible in the SWF´s right now. Thanks to Penguin Club Hints for these SWF´s! Also,  there in Plaza is a free item. See you later and don´t forget that the Halloween´s C.P.I. Assignment is this Sunday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Field - Op #20!

Hello Penguins! Yesterday ( a day later than normal ) Club Penguin released the Field - Op #20! First go to the E.P.F. Headquarters and see what G wants to talk with us:

The signal we found was just more snapping noises. We have no choice - we must prepare our new defenses. Work together to power up the last part for next week. It´s disguised as a Telephone.

Do you remember the first CPI NEWS that I posted days ago? It´s obvious that G is kinda confused, so he decides to get ready for any thing that could happen. He says that we have to power up the LAST part of the future new defenses. Also, he talks that the sounds are snapping ones... it was intercepted at the Dock, so, it can mean that the "Yeti" is visiting the Dock? If yes, why? Well, let´s continue... As a Telephone? There are many in the Island... wait, let´s see the one at the Mine! Yes, there it is!

This Field - Op is well known... we have to cross all the Way avoiding the Traps and activating all those Energy centers. Once you finish you will get another E.P.F. Medal! Congratulations and see you later!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Numbers ( Part 12 )

 But nor Jasper or me knew the answer.
- So, where do you want to go? -  the Taxi driver asked
- We can´t come back to my house, nor yours, Jasper. They know where we live, and there will be the first places they will search us! - I said, frightened
- So, where are you thinking to go? - Jasper asked me.
- I think that first we have to think on the Numbers Mister Frank told us... -
- What where the numbers? I forgot -
- 40, 26 , 3 , 41
- But, what could mean all those numbers???
- I think that I have seen numbers like those somewhere... - I said
- Yes, me too, but where? - Jasper said
- Geography... numbers.... -
Then I remembered.
- Geographical Coordinates! - I said
- Yes, you are right! - Jasper, said, excited
- But, what place do those coordinates mean? -
Luckily, the Taxi had a GPS installed, so when the Taxi Driver heard the numbers, he entered them in the GPS.
- So, what is the place? - Jasper asked, excited
- Madrid, Spain - I said
- So, what do we have to do? -
I thought a few seconds and then I said to the Taxi Driver:
- Take us to the Airport -
                                                                                                                    Made by Je45rry
( Part 13 coming soon )

Monday, October 25, 2010

More about the Halloween´s CPI Assignment!

Hello Penguins! Some fo you already know of the CPI Assignment for this Month. If you don´t know about that, click here. Now, I am making this post if you havw a question about this. If you want, these are the Steps you can follow to complete these Global Assignment:

1.- Wait for Ocotber 31. Once it starts, on the Morning keep a Notebook and a pencil with you.
2.- If you get out, ( for example ) if you see a Three Girls with Witch costumes on the Street and 2 Boys with Zombie costumes near the Store, you will mark in your Notebook something like this:
( If you can´t see the Image here is something similar: )
                                                               Witches: III
                                                                Zombies: II
3.- You will be doing this thing all day until night ( where is the hour most full of kids with Costumes ) until you get to sleep.
4.- The next day, you will write the List you have on the Computer and you will send it to my Penguin e-mail:
5.- I will receive it and I will add all the other lists in order to get the final results ( my list will also count! ) You can also send me your list in a comment!
6.- The final results will be shown on the Blog and we will finally see what costume kids like the Most! I would really like if you participate. See you later!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello Penguins, and welcome to the First Edition of this named: CPI NEWS! ( Club Penguin Info News ) Here you will find all the most relevant news of Club Penguin!

                                                                        iCP Closes!
 A worldwide shock has been produced when thousands of people get notice of the permanent closing of the well - known program iCP. The reasons of the closing are not specified, but some think that it could be caused my Technical problems. These are the only thing that the iCP Staff said to us:
Hello everyone,
iCP is officially closed. All files that have to do with iCP have been erased, this includes our Chat Files, Penguin Database and Game Source. iCP will not be coming back. We're sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
The iCPv3 Staff

                                              Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary Party takes place!
Finally, Club Penguin has reached its 5th Year! All Penguins are really happy with these 5th Year. We all hope that this new Year that is beginning will be even more funny, happy and cool that the Year that is finishing. Happy Club Penguin´s 5th Annivesary to all!

