Sunday, May 26, 2013

Card - Jitsu Party 2013!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I know that it has been a long time since the last time I ever posted, but I just wanted to tell you that I have been very busy ( more than ever, to be honest ), and that's why I haven't posted anything lately. In this post, I will talk about the Card - Jitsu Party, Card - Jitsu Snow and more. If you didn't know, from now on EVERYONE will be able to play all CJ games, such as CJ Fire, CJ Water and the brand - new CJ Snow. The Island has been decorated in a chinese way, and it has been divided into 3 zones, one for each Card - Jitsu element. In each zone there's a passage that leads to a special room. One of the most important features of the party is the update of the Dojo: both the Dojo Courtyard and the Dojo have been re - designed, and they are going to stay that way after the party ends. Something I don't really like is that the Ninja Hideout is no longer accessible, because it was removed. Other than that, the Dojo looks awesome, and you can enter the Fire, Water and Snow dojos from there. Now let's talk about something everyone had been waiting for since 2010: Card - Jitsu Snow!


CJ Snow is a multiplayer game, and up to 3 penguins can play at the same time. Each player controls a different element, therefore, they have different abilities than are helpful in the progress of the game. Here are the advantages and weaknesses of every ninja you can choose to be:
The Water Ninja can move a little amount of tiles in each turn, and his range is very low ( this means that it needs to be very close to enemies in order to attack them ). A good thing is that he can greatly damage opponents. His power cards can cause double damage to enemies, and when used in a combo, it gives players extra power in their next attack.
The Snow Ninja can move a big amount of tiles in all directions, and he can attack enemies from a big distance. However, the damage he causes is small, but he's very helpful in one thing: healing Ninjas. He can heal ninjas in a good and efficient way, and even his power cards can boost players' health, and damage opponents as well.
The Fire Ninja can move more amount of tiles than the Water Ninja but less than the Snow Ninja. He can attack enemies from the distance, and he causes a good amount of damage to opponents. His power cards damage and stun enemies, which causes them to loose a turn. In a combo, his power cards can damage enemies for 3 turns.
You can choose to be any of these 3 types of ninjas, according to your opinions.


There are 4 enemies in Card - Jitsu Snow. The most common are Scrap, Sly and Tank.

Scrap can move several tiles in one turn, and his range is big. One of his attacks can damage 2 or even 3 ninjas if they are close to each other. He throws snowballs with his racket.
Sly can also move a big amount of tiles in one turn. His range is very big, which allows him to attack ninjas from the distance. However, he is the weakest of all snow minions, and his attacks are not too harmful. He throws big snowballs.
Tank is very strong, and his attacks can lower ninjas' health in a big amount. Fortunately for us, he can only move 1 tile per turn, allowing us to attack him from the distance and receiving no harm. He attacks with a weapon and seems to protect himself with a sled.
Tusk is the main antagonist of the game. Though he doesn't move, his attacks are very powerful. He is incredibly strong and all ninjas must work together in order to defeat him. When battling Tusk, Sensei will help you.


To play Card - Jitsu Snow, you need to follow the next instructions:
1 ) Choose an element ( Water, Snow or Fire ). 
2 ) Wait for the game to begin.
3 ) There are 3 rounds. You can get to the Bonus Round if you complete a special task.
4 ) As soon as the game starts, you will see blue tiles on the ground. Click on any of them to go there. Remember that you have 10 seconds to make your move.
5 ) Wait for the opponents to move.
6 ) Again, click on a blue tile, and if you see a red circle targeting an enemy, click on it. It will then turn green. This will cause your penguin to attack the villain you targeted. If the circle targets a teammate, clicking it will cause your Ninja to heal him / her.
7 ) Once a power card shows up, you can use it in your next move. If you click on it, red tiles will appear on the ground. Click on any of them that's NEAR an enemy. Power cards impact one tile in every direction, so choose wisely. You can rather help a teammate or destroy an enemy with them. Power cards are more powerful than regular attacks, and if two or all three players use one of them at the same time, they will create a combo, causing special consequences in the game.
8 ) Battle as a team, and reach victory!

The Snow Suit's items are not the only ones you can earn by playing Card - Jitsu Snow. In total, there are 24 items you can get by playing the game, which includes the complete Snow Suit, the Snow Gem, and more. Also, you can win stamps by your actions during the battle, and coins as well. I think that CJ Snow is one of the best strategy games I've ever played, but I would like Club Penguin to let us choose who to play with. Other than that, it's a great game. Like always, I have made a list of the rooms I recommend you to visit the most during the party:

- Card - Jitsu Snow's Dojo
- Ski Hill
- Stadium
- Ski Village
- Ski Lodge
- Card Jitsu special room
- Dojo Courtyard
- Forest
- Cove

Before ending this post, I would like to tell you something: this is a friendly reminder that I still work on the blog, just not as often as before. And just to let you know, you can still see me waddling around the Island quite often, and I tweet often too-- I'm just having trouble posting. You may have noticed that I barely post now, but I still want to keep the blog active so I'll try to make a post at least 1 time per month; and I will talk about important things such as parties, events, etc. I would like to thank ALL of my visitors, specially the ones who have been with me since I created this website ( if there's any ). What are your opinions about Card - Jitsu Snow? Do you like it? What would you do to improve the game? Please feel free to send a comment with your opinion. If you have any doubt or statement about the party, please let me know too. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D