Monday, January 17, 2011

4522912 ( Part 5 )

- I'm sorry man, but according to my Telephone tracker, the call comes from your own house... -
In that moment, I heard something, like something broked, in the 1st floor. Then, I heard something that scared us even more.
My mom was screaming.
Without leaving the Telephone from my hand, Steve and I began to run to see what was happening. When we arrived downstairs, we saw my mom shaking behind a desk.
- Mom! What happened?!? - I said, feared.
She couldnt respond. I had never seen my mom that way. Feared. Shaking. Something was wrong. Really wrong. But then she moved her hand, pointing to the Kitchen.
- Steve, stay here and take care of my mom. I will go to see what is there - I said, with courage but at the same time, really feared.
I walked to the Kitchen door's, and I touched the knob.
It was hot.
Then, I opened it, and walked inside.
But I couldnt see something out of the normal.
I continue walking, slowly, looking everywhere for something strange. But then I saw something. Something in the Microwave.
I walked to it, and I observed for some seconds all of its parts. Then, I became terrorized.
I saw that in the Microwave´s seconds counter appeared:
And, in fact, I screamed.
I ran to my mom and to Steve, and then I saw that my mom was getting better.
That day we didn't talked about that anymore.
But I know, that something really bad was about to happen.
Next morning, I waked up feeling someone was calling my name. Then I heard something familiar.
Someone was printing something in the Impressor.
I walked to it, trying to not make noise.
And yes, something was being printed. When it finished, I toked it to see what it was.
I could not contain my horror. There was printed:
"Why dont you answer my calls?"

Made by Je45rry         4522912 All rights reserved    ( Part 6 coming soon! )

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