Monday, January 31, 2011

4522912 ( Part 8 )


                                                                    Day 2

As the same form I waked up the day before, I waked up that morning. I walked to the Kitchen, and I saw that my mom was making some sandwiches to eat. We talked about what happened the day before in the store, and she said to me that I would never go to a TV Room again. I had to agree, thinking it was the best option. The problem was, that the "Day without electricity" was already finished, so that morning my mom connected everything again. When I was eating my sandwich, I heard that the Telephone began ringing.
- OMG, OMG, OMG - I repeated in my mind, feared
But I already know that I had to respond, though I didn't know who was calling. I walked to the Telephone, and I pressed TALK.
- Hello? - I asked
- Jerry? - I heard a familiar voice
- Are you Steve? - I asked
- Yeah, it's me! -
- Oh, ok... - I breathed in relief - What happens? -
- Yesterday I almost die in a TV accident... did this happened to you, also? -
- Yeah! Are you OK, Steve? -
- Yes, I'm fine... what about you? Did you get hurt? -
- I'm fine, I only received some couple cuts... -
- What are we going to do, Jerry? Today he will try again to hurt us, and he will use another trap source! -
- Yeah, I know. Well, we know that he has used, by the moment, only 3 sources: Telephone, Impressor, and TV's -
- But, what trap source can he use now? -
- I'm not sure, Steve... just try to get away from electronic machines... -
In that moment, the Telephone went static.
- Steve? Can you hear me? Steve? -
I lost connection, so I went to continue eating my Sandwich at the Table Door.
It was a cloudy day, the 3rd consecutive cloudy day, to be honest. My mom wanted to take me to the Park that day, and she would take me like at 12:00 AM. When it was 11:20 AM, she decided to start our way to the Park.
We entered the car, and we began our way. As always, my mom turned the Radio on, just in time her favorite song "Sunshine" started on.
- I walk in the Sunshine, ooooh... - my mom sang, happy
The something horrible happened. Something that made me enter completely in Panic.
<< I *static* in the *static* ooooh *static* >> I could hear in the radio.
But everything seemed to be upside down. The notes went lower. The letter started changing. Then I noticed something in my mom. She was sleeping!
- Mom, mom! Are you OK? Mom! -
<< *static* cra *static* shhhh *static* >> I heard in the radio
- I.... walk... in the... - my mom said
- Mom! Wake up! Mom! - I said, terrorized
<< more *static* velo *static* cityyyyy >>
I noticed that my mom was driving faster.
- Mom!!!! Wake up!!!! -
She was hipnotized, I think. If my mom continued like that, we could crash, and die. But I would never permit that something happen to my mom. With my feet, I striked the radio, until I finally destroyed it.
But my mom was still hipnotized.
I moved my mom to my seat and I taked control of the car. I began to drive ( it was quite easy though ) until I could park outside a store.
- What happened? - asked my mom when she got better
- You.... got sleep, mom... I had to drive myself to get here -
- Sleep? What are you talking about? - my mom asked, surprised
- Yeah, you got kinda sleepy -
My mom moved me to my original seat, and she led us to the House, where we decided to stay there until the next day.
I called Steve to the Telephone, and then I said to him:
- Steve.... he... tried to use my mom, to hurt me.... -
- What??? -
- He tried to make my mom crash, so she and I would get hurt -
- But, that means that... -
I taked a deep breath, and then I said:
- He can use everything against us -          
Made by Je45rry              4522912 All rights reserved         Part 9 coming soon!

Where could Probot be hiding?

