Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reviewed by You, Threat to Peace!

Hello! Billybob has just posted in the CP Community Blog the Reviewed by You! of thsis week! Remember the last question he gave us? It was What you're most looking forward to in the new year? Reeio's opinion was selected! Here is what he said.

-Im looking forward to what happens to a certain polar bear. I also can't wait for the parties and coins for change I love donating. 
Waddle On CP-

Reeio's comment made me think of the time a certain polar bear triggered a huge earthquake. The attack was intense, but the island recovered thanks to your help.

Very clear answer, but in my Opinion, it was short... well, this week's question is, What do you think is the greatest threat to peace on the island? Remember that is your opinion is selected, your Penguin account will receive $10,000! Thanks and see you later!

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