Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reviewed by You: Memories! ( and more )

Hello everyone! I'm really sorry that I didn't post anything these last days, I have a technicall problem with my computer so it doesn't lets me post anthing at the moment. I hope it will be fixed soon, and meanwhile I will be posting using other computers. In this post, I will post some things ( two for being exact ) that I missed up this days I didn't post. I will start with the "You Decide: Animal Costume!" post. As you may know, sometimes Club Penguin organizes a special poll in the Community Blog of the site, telling penguins to vote for their favoite option in that poll. As usual, the winner of the poll  is always put somewhere as a special item in a party or special event. Now, Billybob gaves us another "You Decide!" poll, which this time talks about Animal Costumes. Here is what Billybob says about: While the Music Jam party continues on the island, we thought it was time for something a little different here on the blog. We wanted to show you a few costume ideas the team's been working on. We want YOU to decide which items we should make for an event in September! Vote for your favorite... The team will work on the two items that get the most votes. And here are the Animal Costumes options:

1- Lamb's Costume
2- Pig's Costume
3- Chicken's Costume
4- Horse's Costume
5- Cow's Costume

Those are the options Billybob is giving us to choose. In my opinion, I like most the Horse and the Cow's Costumes, they seem very friendly and nice. Remember, the 2 most voted costumes will be selected to appear in an event that will take place in September. But my question is, why animal costumes? Is Club Penguin going to do a special animal party or something like that? Or this costumes are going to be just only to sell at the Gift Shop? I think that we will have to wait to find out. Now, the second ( and last ) thing I will talk about in this post is about the "Reviewed by You: Memories" post Billybob made. Last week's "Reviewed by You" question was about the Music Jam Party, which was: What do you like best about Music Jam? Now, Zoeyice's answer was selected! Here is what she said about:

Hey Club Penguin! I love the music jam! My favorite part is how there is so many different styles of music. I also love going to penguin's own music jams at their igloos! Oh, and I love how the Penguin Band floats in this year and their rocking new threads! Oh, and I hope to meet Candance and the Penguin Band. Waddle on!!

Nice answer, Zoeyice! I also like the way Club Penguin makes special events like this one, changing completely the rooms, adding cool new music and updating the catalogs so we all can enjoy the fun! I also like the cool new way the Penguin Band floats in the Iceberg at the same time they make a concert. It's so awesome! And, thruthfully, I have never meet any of the Club Penguin's Mascots except Rockhopper and Gary ( they are the only one I have ever met  )
but I am still trying to meet new mascots. Now, this week's question is: What did you like the most about the first time you logged into Club Penguin? Tell us about your first memory of Club Penguin! Oh, that's a really nice question, Billybob! I can remember that the first time I logged into Club Penguin, I was really amazed with the pin that was there ( the Green Trevor pin ) at the Ski Mountain. I was really happy waddling in the Island, discovering new rooms abnd friends. Now, guess what? This question remembered me about all the good memories I had in Club Penguin, so I will soon make a new Label in the Blog named: "Memories"! Hope that you will like it! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

UPDATE: The "Memories" label is already created! Click here to see it! In this label you will find important posts about special things that happened to Club Penguin and to me through time, many of those posts' events are already forgotten, so another purpose of making this special label was to remember you about all them. More posts will be added through time. Enjoy! :D

Note: This post takes part of the "Memories" label because is the post where I announced the creation of the already mentioned label :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 7 )

Story for people of ages 10+

Sarah wasn't there anymore.

Jerry was shocked. In that moment, he remembered what happened in the Ice Cream Shop, in the street, and right there some moments ago. Then, he saw the Black Glasses that he had in his hands that moment. Then, he understood everything about them. Shaking, he said:

- Oh my god.. with his glasses I see dead people!!! -

There was no doubt about it. With the black glasses on, he saw Pedro, the "already - dead" school's janitorial cleaner in the Ice Cream Shop, he later saw a car accident in the street that happened time ago, and he saw Sarah there in his room some minutes ago. Though it was impossible, Jerry knew that, someway, those glasses could show him dead people, or at least that was what he thought. He had seen a movie about a kid that could see dead people many years ago, but he never imagined that such crazy thing could really happen in real life. And pretty much less to himself. There was a small panic inside him, and thought he didn't seemed scary, he really was. He decided to keep the glasses in his pocket, and then he went downstairs with his mom to eat something. When he arrived to the kitchen, he saw his mom there, already eating. He sit down with her, and began to eat too. Then, he said, shaking:

- Mom... can I go outside for a moment? -
- Outside? But Jerry, don't you see that is raining very strong? It could be very dangerous if you go out this moment. Why don't you watch Television instead? - she said, happy, while she was still enjoying the last parts of her sandwich. Jerry stared there for some seconds, until he said:
- Umm.. yes, it's ok, mom... -
He continued eating, and when he finished, he went to see TV in the main room of the House. When he turned it on, it appeared in the News Channel, just in moment of the Weather news. Then, he saw the climatologist. He began to say.

