Sunday, May 26, 2013

Card - Jitsu Party 2013!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I know that it has been a long time since the last time I ever posted, but I just wanted to tell you that I have been very busy ( more than ever, to be honest ), and that's why I haven't posted anything lately. In this post, I will talk about the Card - Jitsu Party, Card - Jitsu Snow and more. If you didn't know, from now on EVERYONE will be able to play all CJ games, such as CJ Fire, CJ Water and the brand - new CJ Snow. The Island has been decorated in a chinese way, and it has been divided into 3 zones, one for each Card - Jitsu element. In each zone there's a passage that leads to a special room. One of the most important features of the party is the update of the Dojo: both the Dojo Courtyard and the Dojo have been re - designed, and they are going to stay that way after the party ends. Something I don't really like is that the Ninja Hideout is no longer accessible, because it was removed. Other than that, the Dojo looks awesome, and you can enter the Fire, Water and Snow dojos from there. Now let's talk about something everyone had been waiting for since 2010: Card - Jitsu Snow!


CJ Snow is a multiplayer game, and up to 3 penguins can play at the same time. Each player controls a different element, therefore, they have different abilities than are helpful in the progress of the game. Here are the advantages and weaknesses of every ninja you can choose to be:
The Water Ninja can move a little amount of tiles in each turn, and his range is very low ( this means that it needs to be very close to enemies in order to attack them ). A good thing is that he can greatly damage opponents. His power cards can cause double damage to enemies, and when used in a combo, it gives players extra power in their next attack.
The Snow Ninja can move a big amount of tiles in all directions, and he can attack enemies from a big distance. However, the damage he causes is small, but he's very helpful in one thing: healing Ninjas. He can heal ninjas in a good and efficient way, and even his power cards can boost players' health, and damage opponents as well.
The Fire Ninja can move more amount of tiles than the Water Ninja but less than the Snow Ninja. He can attack enemies from the distance, and he causes a good amount of damage to opponents. His power cards damage and stun enemies, which causes them to loose a turn. In a combo, his power cards can damage enemies for 3 turns.
You can choose to be any of these 3 types of ninjas, according to your opinions.


There are 4 enemies in Card - Jitsu Snow. The most common are Scrap, Sly and Tank.

Scrap can move several tiles in one turn, and his range is big. One of his attacks can damage 2 or even 3 ninjas if they are close to each other. He throws snowballs with his racket.
Sly can also move a big amount of tiles in one turn. His range is very big, which allows him to attack ninjas from the distance. However, he is the weakest of all snow minions, and his attacks are not too harmful. He throws big snowballs.
Tank is very strong, and his attacks can lower ninjas' health in a big amount. Fortunately for us, he can only move 1 tile per turn, allowing us to attack him from the distance and receiving no harm. He attacks with a weapon and seems to protect himself with a sled.
Tusk is the main antagonist of the game. Though he doesn't move, his attacks are very powerful. He is incredibly strong and all ninjas must work together in order to defeat him. When battling Tusk, Sensei will help you.


To play Card - Jitsu Snow, you need to follow the next instructions:
1 ) Choose an element ( Water, Snow or Fire ). 
2 ) Wait for the game to begin.
3 ) There are 3 rounds. You can get to the Bonus Round if you complete a special task.
4 ) As soon as the game starts, you will see blue tiles on the ground. Click on any of them to go there. Remember that you have 10 seconds to make your move.
5 ) Wait for the opponents to move.
6 ) Again, click on a blue tile, and if you see a red circle targeting an enemy, click on it. It will then turn green. This will cause your penguin to attack the villain you targeted. If the circle targets a teammate, clicking it will cause your Ninja to heal him / her.
7 ) Once a power card shows up, you can use it in your next move. If you click on it, red tiles will appear on the ground. Click on any of them that's NEAR an enemy. Power cards impact one tile in every direction, so choose wisely. You can rather help a teammate or destroy an enemy with them. Power cards are more powerful than regular attacks, and if two or all three players use one of them at the same time, they will create a combo, causing special consequences in the game.
8 ) Battle as a team, and reach victory!

