Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Numbers ( Part 3 )

I am posting before time because I think I will not have to post the Third Part tomorrow ( Tomorrow is my Exact day of the Blog's Anniversary!, but the Party date is one day after, on Friday October 8. ) Also thanks to Jasfriend1 for sending me he's Halloween Contest Submission! Let's continue:

Jasper and I left the the School's Hallway to our next class. When School finished, Jasper and I went to our houses to make homework, and finally, sleep.

The Next Morning, Saturday, Jasper was still sleeping when he heard the Clock Alarm. He waked up, thinking:
"Weird, I don't remember that I put the Alarm" When he saw the Hour, it was 7 :36 A.M. "Really weird", he thought. Later he went to breakfast something at the Kitchen. His fathers where still sleeping, so he walked slowly to the Kitchen.  He turned on the Radio, but he became  surprised when he saw that the Station that appeared was the 7.36 F.M. "Even more weird, he thought" Hours later, Jasper's fathers waked up just in time Jasper's extra Spanish class. But when his Father tried to call Jasper's Teacher to advertise that they where in the way, he said:
- Oh, no!
- What happens, Dad?
- I don't have more Credit!
- About how many credit is left?
- Only $7.36!

Jasper got paralized. "What happens?!?", he thought. Then he remember the events that happened yesterday. "I really need to talk with Jerry", Jasper thought.
                                                                                                                                              Made by Je45rry

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