<< Hello, citizens of Mexico city! Today we have many important news! To start, there is a really big Thunderstorm that is covering all the country, with a big intensity, so please don't go out this moments unless it is an emergency. We can't still announce the reason of this great thunderstorm, but all that we know is that it seems to gain intensity each minute. It seems that it started here in the city, and it will probably get bigger through time so it is predicted that tomorrow morning it will reach some USA cities, just like Los Angeles and San Diego. The Police will soon make Red Alert in Mexico city, also we are already alerting cities in the north of the country, just like Guadalajara, Monterrey, and San Pedro, and many others. USA police will soon alert their own cities to be prepared to be hit by this storm > >

Jerry was really surprised. He didn't wanted to watch the Weather news anymore, so he changed the channel. But when he did, there was another weather news report talking about the storm. He changed it again. Still same. He changed it again, and, surprise! They where also talking about the storm! So, he kept changing channels.

<< Yeah, I'm really surprised by this storm. It seems that... >>
<< Wow, this storm seems to never stop! I think that it will... >>
<< And in fact, there is a big storm traveling through Mexico... >>
<< This storm remembers me like the one that took place in... >>
<< Do you know what do they remember me? About the storm that is hitting Mexico!... >>

- ARGGHHH!! - Jerry said - Why there isn't a channel that doesn't talks about the... -
He didn't finished his sentence.
- There isn't a channel that doesn't talks about the storm - he said. Then, he turned his head to the Black Glasses. That moment he remembered that the storm started that same day, in which he had found Pedro dead in the school and then discovered the glasses. Then he said, in a low voice, to the black glasses: ( though he knew that they couldn't hear him ):

- Do you have something to do with all this?

Created by Je45rry. All rights reserved. Part 8 coming soon!

Music Jam 2011 here!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for posting this late, I was busy with some school and other things... well, guess what? The party most musical is already here in Club Penguin Island! And yes, I am talking about the Music Jam Party! Yes! To start, everyone knows that during the Music Jam there are many new things in the Island, some of them are new stages, completely new music, contests, special events and new rooms, and the great Penguin Band! As many penguins know, the Penguin Band is a group of special penguins that form a band, the one that represents all the Club Penguin Island. They always make their shows out of the Island, in the Iceberg. The Penguin Band is composed of 4 penguins which names are: G Billy, Petey K, Bob and Franky. Sometimes you will see them in the Iceberg, other times not, and some other times you will see some of them walking in the Island! Now, here are te places I recommend you the most to visit:

- Night Club
- Iceberg
- Pizza Parlor
- Coffee Shop
- Casa Fiesta ( for members only! )
- Cove
- Rooftop ( for members only! )
- Lighthouse

I really like the Pizza Parlor and the Coffee Shop, because their designs are really awesome and interesting. There you can have a great time with your friends making a concert! As you may know, the Casa Fiesta ( you access through the Ski Village ) is based on a Special Mexican room which, in spanish is, well "Casa Fiesta". The "Casa Fiestas" where really popular in Mexico during the 1830 - 1920, but since that time they began decreasing, to make other new places like shops, offices, and things like that ( mostly in the North part of Mexico ) Oh yes, Mexico has their own big cities! So, the day of today "Casa Fiestas" are only located in the Central and South Part ( mostly in the South Part ) of the Mexican country. It's a really nice idea to make a "Casa Fiesta" in Club Penguin during this party, don't you think? What do you think about all this? What do you like the most of this party? What's your favorite Club Penguin song? And what's your favorite room? Please send a comment with your opinion! Thanks for reading and see you later!

NOTE: This is the post #400 in the blog! Thanks to everyone to visit my blog, I am really happy! :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reviewed by You: Favorite Song!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry to be a little late for this post, I was quite busy... well, some days ago, Billybob posted in the Club Penguin Community Blog the "Reviewed by You" of this week! Yes! In this "Reviewed by You", the topic is: Favorite Song. And why favorite song? Because it is related to Music! And why is it related to music?, you may think. Well, it is because very soon, the Music Jam 2011 will take place in the Club Penguin Island! Awesome! As you may know, the Music Jam is the party with more music ever, as it name says. There everyone gots ready to jam and rock-on, playing instruments everywhere: in their igloos, in the beach, in the EPF Headquarters, and, of course, in public special stages! Yeah! During the Music Jam, there are many different stages in all the Island. Some are big, others are small, and of different colors. Also, you can make special effects with them to help you during your Music Jam concert! :D Now, last week's question was: "What's your Favorite Instrument?" Well, in the post Billybob says that many voted to the piano. One of them was Sunihh, which answer was selected! Here is what she he/she said about:

My favorite would be the piano because you can give a soft tone or something to rock with! Also you can go so high or so low depending on the mood. You can create a master piece with the piano! I play the piano and write songs all the time, I do this because it either makes me feel happy,sad,anrgy, and maybe it just makes you want to dance! That i swhy I like the piano the best! Waddle on Cp!