The Snow Suit's items are not the only ones you can earn by playing Card - Jitsu Snow. In total, there are 24 items you can get by playing the game, which includes the complete Snow Suit, the Snow Gem, and more. Also, you can win stamps by your actions during the battle, and coins as well. I think that CJ Snow is one of the best strategy games I've ever played, but I would like Club Penguin to let us choose who to play with. Other than that, it's a great game. Like always, I have made a list of the rooms I recommend you to visit the most during the party:

- Card - Jitsu Snow's Dojo
- Ski Hill
- Stadium
- Ski Village
- Ski Lodge
- Card Jitsu special room
- Dojo Courtyard
- Forest
- Cove

Before ending this post, I would like to tell you something: this is a friendly reminder that I still work on the blog, just not as often as before. And just to let you know, you can still see me waddling around the Island quite often, and I tweet often too-- I'm just having trouble posting. You may have noticed that I barely post now, but I still want to keep the blog active so I'll try to make a post at least 1 time per month; and I will talk about important things such as parties, events, etc. I would like to thank ALL of my visitors, specially the ones who have been with me since I created this website ( if there's any ). What are your opinions about Card - Jitsu Snow? Do you like it? What would you do to improve the game? Please feel free to send a comment with your opinion. If you have any doubt or statement about the party, please let me know too. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Monday, March 18, 2013

Card - Jitsu Snow Beta Test Update!

Hello everyone! As you may know already, Club Penguin launched the beta test for the upcoming game "Card  - Jitsu Snow" some weeks ago. This means that anyone with a Club Penguin account can play the game before its official release in the Island. The purpose of this is to notify the CP Team any bugs we find in the game, and they will fix them as soon as possible; so when the game is launched, it won't have too many bugs. If you didn't know, a bug is"an error or fault, as in a machine or system, in a computer or computer program" In other words, a bug in Club Penguin means an error in the SYSTEM. For example: when you want to buy something in the catalog and you get stuck in a forever - loading screen-- that's a bug. If you test CJ Snow right now, you will notice that you're able to send your comments or ideas to the Club Penguin Team in order to improve the game. Well, the CP Team posted something today talking about the enhancements they have making to it. Here is what they say:

Hey penguins,
Big thanks to all the ninjas who shared their Card-Jitsu Snow strategies - you guys are clearly playing smart, with tons of great tactics to win the game. I was super impressed by this tip from batmanfan9: "What i would do is wait for a while until it looks like all players have a power card.Then i would wait from them to place it then i would put my power card with someone elses and try to get a combo because i like the power it gives you when you make a combo" Awesome battle plan, batmanfan9! Combos rock. We added 10,000 coins to your account for having your comment featured this week! And I'm totally going to use your tip!

We're already into our third week of the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test! Can you believe it? I guess time flies when you're battling Snow villains! And the team's been crazy busy taking your feedback and fixing bugs to make the game better. A couple weeks ago we showed you some of the bugs we've been working on. Well, here's an update.  

Resolved bugs:

· #1090 - Users are able to enter Bonus Round even if player is KO'd during game
· #795 - Health bars for players who have left game still appear on gameboard after exiting - tile remains occupied
· #1042 - Music will occasionally double up in game - multiple tracks will play at once
· #1011 - Some Power Cards appear blank - missing assets

 We've still got lots to do to make Card-Jitsu Snow the best it can be, but we're thrilled with how the Beta Test is going. You've given us a ton of VERY valuable feedback! Keep playing! Waddle On...

Great! It's very nice to see that we are all working together to improve the game. I hope that the CP Team will finish fixing all the bugs soon, so we can play CJ Snow in the Island :) I think everyone wants to become a Snow Ninja and finally have all 3 gems in the Ninja Amulet, right? That would be awesome! I like the concept of the game, specially because it's focused in team - work, something never seen before in the Card Jitsu games. What do you think of CJ Snow? Are you looking forward to it? Please feel free to send a comment with your opinion. If you have any questions or doubts about the game ( or something else in CP ), please let me know too and I'll be glad to help. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

NOTE: To find out more about Card - Jitsu Snow, click here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hollywood Party 2013!