                                                                       Enemy or friend?
Lately, G has been detecting sabotages all around the Club Penguin Island. The first detection was received just a week later that the Mountain Expedition taked place. G suspect that all these sabotages aren´t caused by Herbert or Klutzy. So, who is doing all that? Some think that it may be the "Yeti" that lives in the Secret Cave that we found at the Mountain. If these is true, we don´t know why is him or she against us. It should be a new Enemy that tries to ruin Club Penguin as Herbert, or it can be just another Habitant of the Island that feels fear when we discovered his or her secret cave?

Thanks for reading this first edition of the CPI News! Send a comment with your opinion of these news. See you later!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Costume Contest Winner!

Hello! If you remember, I made a Costume Contest at the begginings of this Month. But only one sent me his submission for the Contest, so it is the Winner. That penguin is: JASFRIEND1! Congratulations, Jas! Very good Pirate Costume, don´t you think? Now, Jasfriend1, you will get this Prizes:

1.- Your Penguin will appear here on the Blog!
2.- I will put a link to your Blog in the Winner Post! ( If you have one )
3.- I will add you to my Blogroll
4.- Your Banner will appear forever at the Banner´s Page! ( If you have one )
5.- You will receive a Special Certificate to your Penguin E-mail! (Optional )

Well, Prizes 1, 3, and 4 are already done.( lol ) Jasfriend1 has an awesome blog too, so if you want to go there, just click here: Now, Jasfriend1, soon you will receive to your Penguin e-mail ( the one that you used to send me your Image ) a Special Certificate! Thanks and see you later!

Happy Club Penguin 5th Anniversary!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? Club Penguin has released the their 5th Anniversary Party today!!! Yes! Now, if you are in the Town, the Coffee Shop is in a Cake form. But, where is the Storm? Last Year, on the Anniversary Party day, the Storm was already visible in the Town... Well, let´s get in!

Wow! There are many decorations! ( I am sure that you will think that there´s no one in the Room when you get in ;) ) And there´s the Cake! It is very big! Now, where is the Party Hat? On the Gift Box! Click it and many Party hats will appear! Now, walk to them and take one! And the Colors of this Year are: Red, Green, Yellow and Orange! ( NOTE: If you trow a Snowball, it turns of one of those Colors! ) Now, you can earn a Stamp in this Party: Celebration! To get this Stamp you have to Blow out the Candles on the Anniversary Cake. To do this, click the Candles and you will walk to them. Then, conffeti will blow up and you will get the Stamp!

 Now, let´s go upstairs to see the New Yearbook! In this Yearbook 2009 - 2010 we can see all the Memories of this Year. In the Wall you can see 5th´s Annversary Fan Art. Happy Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary to all! :D

Friday, October 22, 2010

Newspaper #262!

Hello Penguins! Yesterday Club Penguin released the Newspaper #262. This edition talks about the Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary Party and Halloween Preparations. Now, many penguins believe that the Hat´s colors of this Year are Green and Yellow, because it appeared in the Club Penguin Times #260. This may be real, but remember it´s not 100% sure. ( But it is really probable ) Also, the Storm that G announced some days before is now coming to Club Penguin! And if you look through the Binoculars or the Telescope it seems that it will be a really scary Halloween Party... Well, these are the Upcoming events:

ONLY on October 24: Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary Party
October 29 - November 3: Halloween Party
October 28: Halloween Igloo Contest Winners will be announced.

Also, in other news, my Halloween Costume Contest has already finished. And only one penguin sent me his submission: Jasfriend1! And ( obviously ) he wins! I will talk more about this soon. See you later!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Numbers ( Part 11 )

