Thursday, January 13, 2011

System Defender and Updates!

Hello everybody! Club Penguin has updated A LOT his page... to begin lets see what Billybob says to us about the Brand - New Game of Club Penguin: System Defender, which you can play at the EPF Headquarters... it replaced the Bug Scanner... here is what he says:

Red alert! Red alert! The island is under attack! Agents have been sighted in front of the System Scanner. It's detected a new threat. Agents - head to the Command Room to play the brand new game, System Defender!
The team is really excited about this one - it's a lot different than other games on Club Penguin. Let us know what you think! 

I have already played the Advanced Mode, ( I really dont know if it is for members, I am not a member, so maybe it was an error of the System :S ) And it is really cool! Now, there are many updates in the Island. Because I cant post them all, here is a list of what you cant loose:

- New Penguin Style Catalog
- New Igloo Catalog
- New Igloo Furniture Catalog
- Newspaper #274
- System Defender
- New EPF Gear
- New Feature on Spy Phone

I think that them are all the Updates... who do you thinking is behind all the attacks to the EPF? Herbert and Klutzy, or maybe a new Enemy? Remember that these attacks began after the Mountain Expedition, when we discovered a Yeti Cave... send a comment with your opinion! See you later!


  1. hi j45rry im back on clubpenguin and im running my blog again! :D and i will be looking at your blogs and others too :D

  2. Yay Flatmat! Sorry about yesterday, I was doing something important :D