Hello Penguins! Today I decided to make a post to analize where Probot ( and Herbert ) could be hiding. To start, let's remember some things:

- Probot was destroyed in 2008
- Herbert has been trying to beat EPF Agency and PSA for so much time
- Some months ago, EPF received its first threat. G suspected it wasn't Herbert...
- Probot send EPF some messages saying he need more parts
- The EPF finally announced that Herbert was the responsible of Probot's return

Now, let me take you to August 3, 2010. That day I made Herbert's Biography , where I posted the most relevant information about our well - known Enemy Herbert P. Bear, Esquire. In Herbert's Biography, Part 2 I posted the next image:

- Locations:
Oldest Location: Club Penguin wilderness, Cave ( Red )
Location #2: Club Penguin wilderness, beyond Ski Lodge ( Orange )
Location #3: Club Penguin wilderness, near Mine ( Purple )
Newest Location: Club Penguin wilderness, secret base under ground ( DS Herbert´s Revenge ) ( Red )
Herbert´s Iceberg ( Yellow )

Now, it is probable that he has another secret base. And wherever it is, Probot must be there. But the question is, where? Well, we know that the Wilderness is so big that we are still finding new areas in the Island. But this give us another question: Is probot hiding OUTSIDE of the Island? I mean, Brown Puffles where discovered in a little Island out of CP Island. Happy77 asked this in an interview: "Does Brown Puffles have something to do with Probot?" As we know, Brown Puffles LOVE doing machines... what if they helped Herbert ( I hope that without knowing that he was Evil ) to repair Probot? If so, Herbert and Probot must be hiding in the same Island where Brown Puffles where discovered, but in a secret room. I hope Brown Puffles will not turn to an enemy to Club Penguin. Please leave your opinion in a comment! :D

Happy77 Interviews a Brown Puffle Artist!

Hello! Sorry about posting this late, I was kinda busy the last days. Happy77 interviewed a Brown Puffle Artist so we can know a little more about this new little creatures. Here is what they said:

Q. Tell me some cool facts about the brown puffle!
A: Well, I'm sure you've noticed brown puffles love to invent stuff. Their inventions don't always work too well, but that doesn't stop them.
Brown puffles are very smart and focused, and like to observe the world around them. They're always looking for new ideas.

Q. I like the brown puffle's goggles. Why do they wear them?
A: It's always 'safety first' with brown puffles. They even wear goggles when they eat and sleep!

Q. Do brown puffles have anything to do with Protobot?
A: Hmm... I'm not sure. Brown puffles do like machines...

Q. My brown puffle ran away! How do I adopt another one?
A: Sorry to hear that! In February you'll be able to adopt another brown puffle in the Pet Shop. We just need enough of them to follow us out of the wild.

Wait a moment.... does CP is trying to make the Brown Puffle an EPF Enemy? I hope that not... becuase Brown Puffle are friends, not enemies. In other news, yesterday I posted 4522912 Part 7, and I will try to post ( today ) Part 8. Please comment what do you think of the story! And remember that I am the creator of all these stories, so don't copy! ( Though I have all the rights already ) Thanks and see you later!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

4522912 ( Part 7 )

 - You have 5 days. If you don't respond me in any of all those sources, you will stay alive. If you respond, you die -
Then he ended the call. The only thing I heard was the usual beep.
I was shocked. Was that call real?
- Jerry, are you OK? - said one of my classmates
I didn't respond. I only moved my head saying something like "Yes" but I knew that I wasn't ok. When Steve arrived to the classroom, he immediatly came to me, and he asked:
- Did you received a call from 4522912? -
- Yes! Did you received it too? - I asked, surprised
- Yeah! But, what are we going to do now? - he asked
- He already said what we have to do to stay... alive.... - I said, shaking - we don't have to fall ( respond ) in any of all those trap sources -
Steve and I made a list of every single possible trap source he could made for us. When we finished, I said:
- We have to avoid all these things for 5 days, Steve. Is that clear to you? -
- Yes -
The School and the entire day past by really fast because I couldn't stop thinking what I should do the next day. And, obviously, I disconnected every single electronic machine that was in the House.

