Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coins for Change Billboard Update!

Hello, penguins! Club Penguin has updated the Coins for Change Billboard ( located at the Beach ) and now it shows us more detailed information about the Total money we donated!

Total Money recolected, $12,261,193,800

That's like,

.- 2,452,238,760 Pizzas made by Pizzatron!
.- 2,919,332 Years working as an EPF Agent
.- Buying 15,326,492 Puffles
.- Taking 490,447,752 Pearls from Clams in Aqua Grabber
.- Buying every single item of clothing ever released 16,613 Times.

WOW! That's so much money! Really good effort for all the Penguins that cooperated in this Great Event! Oh, and thanks to Loulou11207 for letting me use this Picture! Thanks and See you later!

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