Hello everyone! This is my first post of the year. I hope your year is doing good so far! I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything these last weeks, but I was quite busy with School, personal life, etc. I'll try to make more posts this year, because last year I didn't work in this blog too much. But well, in this post I'm going to talk about CP's current party: the Hollywood Party! This is the first Hollywood Party in Club Penguin's history, and I think that it's awesome. This party reminds me of the "Penguin Play Awards" that took place in 2010, but the Hollywood Party is way more complex and cooler, don't you agree? ;) In the "Penguin Play Awards", we penguins could nominate and vote for our favorite Plays, but in the Hollywood Party, we are awarded. During this event, we can complete several tasks, like taking photos of "Superstars" ( penguins with a star around them ) and acting in Movie - studios.

We can act in 3 different movies, which are: "Club Penguin High 3", "High - Speed Getaway", and "Return of the Space Squid". I think that the first 2 movies are a parodies of "High School Musical 3" and "Fast and Furious" XD ( this last movie is not appropriate for little kids ) Whenever you enter a studio ( at the Snow Forts ) a special message will appear on the screen, telling you what to do. In each studio, you'll have to follow 3 simple steps, doing things like dancing, making an emote, etc.; and once you finish, you'll get a prize, which is a special Background. Also, members can get exclusive items. Once you act in the 3 movies, you'll become into a Superstar ( and you'll get a prize ) This means that you are nominated to the "Awards Show", which will take place at the Stage. In February 21, Superstars will be able to find out if they have won an award. They will be able to win a Bronze Statue, a Silver Statue or a Gold Statue, and other prizes as well.

One of the most interesting features of the Party is the ability to travel inside a Limousine. The Limo travels through the Town, the Snow Forts and the Plaza. If you want to get into the Limo, you have to wait in one of those 3 locations until the Limo arrives. But you have to do it fast, or the limo will be gone and you'll have to wait again :P Inside the limo there is a mini restaurant, a pool ( with a dance floor! ) and a space for DJ's. You can even travel in the front seats if you want to! The limo is great, you can have great times with friends in there. If you want to get out of it, you'll have to wait until it arrives to its next destination, which will be shown in 2 screens in the up - side of the limo. Once the limo stops, 2 doors will open, and you can choose any of them to get out. 

In this party, the decorated rooms look really elegant. Also, the night sky is a great effect, in my opinion. Though there aren't many decorated rooms in this party, here is the list of the rooms I recommend you to visit the most:

- Snow Forts
- 3 Studios ( A, B, C )
- Town
- Plaza
- Limo

I think that this is an awesome ( and very fancy ) party. If you didn't know, the OSCAR Awards ( the awards that recognize Cinematographic productions, or in other words, Movies XD ) are going to be this week; which probably means that the Club Penguin Team did this party to fit with the "Superstar" environment. And I have to say that that was a very nice idea, indeed. Club Penguin has been improving parties a lot since these last months, and I think that this party is great. What do you think about it? Are you looking forward to the Awards? Would you like the "Penguin Play Awards" to come back? Please post a comment with your opinion, and if you have any doubt about this party, please let me know too. I'll be glad to help. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Party 2012 here!

Hello everyone! I am really sorry for not posting anything since last month. I was really busy with School, family and personal stuff; though I think some of you may have noticed that I do have time for Twitter. But well, here I am now. Now that my Winter Break has started, I will have more time to post about CP the next few weeks. As many of you know, the Holiday Party is an annual event of Club Penguin that commemorates Christmas and New Year. In this party, "Coins For Change" takes place. Coins for Change ( or CFC as short ) is also an annual event, but with several purposes. Penguins can donate their coins ( from an amount of 100 to 1000 per donation ) to benefit 3 Worldwide causes. These causes are: Provide Medical Help, Protect the Earth and Build Safe Places. You can donate to all 3 causes if you want to, and the coins you donate will be transferred to REAL LIFE donations, to the cause you selected. Isn't that awesome? CFC is a very generous project, indeed. Right now, there are more than 2 billion coins donated. Please remember to be kind and donate all the coins you can: there are people out there that needs our help.