Then we saw them.
There, at the other side of the Hallway, three of those weird men have entered the School. But this time they where different. Their faces seemed furious. The Mister Frank, Jasper and I couldn't move.
- We have to get out of here - Jasper said quietly.
In that moment, the man that was at the Center of the other two saw Jasper. Then looked him seriously. In that moment, Jasper's clock crashed into pieces with a big force that his arm moved apart.
 - RUN!!! - I said
Jasper and I started running, leaving Mister Frank beyond, hearing the other Students screams. When we just passed the Principal door, its glass exploded into pieces that went in all directions.
There we noticed that they where following us.
We tried to run faster. When I turned my head back to see, I saw those three men coming to us. When we arrived to the School's Parking lot, we tried to run even more fast. Just when we passed a Car we listened that it exploded at the same form as Jasper's clock and as the Door. We ran through all the cars, hearing the explosion of the one that we just passed. When we almost reached the Street, we saw a Taxi passing by, and Jasper shouted:
- Taxi!!! Stop please!!!
And it stopped. When we reached it, we get in really fast, and the Taxi Driver, like knowing what to do by the things that he just saw and our emotions, he right away got out of there. When I turned back, the men where seeing us, even more furious.
- Someone can explain what's happening?!? - the Taxi driver said
But nor Jasper or me knew the answer.

Reviewed by You!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin has posted a eReviewed by You related for the Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary Party.Here is what Billybob says:

As you may know, Club Penguin's 5th Anniversary Party is fast approaching. Everyone is invited to the special one-day-only event on October 24. Join in and celebrate 5 years on the island!

Last week we wanted to know what the first party you remember in Club Penguin was and Mehnaz101 said:

The first Club Penguin party I remember is............The 3rd Anniversary Party!!!!!!!! It was so much fun!!!! we all wore the crazy hats and I remember trying to find the pin especially made fot the party! It was a blue and orange cake with a big orange 3 at the top!!!!

Thanks Mehnaz101! Make sure to waddle by on October 24, to get your new party hat.

I can´t wait to see what are the Colors of this Year! Remember that this Pary will stay only for one day, so you can´t loose it! See you later!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Numbers ( Part 10 )

- My Math Professor!!! -
- Your math proffesor? -
- Yes! Don´t you remember? I told you that he found some numbers the same day you saw those Numbers for the first time.
I began to remember...
- Yes, you are right Jasper! - I said
- So, what are we waiting for? We have to find him! -
- But, we don´t know his address... -
We remained in silence a few seconds, until I said:
- So we will have to wait until tomorrow.. -
- Yes, I think -
Then, Jasper asked me if he could sleep there, in the House.
- My parents haven´t arrived yet, so, I think you can -
- Thanks! - he said
That night we couldn´t sleep well, because we where thinking of what we would tell the Professor when we where there on the School.
The next day, we waked up by the Alarm of my Clock. Inmediatly, we got ready to go to the School. When we where finally there, we began searching him on all places.
- Where could he be? - I asked
- Hmmm, I don´t know... - Jasper answered back to me
- Wait, there it is! -
There was Jasper´s Math Professor, walking like if he was scared by something.
- Professor! - Jasper shouted to him
His Math Professor, Mister Frank, saw Jasper, and he began walking to him.
- Mister Frank, we have to know something - Jasper said
- We need to know what where the Numbers that appeared in your Notebook some days ago - I said to him Miter Frank.
He looked at us like if he was even more scared.
- Why do you want to know? - he asked, shaking
- We just need to know - Jasper answered
He seemed like if he was thinking if he would say it or not, until he finally said:
- 40 26 , 3 , 41 -
Inmediatly, we heared something like Glass chrasing, and soon we saw Students running to us.
- What happens!?! - Jasper said
But then we saw them.
                                                                                                 Made by Je45rry
( Part 11 coming soon )

Monday, October 18, 2010

Numbers ( Part 9 )

There, on my Notebook, was written: "If so, you will not wait too much"
I think that Jasper noticed my Terrorized  face because inmediatly he asked me:
- What does it says, Jerry? - he said, shaking
When I showed him the Notebook, soon his face turned as the same as mine.
- What does it means? - he asked me.
- I think... - I answered him - I think that something really bad will happen very soon - I said, with a short voice.
- We need to find an answer to all this - Jasper said.
- Sure -
- But, how? -
- Maybe we have to search -
- Search? Search what? -
- Search if someone else has other numbers - I answered him
Both remained in silence, thinking if someone would have other numbers, until Jasper shouted excited:
- My Math Professor!!! -
                                                                                                       Made by Je45rry
( Part 10 coming soon )

Field - Op #19!

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin has just released the Field - Op number 19! First we have to go to the E.P.F. Headquarters. Now, let´s see what Gary wants:

Whoever is sabotaging our investigation is very skilled. I´m working on new technology to aid us.
However, we need more information. Work together to look for more enemy signals. Check near the Ocean.