                                                                  Day 1

I waked up, feeling the Sunlight in my face. When I wanted to see what Hour was, I immediatly remembered that I disconnected everything last night. When I saw my mom, she asked me:
- Jerry, why are all the machines disconnected? -
- Umm, well... - I began thinking what to say - Ummm, oh! Because today is the day without, umm, without electricity! - I said, stupidly
- The Day without electricity? Wasn't it in 1 week? - she asked, surprised
- Oh, they decided to make it today! -
My mom agreed that she wouldn't turn on any machine until the end of the Day.
- Jerry, I have to go to the Store. Would you like to go with me? -
The last thing I wanted was to stay alone in home, so I agreed.
When we entered the car, my mom turned it on and we began our way to the Supermarket. Then my mom turned on the radio.
<< Hi, everyone! Welcome to Capital radio station, the #1 in all United Kingdom! To began,  ... >>
Then the radio went really static. In some moments we could hear something, in other not. But the something horrible happened.
<< you are going to *static* die *static* in 5 *static* long days >>
I was completely in panic. Then I asked to my mom:
- Did you heard that??? -
- Hear what?
I tried to calm down, thinking in other things.
When we arrived to the Store, we got out of the car and began walking. I immediatly noticed that a new section of the store was already opened, and  I ran to it. It was the "TV Section". Then I noticed I made a big error, because I completely forgot the source traps. When I tried to walk away, I heard something behind me. It was something I had heard before.
I turned my head around, just to see that one of the 30 TV's that where there was in static. Then something terrible happened. Every single of the TV's went static, one by one. I was surrounded by static TV's! Then I feeled something in my feet. A shake. I could see that all the TV's began shaking, also.
Then I reacted.
All the TV's exploded, literally. The glasses went out in all directions.
I ran as fast as I could, avoiding everything that could hurt me. I received some cuts, but they weren't enough to kill me.
- Jerry!!! What happened?? Are you OK?!? - said my mom when she saw me.
- Yeah, mom... I'm ok... -
My mom went to talk with the Store supervisor, and when she finished talking, he said, surprised:
- I'm sorry, madam.... but we don't have idea of what happened. We really apologize that your son got hurt... -
After that, went out of the Store.
In the car, I understanded everything.
If I had not run on time, those glasses would have killed me.

Made by Je45rry           4522912 All rights reserved         Part 8 coming soon!  

Monday, January 24, 2011

4522912 ( Part 6 )

"Why dont you answer my calls?"
In that moment I was in panic. Who impressed that? Why?
I keeped the paper in my Schoolbag. Then I heard that my mom was waking up. I didn't said anything about what I found. I only remained in Silence. Then something terrible happened. The Phone was ringing.
I ran to it, thinking:
"It can't be, it can't be" I keeped thinking, worried. But when I taked the Telephone, I almost scream. I couldn't believe it.
"Uncoming call from 4522912"
I didn't know what to do. I was scared.
I waited some seconds until the phone stopped ringing. That relaxed me a little bit. My mom and I entered the car and we went to School.
- Tell me, Jerry... who called? - said my mom
- Umm... I don't know... - I said. But the real thing was that I already had a suggestion...
- Ok... -
It was a cloudy day, and it was going to rain really soon.
My mom let me at the School's entrance, as always. When I entered the Classroom, everyone stared at me.
- Is something wrong? - I said
- We... know that you called 4522912, Jerry... - said one of my classmates
- Two things: #1 I didn't called. Steve called. #2 Who told you that we called 4522912? - I said, curious.
No one said nothing for some seconds, until another classmate said:
- I received a message to my Cellphone - he said, at the same time he gave me his cellphone.
I toked it, and when I saw what it said I was terrorized.
"Hi, you. You may know Jerry and Steve from your School's group. Just to make you know, they called me, and, as you may know, that's a big error. Stay secure. Don't call me."
                                                                     From: 4522912 ( Unknown number ) 
- Everyone of this group received the Message, Jerry. We are... scared - said another one.
I couldn't believe it. Then something made me shake.
Someone was calling my cellphone. I toked it, and I saw with horror:
Uncoming call from 4522912
I couldn't continue like that, so I responded.
- Hello? - I said, scared
- You called. Now you need to pass the Test - I heard, through the Cellphone.
- What are you talking about? -
- I will be trying to make contact with you, through many sources. You have already seen two of them - he/it said. The voice was full of static. Then I remembered. The two sources where the Telephone and the Impressor.
- You have 5 days. If you don't respond me in any of all thouse sources, you will stay alive. If you respond, you die -
                                                                                          Made by Je45rry
( Part 7 coming soon! ) 4522912 All rights reserved

Field Op #31!