In my opinion, this year's Holiday Party is the best one Club Penguin has ever made. Everyone can transform into a Toy Car, while Members can transform into Reindeer Puffles and Frost Bites. This is possible thanks to the cookies that are made at the Club Penguin Bakery ( which is located at the Snow Forts ) Each cookie costs 100 coins, and the CP coins you pay for them are also added to the CFC Project. Turning into a Frost Bite is the most interesting transformation of them all, because they can change the environment of the rooms, freeze other penguins, and "skate" while walking. Even the Dock has been decorated specially for them! ( By the way, the music at the Dock is really amazing. The ones who composed and played that song are very talented people, in my opinion ) The Forest has been decorated specially for the Puffle Reindeers and the Toy Cars.

There are 3 brand - new emotes that will be available only during the Holiday Party. Last year's Holiday Party had a "12 days of Gifts" feature, in which everyone could get a special item per day, from December 14 to December 25. But this year, Club Penguin only made a "5 days of Gifts" feature. Each day, anyone can receive a special gift, but members can receive another one if they want to. I think that the rooms in this party are very well decorated ( they look really Christmas - festive ) and the Night Sky is also a very neat detail. If you didn't knew, Rockhopper is visiting the Island during the party. This means that you can meet him, and visit his ship ( The Migrator ) to get special items and play "Treasure Hunt". Here is a list of the Rooms I recommend you to visit the most:

- Dock
- Bakery
- Town
- Ice Rink
- Beach
- The Migrator
- Forest
- Plaza
- Santa's Sleigh Ride
- Iceberg
- Pizza Parlor

I have also made a list pointing the games in which you can easily earn big amount of coins ( so you can donate them for Coins for Change if you want to ) Here it is:

1) Pufflescape
2) Puffle Launch App
3) Treasure Hunt
4) Aqua Grabber
5) Jet - Pack Adventure
6) Smoothie Smash

Before ending this post, I have to tell you that Club Penguin created a special song for the Holidays. It’s named “Cool in the Cold”, but I guess you all know that already. I think that it is one of the best songs Club Penguin has made by far,  and you can buy it ( like all the other ones ) in the iTunes Store or Amazon. In case you haven’t seen the Music Video of the song, I put it above this paragraph. I hope you are all enjoying these Holidays! Remember that Christmas isn’t only about the presents-- it’s about trying to be better people and have fun with our family and friends, doing what is right. If you have a doubt or opinion about the party that you would like to tell me, feel free to submit a comment. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D


Sunday, November 4, 2012

+ Information: Operation Blackout!

Hello everyone! As you may know, there is going to be a new event in Club Penguin very soon, named "Operation Blackout" ( I call it OP for short ), and I'm going to talk about it in this post. At the beginning, I thought that OP was going to happen simultaneously with the Halloween Party, but it didn't. Now, Club Penguin has announced that it will begin in November 15. But what is Operation Blackout going to be? Well, there are 2 speculations: some say it will be a "party", others say it will be a new Mission, but I think it will be both; just like when the PSA Headquarter's was destroyed by Herbert back in 2010. Now, Herbert is planning to darken the Island by taking over the Sunlight. One of the many facts that support this idea is that, since some weeks ago, there have been weird questions going on in the Club Penguin Times Newspaper. One example is the question made by "Hubert P. Enguin", that says: "Dear Gary, in theory, how would you build a high frequency infrared reversion laser?" So yes, Hubert P. Enguin is Herbert P. Beat Esquire, and what he wants to know is how to block sunlight from reaching the Island. And unfortunately, Gary replied, saying that he had already invented a Machine capable to do such thing: the "Photon Wavelenght Inverter" According to G, he still keeps that invention in his lab...

