Monday, February 28, 2011

Reviewed by You: Puffle Jokes!

Hello penguins! Billybob posted in his blog the "Reviewed by You" of this week. Here is what he ( and Bebolebo ) said about:

Last week we gave you a sneak peek of some upcoming new puffle food. We asked you what food you'd like puffles to eat in the future. Everyone had some awesome suggestions! Check out Bebolebo's cool idea:
Here's my suggestion: We should be able to buy a BERRY BUSH like the puffles would see in the wild. Then we could put it in the middle of our igloo and the puffles could all eat off of it until the berries are all gone.

Really good idea, Bebolebo! It would be nice to buy a berry bush to put in our house... Now, this week's question is: What's your favorite puffle or pet joke? Remember that if you are going to post a joke or something it don't have to be offensive, or you may be banned. In other news, thanks Woddylan and Flipper14354 for joining the blog as authors. Thanks guys! Please don't stop visiting, we are still posting! Thanks and see you later!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Anyone Ready?

Hey penguins! I'm a new author here, Woddylan! Today I just wanted to see if all the hired authors are ready. Right? I mean, you can't just start posting! You have to be ready! I wonder what all of you are going to post about. Does anyone know why Je45erry is tired? Club Penguin cheats never get you tired! You can't even grow out of making Club Penguin Cheats! Well, welcome authors! I hope you make fun posts! Have fun posting! Now. . . wanna know a little bit about myself? Just look below the line. . .


Name: Woddylan
Gender: Boy
Blog: Woddylan's Club Penguin Secrets/Link:
Interests: Blogging, making books, etc. :D


Have fun! Waddle on, Penguins!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hard decision..

Guys, you know I have been posting in here like a year and a half. I know that it isn't too much, but to me it has been a really long time. You have may noticed I haven't posted too much in this blog lately. I really love posting the Info, my stories, etc. But now I don't have so much time to post nothing. I would really appreciate if you could help me out being an author. If you do, post a comment. Here are the rules of a colaborator:

- Your posts have to be quite large or medium.
- Your posts have to be at least 1 image, please ( and saved in .png )
- You have to use correct language.
- Your posts doesn't have to contain spelling errors.

It doesn't matters if you don't post too much, but if I can't post something, I would really appreciate if you post it for me. Please send a comment if you want to help me. Thanks! :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Puffle Party and Brown Puffles this week!

Hello penguins I know ( and I am sorry ) that I haven't posted this week. I recently started with my exams, and many other things. This week Billybob posted something about the Puffle Party, and about the Brown PĆ¹ffle. Here is what he said about it:

As many of you know, the Brown Puffle will be available in the Pet Shop by Friday! We can't wait to see these new puffles out and about at the party.

Wow! The Image seems to be showing the Night Club, with many puffle colors and lights.... I can't wait to see the Puffle Party of this year! What room do you think the Brown Puffle selected for its party? I think that maybe the Recycling Plant or the Secret Cave at the Mine. The Recycling Plant maybe because it has machines, and the Secret Cave at Mine because its soil is *brown* and it has a machine that forms light. What do you think? Send a comment with your opinion! In other news, the next part of my story 4522912 will be posted later, I hope. Thanks and see you later!

Friday, February 4, 2011

4522912 ( Part 9 )


                                                                                 Day 3

<< Beep Beep Beep >>

My alarm clock waked me up. My mom made me some hot cakes and hot chocolate. When I finished my breakfast, I quickly brush my theet and entered the car. It was 7:00 AM, and that mean that I was in time for School. When we arrived to School, I immediatly went where Steve was. Then I said to him:
- Steve, today is the day 3. This means that we just need to survive 3 more days, are we are free, OK? -
- Yeah, Jerry I know.. the problem is that his source traps have been getting worst and more intelligent, until the point he used your mom. We need to be in extreme alert -
- I agree, Steve -
In that moment, my History teacher entered the Classroom.
- Good morning, class. Today we are going to talk about War messages -
- War messages? What's that? - Steve asked
- Let me tell you. Time ago, our nation needed to send secret messages to other countries requesting help during War. One of their codes where the "Tic Tac Toe" and the "Number code" -
- Number code? - I asked
- Yes, number code. It works in this way: Every letter in the alphabet had a certain number. For example, letter A is the first letter in the Alphabet, so its number is 1. B is number 2, C is 3, D is 4 and so on -
In that moment, an horrible thought passed through my mind.
I taked my notebook out, and I wrote:
- "Lets see... D is 4...." - I thought
D = 4
- "So 5 is E..."-
E = 5
- "22 is V" -
V = 22
Steve saw what I was doing. He stared to the Notebook.
- "9 is I" - I thought, terrorized
I = 9
- "Oh my god, it can't be!!! - I thought, full of panic, suggesting what the next number was.
L = 12
4522912 = DEVIL
I screamed of horror. I couldn't believe it.
- Jerry!!! What happens?!? - the teacher asked
I couldn't answer. I was in a terrible shock.
- Jerry? Please answer me! What happens? -
- Professor... I think Jerry and I need some fresh air. Can we go outside for a moment? - Steve asked, shaking too.
- Yeah, I think so...  go ahead - the teacher said
When we where out of the Classroom, I was returning to normality.
- Steve... Steve.... I can't believe this.... This is just, impossible... I said
- I wish this was impossible, Jerry... but it isn't - Steve said, crying a little
In that moment, something terrible happened.
One of the cars that where parked outside of the School, turned on, mysteriously. We could hear static in its radio.
- OMG, not now, please! Not here! - Steve said, with panic.
It was too late. Without no one driving it, the car started at a big speed, and he destroyed one of the School's walls. It was going in our direction.
But the car didn't seemed to be damaged. That was impossible. It was like if it was protected by a special barrier.
- Run, Jerry! Run!!! - Steve said
We tried to run as fast as we could, but it was in vain. The car soon reached us. We didn't have another option. We jumped out of its way, saving our lives for a moment.
But it haven't finished already.
The car turned to our direction, again. Then, it started its way with a bigger velocity. Everyone, that seemed to heard already the car sounds, where looking at us through the windows terrorized, hoping that we didn't got hurt.
But whe didn't have no where to run. We where surrounded by walls. The car was about to kill us. But when he was 1 second away to reach its goal, I screamed to Steve:
- JUMP!!! -
And we did. The car crashed to the wall, damaging itself. The special barrier seemed to be gone. Steve and I remained alive standing in the car's top.
The director immediatly called our parents, and they went to the School, really worried.
- Jerry!! What happened! The director told me that you and Steve where about to be killed by a car without a driver!!! -
- I'm ok, mom... don't worry - I said
- Jerry... what happens? These last days have been really strange... do you have something to tell me that I don't know? -
I didn't know how to answer that. I really wanted my mom to know what was going on, but I knew that if I tell her she would get crazy.
- Nothing, mom. I think all this are only matches... -
After that, my mom looked at me, still worried. Then, she taked me back to home, where I tried to forget what happened in School, but I couldn't. My big question was:
What is he going to try tomorrow???

