Monday, January 3, 2011

4522912 (Part 1)

Hi! Sorry about the delay, I was busy in New Year's day... Happy New Year 2011! As you may noticed, I made a poll about two stories, and the story most selected would be posted in the blog first! So, guess what? 4522912 won!


Seattle, January 1, 1984, Newspaper THE SEATTLE TIMES.

<< The Year starts with an horrible tragedy. A man identified as Jon Klay was found dead in the Living Room of his house, Mapple Street #412. Due to the horrible facial expression he presented when he was found, his family thinks that he was murdered.

The police doesn't have any clue to suspect that Jon Klay could be murdered. According to the Security Cameras of the House, no one, only Jon, entered the House in all the day.

When the Police began to search in all the House, they found something that surprised them. They noticed that Jon Klay realized some calls by Telephone before his death. The Phone Number ( which the Police refuses to tell ) was given to an extra investigation.

The Police soon began to hear the last calls Jon realized. According to some witnesses, when they where hearing them they screamed of horror by something. They didn't gave more info about Jon Klay's death. >>

( Part 2 coming soon! )

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