Hmm, a place near the Ocean? There are many options: the Iceberg, the Dock, the Cove... would it be the Beach? Yes, there it is! Stand near the Shells and the Star.
Yay! This one of my favorite mini - games in CP! Find the secret combination of colors, following the Instructions. Congratulations! Now you have earned a new E.P.F. Medal. See you later!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Makeover!

 Hello Penguins! As you may noticed already, I have made a Special makeover to my Blog in celebration of the Halloween Party of this Year. At the Header you can see the Blog´s Title and the Pages. If you want to go to any Page, just click it! At the Sidebar you can see that the name of the Widgets are in different color and type of letter.
All these changes taked me around 3 hours! So, send a comment of what do you think! In other news, the last day of my Halloween Costume Contest is in October 20, so if you still want to participate, you can! Also, maybe you have been reading my Story "Numbers" in my Blog, and I would like to know what do you think about it, and how I can get it better. Any good ideas that you can give me will be shown as your idea. So, comment and see you later!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun with Friends: Flatmat

Hello Penguins! Today I met a new friend: Flatmat! Maybe you have already seen him in Saraapril´s Blog! I have just met him in Server Summit. First I met him at the Town.

Then, I went to his Awesome Spooky Igloo. I will only show you a part of it ;) It is full of "Slime" ( as I name it ), Spooky Trees, Tumbs, and Scary Houses ( also the music contributes! )

Then we went to play Sled Racing! NOTE: On the game is a Bug: There are TWO stars! Hope that Club Penguin fixes it soon, it is a little confusing... Then, we went to the Dojo to play  Card - Jitsu. On the Image there´s Flatmat giving refreshing my face... LOL :D

Then we returned to his Igloo to play there... But then I had to go. If you want to see Flatmat´s Blog just click here! Thanks and see you later, Flatmat!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Numbers ( Part 8 )

- Maybe... but maybe they mean something else... - I said
- But, like what? -  Jasper answered
- The numbers that we have are 18 - 09 - 10 and 7.36, right?
- Yes
- Well, it´s more probable that the First number secuence ( 18 - 09 - 10 ) are a date, but what about the other?
- I´m not sure, Jasper - I said to him
- Maybe it means an hour! - he said
I suddenly reacted. I remembered that the Date when I saw that secuence in my Notebook was on September 18, 2010 at 7:30 A.M.
- You are right, Jasper! It´s the same hour I saw the first secuence!
- But why is that important?
 We remained in Silence until I said:
- Maybe it´s an important date because something has started.
These words gave us a Spooky feeling.
- That posibility scares me... - he said
- We have to find those weird men, we have to know what´s happening!- I said
Suddenly, my Notebook crashed to the Floor, like if someone pushed it. When I saw it, I couldn´t move.
- What happens, Jerry? - Jasper said
There, on my Notebook, was written: "If so, you will not wait too much"
                                                                                                                    Made by Je45rry
( Part 9 coming soon )                     

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Newspaper #261!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin has released the Club Penguin Times #261. In this Edition, Club Penguin talks with us about many things of the Halloween Party, like the New Furniture Catalog, the Halloween Igloo Contest, the Storm, etc.! Also, Gary talks with us about many relevant things, like the Storm of this Year´s Halloween Party. He says that this Storm will be different as the last one, it will stay longer than expected! What do you think it means? Well, these are the Events:

October 15 -17: Halloween Igloo Contest
October 15: New Better Igloos
October 24: Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary Party
October 29: Halloween Party

Also, I have created a New Halloween Banner. If you want to add it to the Sidebar of your Blog, click here! Then click to get the HTML of it. Thanks and see you later!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Numbers ( Part 7 )

- No, but I already have a suggestion... - I said
- Like what? - asked Jasper
- It´s obvious that those numbers mean something really important... -
- But, what? - 
- I don´t know exactly... -
- What where the first numbers that you saw, Jerry ? -
- 18 - 09 - 10 -
Both started thinking, trying to know what those numbers meant, until Jasper shouted:
- I know! I know!!! - 
- What? - I said to him, ansious
- It´s a date!!!
I couldn´t move. Maybe he was right.
- Jasper, I think it´s true! -
- So, those numbers mean 18 of September of 2010?
- Maybe... but maybe they mean something else...
                                                                                                                                            Made by Je45rry
( Part 8 coming soon )

Field - Op #18!