Hello Penguins! How are you? Today Club Penguin released the Field Op #31. Let's see what G want us to do now at the EPF Headquarters:

Agents - Ultimate Probot has returned. But who rebuilt it? And where is it hiding? We need answers!
We must began our search. Work together to scan the Wilderness for enemy signals. Be on alert for emergencies.

So Ultimate Probot has returned? Ummm, to be honest I never heard about it before :S lol Well, let's go to the Wilderness to see what we can find. But, where can the signal be? Oh, I will try on that rock that is located at the Right of the first step of the maze. Oh, look! I was right! :D

To do this Field Op you have to match the correct patterns to get the secret code. Once you finish a message from G will appear. ( Click Image to Enlarge ) I think that the one that sent this message is Herbert. Why? Because there says: "Never send a robot to do a GENIUS'S job" And if you remember Herbert always says that he IS a GENIUS. Please comment and see you later! Remember to follow me in Twitter as @cpJe45rry Thanks and see you later! 4522912 Part 6 in next post! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

You decide a Pin for the Stage!

Hello everyone! Sorry about not posting the last days... :S Please don't stop visiting the blog, remember that I am still posting and doing new stories for the blog! :D Billybob has surprised us with a You Decide! of a pin that will be used for the Stage. Here is what he says:

The Haunting of the Viking Opera is returning to the Stage in February! To celebrate, we want to make a viking pin. We need your help to decide what it should look like. Which pin would you like to see? 

I voted for the Second option ( the Blue Viking Helmet ) because it is a rare item in Club Penguin. Actually, ( at this moment ) the 3rd option ( the Viking canoe ) is winning! Click here to vote! Also follow me in Twitter as @cpJe45rry to see what's happening! Thanks and see you later!

Monday, January 17, 2011

4522912 ( Part 5 )

- I'm sorry man, but according to my Telephone tracker, the call comes from your own house... -
In that moment, I heard something, like something broked, in the 1st floor. Then, I heard something that scared us even more.
My mom was screaming.
Without leaving the Telephone from my hand, Steve and I began to run to see what was happening. When we arrived downstairs, we saw my mom shaking behind a desk.
- Mom! What happened?!? - I said, feared.
She couldnt respond. I had never seen my mom that way. Feared. Shaking. Something was wrong. Really wrong. But then she moved her hand, pointing to the Kitchen.
- Steve, stay here and take care of my mom. I will go to see what is there - I said, with courage but at the same time, really feared.
I walked to the Kitchen door's, and I touched the knob.
It was hot.
Then, I opened it, and walked inside.
But I couldnt see something out of the normal.
I continue walking, slowly, looking everywhere for something strange. But then I saw something. Something in the Microwave.
I walked to it, and I observed for some seconds all of its parts. Then, I became terrorized.
I saw that in the Microwave´s seconds counter appeared:
And, in fact, I screamed.
I ran to my mom and to Steve, and then I saw that my mom was getting better.
That day we didn't talked about that anymore.
But I know, that something really bad was about to happen.
Next morning, I waked up feeling someone was calling my name. Then I heard something familiar.
Someone was printing something in the Impressor.
I walked to it, trying to not make noise.
And yes, something was being printed. When it finished, I toked it to see what it was.
I could not contain my horror. There was printed:
"Why dont you answer my calls?"

Made by Je45rry         4522912 All rights reserved    ( Part 6 coming soon! )

Thursday, January 13, 2011

System Defender and Updates!

