Friday, January 7, 2011

4522912 ( Part 2 )

27 years later, January 7, 2011. Seattle, USA

- Come on, Jerry! You are late to school! - said my mom, from the car.
- I'm going, mom! - I said.
I got in to the car, and I turned on the Radio. In the way, we heard something that worried us.

<< Another murder has been presented. A man identified as Robert Jaley has been founded dead inside his house, located at Melsay Street, #514. Here is what the Police says about,

It is a really sad tragedy what happened. We received an anonymous call reporting a dead man inside a house. When we went to the given address that was given to us, we found him in the floor, but with his telephone in his hand... >>

My mom turned off the Radio.
- Mom! Why do you do that? - I said, dissapointed
- That are really sad things, Jerry... I don't want you to hear that - she said, looking at me.
- Well, I think that you are right -
We didn't talk in a few minutes. We only where silent, thinking.
- Don't you think that this is strange? Is the fifth murder of the month... - I said, worried.
- Yes, Jerry... I am worried about you, and your father... -
- You don't have to worry about me, mom. Nor my father. Everything will be OK -
We finally arrived to the School. My mom left me in the Principal entrance, and I came in. When I walked into the Classroom, I saw all my Classmates talking to each other. I went to see what was happening.
- Did you heard that someone Murdered another person? - said Steve, one of my best friends.
- Yes, I heard it in the Radio. Why do you ask? -
All my Classmates began to murmur something, looking me. Finally Steve said,
- Have you heard the Phone Number Legend? - he asked me.
- The Phone Number Legend? - I asked - What's that? -
The Murmurs turned louder, and Steve said,
- Exists and Urban Legend that tells that exists a Phone Number that calls... - he waited a few seconds, and he finally said, - that calls devil -
- What? Devil? Are you joking? Such thing doesn't exists! - I said, impacted
- Let me finish. The Legend also tells, that each person that calls, dies misteriously days after! - said Steve
I saw the other Classmates. One where saying that the Legend was true, others that not.
- So, are you saying that all those Murders have been caused by that Telephone number? -
- Yes... -
- And... do you know what's the Telephone Number? - I asked, curious.
Everyone got surprised by my question. Steve looked to my eyes, and he said to me,
- People say, that it is 4522912 -

Made by Je45rry. 4522912 All rights reserved          ( Part 3 coming soon! )

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