2 days ago, Club Penguin released a new ( and awesome ) video that shows us more about Operation Blackout. Here it is if you haven't seen it yet:

Incredibly awesome, right? It seems that Herbert will break into Gary's lab, and then capture him. But there's something else that is also important: at second 0:25 we can see G trapped in a blue container... but there are 6 containers in total! Does that means that Herbert is planning to capture other 5 penguins?? And I think tha t the Laser - Machine that appears at the end of the video is the Photon Wavelenght Inverter I just talked about in this same post. Also, the video shows that the Everyday Phoning Facility will be destroyed! That would make it the 2nd time Herbert succeeds destroying our HQ. But, what is that luxury - house that shows up in the video? Very easy to guess: it's Herbert's Fortress, and as we can see in the video, it's located in a Mountain above the Everyday Phoning Facility ( look at second 0:17, where the agents are climbing something, and under them are the remains of the EPF building ) As many penguin -  agents know, Herbert P. Bear always hides somewhere in the Island, where he plans what to do next; but he is constantly changing his hide - place. He has hidden behind the Ski Hill, near the Mine, and more. 

( The image up here belongs to my friend Icequix ) But now that we know what Herbert is going to do, what can WE do in order to beat him again? What we already know is that we will have to enter Herbert's liar to stop him, but there might be something else. You know, there have been rumors about a Snow Trekker that is able to travel through time. It could be seen in the Telescope during the Halloween Party, and it might be a Sneak Peek of something that's coming soon-- just like the Purple Meteor we could see through the same telescope just before the Marvel's superhero Party began. What do you think? I have decided to make a list of the things that, according to what you just read, have a very big chance to occur during the next weeks. Here it is:

- Herbert will capture Gary and other EPF Agents.
- The Everyday Phoning Facility will be destroyed.
- There is going to be a Blackout ( obviously, haha )
- We will discover Herbert's newest hideplace.
- There might be a chance for us to travel in time.

What do you think about all this? I'm really excited for Operation Blackout to start! It seems that it will be AWESOME. Please send me a comment with your opinion, or any doubt you have about OP, and I will be very glad to answer you. One more thing: If Herbert wants to be warm, why does he wants to block sunlight? Wouldn't that make the Island colder? It's quite confusing... but well, thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

NOTE: If you didn't knew, PSA stands for Penguin Secret Agency, and Herbert P. Bear Esquire is Herbert's full name.

UPDATE ( 25 / 11 / 12 )

Hello, everyone. I am really sorry for not posting more about this operation since it started. I am not very good at posting too much... sorry again. But well, I am here with this message to tell you that, once you complete the last challenge ( Chapter 6 of the EPF Guide ), a video will show up. And I have to say that the video is incredibly awesome and quite emotional. It shows how Club Penguin gets saved, and it also reveals who the Director really is. And though my thinking about the Director's Secret Identity was correct, I didn't expected that CP would let us know that during this event. Once the video ends, sunlight will start appearing in the Island again-- it's turning back to normality. 

For me, Operation Blackout is the most awesome and shocking event that has ever happened in Club Penguin Island.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

+ Information: Halloween Party!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! I know that many of you already know about the Halloween Party that's coming up next week in October 18, and the "Operation Blackout" that is also going to happen very soon. So, in this post I will talk about everything that is related to the Halloween Party right now. Let's begin: I think that everyone already knows that Club Penguin already made another Music Video Cartoon, this time performing not only Cadence but the Penguin Band. It is named "The Ghosts Just Wanna Dance" I think this song is really catchy because of the lyrics, although they are quite spooky. The Music Video shows 3 penguins entering a very big Mansion, just to find out that it's haunted by ghosts. But then, the penguins find out that the ghosts just wanna dance! So yes, that's why the song was named that way, haha :P And guess what: the ghosts at the Mansion are Cadence and the Penguin Band members. But the video contains a very mysterious secret: we'll talk about that later in this post. Down here is the video if you haven't seen it yet. And just to remind you, this is the third Music Video Club Penguin has made until now; the first one was "The Party Starts Now" and the second one was "Anchors Aweigh".