Hello Penguins! Yesterday Club Penguin released the Field-Op #18! First we have to go to the E.P.F. Command Room to see what´s happening:

The signal we intercepted last week was strange. It was just a serie of snapping noises.
We have a hunch. Work together to check all water vehicles for tampering. You must hurry!

Hmmm, a water vehcle? Maybe the Aqua Grabber... or maybe the one at the Dock! Yes! There it is! Now, this is the same Field Op as the First one: You have to match each circuit with its correct pair. Congratulations! Now you have another E.P.F. Medal! See you later!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Numbers ( Part 6 )

- Maybe, - the shadow said - you mean what do WE want - he said, laughing.
- What are you talking about? - I said, shaking
- Oh, - said the Shadow, - I think that you know perfectly what I am talking about - 
The Shadow looked at me with a smiling face.
- One moment, - I started to recognize - you wrote those numbers on my Notebook? - 
He didn´t answer. He just looked at me with a "Yes" face.
- But, what those numbers mean? - I asked him
On that moment, the Door opened. The Shadow dissapeared instantly. Then I saw Jasper, entering the Room.
- Oh, Jerry! - he said - I need to talk with you URGENTLY!!!
I couldn´t respond. I was still paralized by the Shadow that appeared just a few minutes ago.
- Jerry! - Jasper shouted
- Sorry, Jasper - I said - What do you want to talk about?
Jasper telled me all his Experience. Just when he finished, I started to talk with him about the Shadow I saw, and the Conversation I had with it.
- Something is really out of place -  he said - He didn´t telled you what those Numbers mean? - 
- No, but I already have a suggestion... - I said
                                                                                                                             Made by Je45rry
( Part 7 coming soon )

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Guess the Image!

Hello! Guess what? I have created an abstract Image! On this image many things can appear... depending on the person that is seeing it. This Image will tell you what is your most favorite thing ( or the most thing you fear ) on Halloween, because it will be the first thing you will see in the Image. I repeat: There are many things in the Image. Now, let´s see it:

If you can´t see it very well, click it to make it larger! Now, what is the first thing you see in the Image? Send a comment telling what you have seen, and maybe tomorrow I will post another Image showing what I saw for the first time... See you later!

UPDATE!: Here is what I saw: A Pumpkin! Yea! The Red Eyes, the Teeth and the Cover!

Numbers ( Part 5 )

- They are everywhere... - I said, frightened. When I got better of my panic, I decided to stand up. I began to walk trying to not see the Camera, until I arrived to my house. I was very surprised of the event that just happened 20 min. ago. I couldn´t understand anything. ¿What where those persons?, ¿How are they invisible? I decided to rest a little to refresh my mind.

I don´t know how much time I slept. When I waked up, I saw my Clock, and it was 8:23 P.M. I went to the Kitchen to eat something, when suddenly I heard a voice.
- Jerry - I heard. I thought it was just my imagination, when I heard it again.
- Jerry, come with us - I heard. I began to get frightened, so I left the Kitchen as soon as I could. 
But then, I saw a shadow. A big, dark shadow on the Wall.
- Jerry, come with us - I heard again, but this time it seemed to come from the Shadow.
- Who are you? - I said, shaking - What do you want? - 
On the shadow, a big red mouth seemed to appear. A really smiling red mouth.
- Maybe, - the shadow said - you mean what do WE want - he said, laughing.

                                                                                                                                                       Made by Je45rry
( Part 6 coming soon )

New Club Penguin´s Christmas Ornament!

Hello Penguins! Today I have an Image of a New Club Penguin Item for Christmas! This image shows a big sphere with many colores things in it ( Click it to make it larger ) I would like to have this Ornament at my House :) It remembers all the Happiness of Christmas! Thanks so much for Jasfriend1 for sending me this Image! Thanks you are a very good friend! Please visit Jasfriend1´s Blog at: Thanks! Also, tomorrow is another special day: tomorrow is 10 of October of 2010! Maybe you are thinking, why this day is special? Well, tomorrow is Day 10, Month 10, and Year `10! This kind of days will only happen until 2012, so we have to enjoy it because on 12 of December of 2012 that will be the last day of that kind until 2101! (Thanks Jasfriend1 for telling me this ) See you later!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Newspaper #260!