Hello everybody! Club Penguin has updated A LOT his page... to begin lets see what Billybob says to us about the Brand - New Game of Club Penguin: System Defender, which you can play at the EPF Headquarters... it replaced the Bug Scanner... here is what he says:

Red alert! Red alert! The island is under attack! Agents have been sighted in front of the System Scanner. It's detected a new threat. Agents - head to the Command Room to play the brand new game, System Defender!
The team is really excited about this one - it's a lot different than other games on Club Penguin. Let us know what you think! 

I have already played the Advanced Mode, ( I really dont know if it is for members, I am not a member, so maybe it was an error of the System :S ) And it is really cool! Now, there are many updates in the Island. Because I cant post them all, here is a list of what you cant loose:

- New Penguin Style Catalog
- New Igloo Catalog
- New Igloo Furniture Catalog
- Newspaper #274
- System Defender
- New EPF Gear
- New Feature on Spy Phone

I think that them are all the Updates... who do you thinking is behind all the attacks to the EPF? Herbert and Klutzy, or maybe a new Enemy? Remember that these attacks began after the Mountain Expedition, when we discovered a Yeti Cave... send a comment with your opinion! See you later!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EPF Sneak Peek!

Hello penguins! Billybob has brought us a Sneak Peek of what is coming to the Island in the Next Days. Here is what he said about:

Elite Agents - the island needs your help.
We have a defense plan - but we need to strengthen our numbers! Agents are advised to be on the look out for new recruits. Send the EPF postcard to any penguins you think are up to the challenge.  

Really interesting, dont you think? The Image seems to be a type of robotic enemy with wheels... ho do you think might create this? Or do you think that it might do something else? If you see the last Sneak Peek Billybob gave us, you can see that the 2nd Image forms this image. My suggestion is that the Third Image can be one of the New EPF Tools that will be given soon to agents... In other news, the New Field - Op is now available, but Im sorry to say that I think I cant post it, so the Location is The Mountain! Stand near the edge of it and your Spy Phone will began ringing. Thanks and see you later!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hello penguins! As you may know, Winter vacations are about to finish today ( for some people finished in Wednesday ) and this might affect the blog. In the School I study we get TONS of Homework, plus extra classes I take some days of the Week. By all these reasons, I might not post as much as I posted this Vacations. But, don't worry! I have created my Own CP Twitter ( @cpje45rry ). If I don't post something in the Blog, I would have enough time to announce it in my Twitter! So if you have Twitter, please follow me! In other news, I'm sorry to say this but the CPI New Year Awards are canceled, because I couldn't post enough. I'm sorry... Oh, and I would like to say something else... No one except for JT has been publishing any comment in my Posts, especially in my 4522912 posts. I need you to post at least 1 comment, because if no one tells me if they like the story or not I would not know how's it! So, please comment!  Thanks and see you later!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

4522912 ( Part 4 )

Then he pressed TALK.
We stared for a few seconds, waiting for an answer. No one was answering Steve's call. Then we heard,

<< The Number you are trying to call doesn't exists. Please make sure you have the correct number >>

- See? That number is only a fake! - I said
But in that moment, something happened. Something that made me shake.
The Telephone was ringing.
- Who's calling? - Steve said to me
I saw the Telephone. What I read in it was horrible.

Uncoming call from 4522912

- Jerry? What happens? - asked Steve
- 4522912 is... calling us! - I screamed
Steve looked the Telephone. Then, he looked at me.
- So, are you going to respond? - said Steve, smiling
- What? Didn't you heard that that Telephone Number doesn't exists?!? If it doesn't exists, how is that it can call us!?! - I said, in panic - I will not respond! -
- In that case, I think that I should respond - said Steve, taking the Phone.
- No, you can't, Steve! -
Immediatly, I taked the Telephone from Steve's hands before he could press the TALK button.
- Hey, what are you doing? - he asked angry
- No one will talk with no one until we know who is calling - I said
I taked my Cellphone and I called to the Police.
- Seattle's Police Agency, what do you need? - said a Police.
- Hello, I am receiving a call from someone in my Telephone and I need you to localize where is the person that makes the call - I said
- Ok, what's your Telephone Number? - he asked
After I told him my Telephone Number, he said,
- Ok, don't worry. I'm tracking it right now, just wait a moment -
Steve and I waited a few seconds, until the Police said,
- I'm sorry man, but according to my Telephone tracker, the call comes from your own house... -