Awesome, right? Now, changing the topic, I think that most of you know that this year's party will have, as main attraction, the lost ( and haunted ) Mansion of Uncle Gariwald VIII... And yes, it's the same Mansion that appears in the music video that's located above this. According to Gary the Gadget Guy ( Gariwald VIII's nephew ) both mansion and owner disappeared during a Halloween night many years ago. During this Halloween Party the Mansion will return, and Gary wants us to find out what happened to his Uncle. Sounds creepy, right? Well, Club Penguin has recently released 2 sneak peek - videos to Youtube about the Mansion. The penguins that appear at the videos are Club Penguin's newest bloggers: Polo Field and Businesmoose! Each one of them appear in a different video, showing us their travels around the building. Here is the video about Polo Field's journey and discoveries:

Thanks to my friend Saraapril for this video. What do you think of it? In my opinion, the ending was quite creepy. Watching Uncle Gariwald VIII's ghost pulling that lever was very intriguing :O I think that everyone knows that members will be able to turn into ghosts during the party, right? Well, I suppose that the machine at the end of the video is the one that transforms penguins into ghosts. But there's something there that scares me: ghosts are supposed to be dead, so if we enter that machine to turn into those creatures we will get... well, I think some of you know what I'm talking about :/ But remember: we can only turn into ghosts there in Club Penguin because it's fun, but never in real life. Now, let's continue to the next video, where we can watch Businesmoose's visit to the Mansion. This video is like the second part of Polo Field's video, because it seems to take place after Polo turned into a ghost. Here it is if you haven't seen it already:

Very interesting and scary at the same time... In the video we can see how Polo Field makes mysterious appearances all over the Mansion, but Businesmoose doesn't realizes that completely until the last seconds of the video. And I have to admit that, the first time I saw this video, I was quite shocked. The way the penguin - ghost reacted was something I never imagined to see in Club Penguin. Also, the background music at the video is very creepy, don't you think? There have been so much improves in CP these last months, and I think that this party will be full of them. I really liked both videos, and though there are some things that makes me feel strange, I think that this will be the best - and - scariest Halloween Party Club Penguin will ever have by now. Now that I've shown you these 3 videos, let's talk about a different topic involving the EPF and Herbert P. Bear: Operation Blackout.


Since last year there where speculations about a new EPF Mission or task named "Operation Blackout". What I first thought was that Herbert was planning to darken out the Island completely ( a blackout ) but I couldn't find out why. I mean, creating night in the Island won't bring heat, right? Everything Herbert wants to achieve with his plans is to end with our "noisy and annoying" parties and bring a warm temperature to the Island. So maybe what he wants to do with this new Operation is to end with our parties by leaving CP in darkness. But, what is he going to do exactly? Well, at first there where many theories, but now we can try to guess what Herbert is going to do. At the "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance" Music Video, we can see Herbert at the very first seconds of it. Here is a picture:

As you can see, I have made an Orange rectangle around Herbert P. Bear. He seems to be holding a sheet of paper, where a picture of the Sun has been crossed out. Though I really don't think Herbert's plan is to destroy the Sun, I think that he may try to block its light from reaching CP Island. Also, Billybob ( Lane Merrifield ) said that Operation Blackout ( OB for short ) will occur this month or November. And as many of you know, Club Penguin always darkens during the Halloween Party; by a storm, a solar eclipse, etc. So I think that OB will happen simultaneously with the Halloween Party. I think that having the Party at the same time we deal with Herbert would be something really interesting :D What do you think? If you didn't knew, Herbert now has his own Twitter Account: [ @clubherbert ] In there, you can ask him some question about his plans, but he won't say too much about them.