Hello! Yesterday Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Times #260. This edition talks about the Halloween Igloo Contest, the Club Penguin 5th´s Anniversary and more. Also, Club Penguin has announced the Halloween Igloo Contest of this Year, that will take place between October 15 - 17 Also, there´s a caption that talks about Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary. Attention!: If you see at the Image of the Blue Penguin´s Hat at the Caption, you can see that the Colors are Orange and Yellow! I don´t know if these are the colors for this year... but it is very probable! This are the Upcoming events:

- October 8: Secrets of the Bamboo Forest at the Stage, New Postcards
- October 15: New Better Igloos
- October 15 - 17: Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest

Also, remember that my Halloween Costume Contest continues open. I have only received Jasfriend1´s submission. See you later!

Numbers ( Part 4 )

"I really need to talk with Jerry", Jasper thought. Meanwhile, on other part of the City, I was taking my dog to the Park, walking slowly and taking photos with my camera. But then, suddenly, my dog "Spots" started to get a little anxious by something...  then he started to Bark loudly as we where getting closer to a really weird bench. But when we where just in front of the bench, Spots got really anxious... I felt the same feeling that I experienced at the School.  But that chair had something special, and I decided to take it a Photo with my Camera. But when I was just to take it a photo, I got paralized when I saw my Camera´s screen. There, on the screen, a man with a Black Jacket, sunglasses and a hat was sitting at the bench. When I turned to see the bench, there was no one there! I saw again my Camera´s screen, and I saw that this time the Man was smiling at me. Terrorized, I ran out across all the Park between Trees, plants and people. At the same time I was seeing my Camera´s screen, and there, on the screen, where even more Men of Black clothes on the Park. Full of Panic, I stopped at the Corner of the Street, and I saw again the Screen. There I saw more strange men on all the Street, at the Park, in the Stores...
- They are everywhere... - I said, frightened.
                                                                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 5 coming soon )

Some words for the First Anniversary

Hello! As you may know, yesterday was the First Anniversary of my blog ( and in 2 hours at 4:00 P.M. PST the Party will take place! ) and I would like to tell you some words...

Thanks so much for all the Penguins that visited this Blog, and that continues visiting us. Thanks so much for all the awesome followers of this blog, without you this Blog couldn´t be possible! Also, Thanks to all my great friends that accompany me all this time!

Here are a list of important events that happened on all this year:

- June 7: My First Comment Click here to see it!
- My First Follower was Loulou11207. Thanks!
- I met Loulou11207, Pips4lucy and Dark Falkner Click here if you want to see that moment!
- I met then Davidhopper2!
- Later I met Flipper14354
- And I met many other penguins like Monstercjr, Chuckyb13, Rosie7721, and many others.

Thanks to all of you, guys! I am very happy with this First Year! Thanks to all!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Numbers ( Part 3 )

I am posting before time because I think I will not have to post the Third Part tomorrow ( Tomorrow is my Exact day of the Blog's Anniversary!, but the Party date is one day after, on Friday October 8. ) Also thanks to Jasfriend1 for sending me he's Halloween Contest Submission! Let's continue:

Jasper and I left the the School's Hallway to our next class. When School finished, Jasper and I went to our houses to make homework, and finally, sleep.

The Next Morning, Saturday, Jasper was still sleeping when he heard the Clock Alarm. He waked up, thinking:
"Weird, I don't remember that I put the Alarm" When he saw the Hour, it was 7 :36 A.M. "Really weird", he thought. Later he went to breakfast something at the Kitchen. His fathers where still sleeping, so he walked slowly to the Kitchen.  He turned on the Radio, but he became  surprised when he saw that the Station that appeared was the 7.36 F.M. "Even more weird, he thought" Hours later, Jasper's fathers waked up just in time Jasper's extra Spanish class. But when his Father tried to call Jasper's Teacher to advertise that they where in the way, he said:
- Oh, no!
- What happens, Dad?
- I don't have more Credit!
- About how many credit is left?
- Only $7.36!