Made by Je45rry    4522912 All rights reserved     ( Part 5 coming soon! )

Friday, January 7, 2011

4522912 ( Part 3 )

- People say, that it is 4522912 -
In that moment the Teacher entered the Classroom, and everyone went to their seats. Classes passed by, but I couldn't stop thinking about what Steve said to me that morning. When School finally finished, we went out to wait to our parents to arrive.
- Hey, Jerry - said Steve to me
- Hi, Steve. What do you need? - I said
- Can I go to your house today? - he asked
- Go to my house today? Why? -
- Just to see how's it. And maybe do Homework together, if you want. I heard that you have super cool videogames. Can I go? -
- OK, but you have to talk with my mom first -
When my mom finally arrived, Steve talked with her about his idea, and my mom accepted. We entered the Car, and we went to my house.
- Wow! Your house is awesome! - said Steve
- Thanks! -
We went to my Room to start doing Homework. Steve turned ON the radio. For some moments we heard Music, but then the News began.

<< Dear Seattle Citizens, we have bad news for you today. As you may know, today the 5th Murder of the month has been realized. Police thinks that the responsible of all these horrible murders can be someone that is searching something. Unfortunately, they can't catch the responsible, since no one has any hint of who is him. Stay secure at Home, don't go out in Nights, and be careful. Oh, and one more announcement. The Police is planning to suspend Telephone services, by a reason they don't want to tell... >>

 Steve looked at me, and he said,
- Did you heard that? Now do you believe me that the Telephone Number Legend is real? - he asked
- That doesn't proves that the legend is real - I said, decisive
- How can I prove you? - he said
He turned around to the Telephone that was near us. He went and toked it.
- No, Steve... don't do that! -
- Oh, so you are saying that now you believe me? -
- No, but, just in case, don't call! -
- Just see - he said
He pressed 4.
- Stop, Steve -
He pressed 5.
- You don't have to do this! -
He pressed 22.
- Steve, don't call! -
He pressed 9.
- No, Steve! -
He pressed 12.
Then he pressed TALK.
Made by Je45rry.   4522912 All rights reserved.     ( Part 4 coming soon! )

4522912 ( Part 2 )

27 years later, January 7, 2011. Seattle, USA

- Come on, Jerry! You are late to school! - said my mom, from the car.
- I'm going, mom! - I said.
I got in to the car, and I turned on the Radio. In the way, we heard something that worried us.

<< Another murder has been presented. A man identified as Robert Jaley has been founded dead inside his house, located at Melsay Street, #514. Here is what the Police says about,

It is a really sad tragedy what happened. We received an anonymous call reporting a dead man inside a house. When we went to the given address that was given to us, we found him in the floor, but with his telephone in his hand... >>

My mom turned off the Radio.
- Mom! Why do you do that? - I said, dissapointed
- That are really sad things, Jerry... I don't want you to hear that - she said, looking at me.
- Well, I think that you are right -
We didn't talk in a few minutes. We only where silent, thinking.
- Don't you think that this is strange? Is the fifth murder of the month... - I said, worried.
- Yes, Jerry... I am worried about you, and your father... -
- You don't have to worry about me, mom. Nor my father. Everything will be OK -
We finally arrived to the School. My mom left me in the Principal entrance, and I came in. When I walked into the Classroom, I saw all my Classmates talking to each other. I went to see what was happening.
- Did you heard that someone Murdered another person? - said Steve, one of my best friends.
- Yes, I heard it in the Radio. Why do you ask? -
All my Classmates began to murmur something, looking me. Finally Steve said,
- Have you heard the Phone Number Legend? - he asked me.
- The Phone Number Legend? - I asked - What's that? -
The Murmurs turned louder, and Steve said,
- Exists and Urban Legend that tells that exists a Phone Number that calls... - he waited a few seconds, and he finally said, - that calls devil -
- What? Devil? Are you joking? Such thing doesn't exists! - I said, impacted
- Let me finish. The Legend also tells, that each person that calls, dies misteriously days after! - said Steve
I saw the other Classmates. One where saying that the Legend was true, others that not.
- So, are you saying that all those Murders have been caused by that Telephone number? -
- Yes... -
- And... do you know what's the Telephone Number? - I asked, curious.
Everyone got surprised by my question. Steve looked to my eyes, and he said to me,
- People say, that it is 4522912 -