Made by Je45rry             4522912 All rights reserved          Part 10 coming soon!

EPF Phone Message from Rookie!

Hello everyone! Guess what? Today Rookie has sent us another EPF Phone Message saying the next words:

Hey everyone! I have a theory - I think Herbert and Probot may have helpers! Something with a Tire... Maybe some kind of evil wheel barrow!

Really interesting, Rookie... that is REALLY interesting... let's see: an evil wheel barrow? That sounds really familiar to me... of course! I saw a wheel barrow when I had my DS Game "Herbert's Revenge!" In the game, Herbert had a new secret base underground, in the Wilderness. There, I found many curious things... including a barrow with wheels. Here is an image:

( Click to enlarge ) Thanks to Lebron Jr's , Club Penguin Expert and Saraapril for this image! Now, that machine is kinda strange... how could it be useful? It seems to be a snow remover with a window and wheels... do you have another suggestion? Send a comment with your opinion! Thanks and see you later!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reviewed by You, Puffle Stories!

Hello! How are you today? If you live in USA, I heard that a Snow Storm is causing chaos in the cities, specially in Chicago and Washington. Remember to keep warm in house, don't get sick. Billybob has posted this week's "Reviewed by You" Last week's question was: If you wrote a story about puffles, what would it be like? Gwen78's story was selected! Here it is:

 "If I wrote a story about puffles, it would be about their "history". Puffles used to live in a place called Puffle Island. It was the perfect home for puffles. How did they wind up in Club Penguin? Well, it all started when a Blue Puffle was a bit lonely. It was tired of playing with his puffle friends. He wanted to go out and explore the world! So a group of blue puffles journeyed across the sea and came across Club Penguin! Oh, how happy they were! One puffle went back to tell the others. Soon, the red puffles came. They even met Rockhopper on the way, and took one with him! All the others came too. Yellow puffles needed more space to create beautiful art. Purple puffles wanted to dance with other people and with music! The pink puffles needed equipment for exercising. The black puffles didn't want to be left out! The orange puffles were too late because they took too many naps on the way! The brown puffle was working on an invention! Soon, Club Penguin was their home. But thousands of others are still on Puffle Island. Who knows? They might be waiting for the right owner to come by! Maybe it's you . . ." 

Really cool and original story about how Puffles came to Club Penguin! :D Congratulations Gwen78! Now, this week's question is: If you were a puffle, which one would you be... and why? If I could be a Puffle, I would be a Blue Puffle, because I always want to play new things. Thanks and see you later!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sneak Peek: February! ( And couple things to say )

Hello! Billybob has posted in the CP Community Blog some sneak peeks about what we will see this month in Club Penguin. Here is what he said about:

 Last month, we showed you some surprises we were working on. We've seen a lot of brown puffles walking around the island since then... And there's a lot more coming up for puffles in February and March!

Plus, here are some things to look out for this month:
 * The big Puffle Party, starting Feb.18
* Brown puffles for adoption at the Pet Shop
* The return of the Haunting of the Viking Opera at the Stage (with the pin YOU picked!) 

Hmmm... oh sorry  Hmmm.... lots for Puffles in February AND March? That sounds interesting... Well, this are my suggestions for the 3 Images:

- 1st: It seems to be the Curtain at the Pet Shop, so I think that it means that the Brown Puffle will be soon there.
- 2nd: Maybe a new attraction at the Puffle Party, or NEW Puffle Furniture...
- 3rd: It seems to be the Brown Puffle with his red glasses making a Machine... I hope that it isn't for Probot! :l

It would be cool if Brown Puffles could make new Puffle Furniture. In other news, I would like to receive comments. I have been waiting comments for a long time and my most active user has been JT, and according to my Visitor's counter, my blog has been receiving many Pageviews. I really thank - you to visit my blog, but I would like you to comment a little. In other things, I have been noticing ( thanks to Blogger Stats Page ) that my "Field - Op 31!" and my "Where could Probot be hiding?" posts have been receiving a lot of Pageviews. Please comment! Thanks and see you later! :D