Jasper got paralized. "What happens?!?", he thought. Then he remember the events that happened yesterday. "I really need to talk with Jerry", Jasper thought.
                                                                                                                                              Made by Je45rry

Numbers ( Part 2 )

I began feeling a strange sensation, so I closed my Notebook just in time the Bell rang. I get out of the Classroom, thinking about the event that just happened 30 sec. before. Then, I saw my best friend, Jasper, coming to me. 

 - Hi, Jerry! How are you going?
 - I'm fine, thanks, and you? - I said slowly
 - Not very good, our Math Professor sent all my Classroom to Detention because he found some weird numbers all across his favorite Notebook, and he thinks that we made that!

On that moment felt the same sensation I felt at the Classroom. 

 - Jasper, I have something to tell you...
- What?
- This morning, I saw a secuence of Numbers in my Notebook. The Numbers where 18 - 09 - 10.

- Curious...
- Not, Jasper, I keeped my Notebook all the Day in my Locker. Is impossible that someone could wrote that.
- Relax, Jerry! They are only numbers in your Notebook! That doesn't affects you, right?
- ...umm, maybe you are right... Yes, umm, I think I will forget it...
- Good decision, my Friend

Jasper and I left the the School's Hallway to our next class.

                                                                                                                                                         Made by Je45rry

( Third Part coming soon )

Monday, October 4, 2010

Numbers ( Part 1 )

Hello! Because Halloween is near on this Month, I decided to create a Story for you... this Story will be posted in Parts through the Days pass until we reach October 30. This Story has been made by ME, so DON´T COPY! If you do you without permission you will be catch. Well, let´s begin:


I never thought that a Pair of numbers could mean so much. I had so much to live, so much to give, and so much to learn. But now, I am trapped in a big problem, that affects me, and will soon affect all the World. All began on a normal day at School. I was working on my Notebook during my Spanish class, copying some verbs and prepositional phrases. When I turned page, I saw a Number on the Page´s right corner. There was written: 18 - 09 - 10 I was surprised. Who wrote that on my Notebook, if all the Day it was keeped in my Locker? I decided to not pay attention to that numbers, and I decided to erase them. But when I tried to erase, the numbers that where written with Pencil didn´t erased! I began feeling a strange sensation, so I closed my Notebook just in time the Bell rang.
                                                                                                                     Made by Je45rry

Well, that´s the First Part of my Story. What do you think about it? Send a comment with your opinion! I will post the Second Part soon! See you later!

Halloween Costume Contest!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? I am organizing a Halloween Costume Contest! In this Contest, you have to ( with help of the New October´s Penguin Style Catalog ) turn your Penguin on the Most Terrific Halloween Costume! For this, with the help of any Clothe you want, customize your Penguin, and then take it a Photo and send it to  I will stop receiving Submissions on October 20. You decide what costume you will submit! All the Sumbissions will be shown here in the Blog, and our Visitants will decide what is the Most Original, the Most Creative, and the Most Spooky in Polls! These are the Prizes that the 1st Place in each category will win:


1.- Your Penguin will appear here on the Blog!
2.- I will put a link to your Blog in the Winner Post! ( If you have one )
3.- I will add you to my Blogroll
4.- Your Banner will appear forever at the Banner´s Page! ( If you have one )
5.- You will receive a Special Certificate to your Penguin E-mail! (Optional )

If you can´t send me your Submission to my Penguin E-mail ( ) send me the URL of your Submission in a Comment. Good Luck to all!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Newspaper #259!

Hello Penguins! Last Thursday Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Times #259. This Newspaper talks about the Halloween Party of this year! Club Penguin has put a new log-in screen about this Halloween Party but with a Countdown! Also the Club Penguin Banner has the Countdown! Billybob also announced that a New Party Feature will be show this Halloween Party: the Dark Chamber! I think that this Halloween Party will be really awesome, and you? This are the Upcoming events:

- October 1: New Penguin Style
- October 5: Cart Surfer Stamps
- October 8: New Play at Stage and New Penguin Mail

It´s Strange that they didn´t announced the Halloween Party date at the Newspaper, well.. they also announced that probably ( like last´s year ) a Storm will be in the Island at time for the Halloween Party! I am thinking: someone has been vandalizing the Island last weeks ( as Gary Informed us ) and no one knows who is making all that... I think that is the one that lives at the Secret Cave at the Mountain! Well, we will have to wait to uncover this Mystery! See you later!