Made by Je45rry. 4522912 All rights reserved          ( Part 3 coming soon! )

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's New in January!

Hello, penguins! Billybob has given us some Sneak Peeks about what is coming up in January. Here is what he said,

Some of you have been wondering what surprises we've got planned for the new year. The team can't wait to show you what's coming up!
We've got even more top secret stuff planned for the coming months. Let's just say puffle fans won't be disappointed... 

In my opinion, the first Image is related to the Expedition, but wait, is that a Mechanical Tree? The Second Image is confusing... it seems to be a Purple Monster with some kind of Black Glasses... and the last image is definitely new EPF Gear. So, what are your suggestions? Send a comment with them and see you later!

Reviewed by You, Threat to Peace!

Hello! Billybob has just posted in the CP Community Blog the Reviewed by You! of thsis week! Remember the last question he gave us? It was What you're most looking forward to in the new year? Reeio's opinion was selected! Here is what he said.

-Im looking forward to what happens to a certain polar bear. I also can't wait for the parties and coins for change I love donating. 
Waddle On CP-

Reeio's comment made me think of the time a certain polar bear triggered a huge earthquake. The attack was intense, but the island recovered thanks to your help.

Very clear answer, but in my Opinion, it was short... well, this week's question is, What do you think is the greatest threat to peace on the island? Remember that is your opinion is selected, your Penguin account will receive $10,000! Thanks and see you later!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coins for Change Billboard Update!

Hello, penguins! Club Penguin has updated the Coins for Change Billboard ( located at the Beach ) and now it shows us more detailed information about the Total money we donated!

Total Money recolected, $12,261,193,800

That's like,

.- 2,452,238,760 Pizzas made by Pizzatron!
.- 2,919,332 Years working as an EPF Agent
.- Buying 15,326,492 Puffles
.- Taking 490,447,752 Pearls from Clams in Aqua Grabber
.- Buying every single item of clothing ever released 16,613 Times.

WOW! That's so much money! Really good effort for all the Penguins that cooperated in this Great Event! Oh, and thanks to Loulou11207 for letting me use this Picture! Thanks and See you later!

Monday, January 3, 2011

4522912 (Part 1)

Hi! Sorry about the delay, I was busy in New Year's day... Happy New Year 2011! As you may noticed, I made a poll about two stories, and the story most selected would be posted in the blog first! So, guess what? 4522912 won!


Seattle, January 1, 1984, Newspaper THE SEATTLE TIMES.

<< The Year starts with an horrible tragedy. A man identified as Jon Klay was found dead in the Living Room of his house, Mapple Street #412. Due to the horrible facial expression he presented when he was found, his family thinks that he was murdered.

The police doesn't have any clue to suspect that Jon Klay could be murdered. According to the Security Cameras of the House, no one, only Jon, entered the House in all the day.

When the Police began to search in all the House, they found something that surprised them. They noticed that Jon Klay realized some calls by Telephone before his death. The Phone Number ( which the Police refuses to tell ) was given to an extra investigation.

The Police soon began to hear the last calls Jon realized. According to some witnesses, when they where hearing them they screamed of horror by something. They didn't gave more info about Jon Klay's death. >>

( Part 2 coming soon! )