Before ending this post, I would like to add some things: It's said that "Night of the Living Sled 4" will be launched next year. Now, I have found a video in Youtube that shows us the Storyboard of the 4th part of these great cartoons! A storyboard is like the first idea for making something, and it has to be approved by many people before its official production starts. Although it was uploaded to Youtube last year, I think some of you haven't seen it yet. Here it is:

I found this video really funny and very well done :) I think that, once launched in Club Penguin, it will be the best "Night of the Living Sled" part to watch. With all these stuff happening around Club Penguin, I think that this year's Halloween Party will be much better than all the ones before. What do you think? I can hardly wait to October 18! I'm sure that we will have so much fun during all these events. Also, there are going to happen many other things these days. One example is that we will finally be able to meet Herbert P. Bear in the Island, as well as add him as a Friend! ( if he's not very grumpy, haha ) Please feel free to send a comment below with your opinion or any question you have about all this, and I will be glad to answer back. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Words for the Third Anniversary!

Hello! Last Sunday, ( October 7 ) this blog reached its 3rd Anniversary. I'm so sorry I couldn't post this on that same day, but I was really busy! And yes, what you are reading is correct: this blog already turned 3 years old. So today, I have decided to make this post saying some things about that. If you didn't knew, I began playing Club Penguin since 2009... Yes, that time in which the PSA ( Penguin Secret Agency ) still existed, when we had the old Newspaper, when Club Penguin wasn't so famous as it is today... and many, many other stuff. The thing here is that Club Penguin has changed too much since I started playing it. I still remember the old Secret - Agent Cellphone, the first Field - Op that ever existed, and when the Volcano went active. I feel like all these 3 years happened so fast! Did you knew that this blog's original name was "Je45rry"? One year later, I changed that name to "Club Penguin Info" ( as it still remains ) My first follower was a penguin named Loulou11207, that also had a blog like mine. Later then, I met him during an Adventure Party, in which Loulou introduced me to another penguin - blogger named Dark Falkner. They turned out to be some of my best friends in Club Penguin, just like Davidhopper2, Rosie7721, Flipper14354, Jasfriend1, JT, Pips4lucy, Chuckyb1, Sevalbar, Monstercjr and Caytlyn999 :D

All of them where the ones who inspired me to keep blogging even more. I played with them in CP frequently, but the ones I spent more time with where Loulou11207 and Dark Falkner. We where always planning parties, talking about Club Penguin Stuff, having fun, and things like that... But when my blog reached its Second Anniversary, most of my friends had already left Club Penguin - blogging. Due to that, I became quite lonely in Club Penguin. I began to feel that I had to quit too, but I couldn't. I mean, I didn't wanted to quit. I wanted to stay in Club Penguin, to keep blogging, and then see what would happen next. Months passed, and I started noticing how Club Penguin started to improve. But at the same time, I was becoming really busy with school and personal life, so my post - frequency began to slow down. One clear example of that is that, in 2010, I made 283 posts in this blog. But in 2011, I only created 108. And in this year, I have only made 22 by far! ( 23 counting this one ) So yes, I feel quite sad about that... But the good thing is that I'm still here and that I enjoy working in this blog because it makes me feel really nice.

One of the things I like the most about posting and playing Club Penguin is that it improves my English language. That's right: English is not my first language, so I don't live in the USA, nor Canada. ( I believe you are trying to guess where I live right now, haha XD ) I have worked in 3 blogs during the last 3 years: MegaCPStorm ( owned by my friend JT ) Club Penguin Zoom ( owned by my friend Flipper14354 ) and Club Penguin Watchers ( that its actually owned by my friend Chuckyb13 ) And if you didn't knew, all the posts that this blog contains right now have been made by me...  I perfectly know that many people think that Club Penguin is just a website ( because that's what it is ) but, to me, it is also a little part of my life. I don't want people to think that I'm focusing my life only in Club Penguin, because I'm not. I am a very optimistic person that enjoys life in every aspect, and I hope you are that way too.

Remember not to focus your life in the computer, and to spend time with your family and friends as much as possible, like me. Thanks to all my old friends that are now kept in my memories: I will never forget the moments we spent in Club Penguin and in our blogs. Thanks to my entire family that is always with me everytime I need help, and that made this blog possible. And thanks to you for visiting this blog, it means too much for me. Thanks again, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D