Very good answer, Sunihh! I do that too! I also think tha the piano is one of the best instruments ever, because they can show so many feelings like anger, sadness, happiness, scary, and many other fellings and expressions that a piano can show you, but it depends in the type of song it is. The most easiest instrument for me is the flute, because it is very armonic and easy to use. It can also make many songs! Here it is what Billybob says about: This week, we wanted to ask you about songs. There are many different songs in Club Penguin, and we want to know what you think of them! So we'd like to know... What is your favorite song in Club Penguin and what do you like best about it? Umm, that is a very good question! One of my favorite songs in Club Penguin is the "Jet Pack Adventure" game one, because it is really cool and awesome by those speciall sound effects. That's why I put that song in the new application of this blog, the Dewplayer! I'm sorry that it doesn't starts by itself, so you have to click play to it ( it is at the left side of the blog ) I hope that you like it! What do you think about all this? Do you have a favorite instrument or song in Club Penguin? Thanks for reading and see you later in the Club Penguin Island! :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Puffle Improvement Update!

Hello everyone! How are you? Billybob has posted something new in the Club Penguin's Community Blog, talking us about our Puffles. He says that many improvements have been applied for these furry mascots, such as changing them in appearance, as you can observe in the Pet Shop. If you go there, you will find many things, such as some new Transport - Tubes where Puffles have fun traveling by them. You can find some food, toys, and puffle houses on there, waiting to be bought by a Puffle - Adopter. Also, here you can Adopt your favorite Puffle and give him/she a name, and also play the recently new game: Puffle Launch! Well, Billybob made us a list of some of the things he improved on Puffles, and also some other things that has something to do with them just like the Pet Shop. I'ts very curious that Puffles are the only pets that penguins can adopt... the "Pet Shop" should be named "Puffle Shop" because they are the only creatures in the Island that we can adopt! Now, here is what he said about this:

Some of you may have already noticed that the team updated a few things for puffles recently. In case you missed it, here are a few things they updated last week:

* New ways to play with your pet... You can now poke, pet or even tickle your puffles!
* New puffle mats in the Pet Shop. Now the carpet in the middle of the room looks different depending on which puffle is walking with you!
* Puffle close-ups load faster
* Small interface improvements in puffle close-ups

Had you noticed any of these new puffle updates? Which update is your favorite?

Awesome uupdates! It's very funny and cool when you poke or tickle your Puffle to make it laugh. I really like it. Now, as you can read here, the carpet in the Pet Shop ( located at its center ) changes of color when you are riding a Puffle! Example: When you are with your Black Puffle the carpet will change to Black, and when you are riding a Yellow Puffle it will change to yellow, and so on. In my opinion, Puffles look better now than before they changed their appearance, but I would like if the Club Penguin Team could turn back the Puffle's Cards to the other ones, because they where easier to control and more clear. And you? What's your favorite Puffle Update? Would you like to improve something of the puffles? Please send me a comment with your opinion, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

See also:

Puffle's Curious Facts!
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P.D.: Someone copied information from my "Puffle Curious Facts!" post today. If it was you, please send a comment; or I will have to start searching who copied.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's new in June! ( with extra information! )

Hello penguins! How are you today? I'm very good! Today, Billybob posted in the Club Penguin Community Blog some sneak peeks about some upcoming events that will take place this month, June. As you may know, there have been many new events and updates in Club Penguin these last weeks, and Billybob plans to continue updating the page ( and the Island! ) Do you remember my last "Upcoming Events" posts I have been doing? Well, I will mention ( again ) the Picture Billybob gave us some months ago ( December ), showing us many upcoming events that would take place in Club Penguin until this month, June. The next months don't appear in the picture. Click here to see the post where the Picture is located ( Club Penguin's Schedule ) Now, as you can see in the Picture, this month's upcoming events are less than the ones from last month, May. But that doesn't means that the fun is over! Club Penguin has very special and interesting plans for this month! To start, here is what Billybob said about all this in the post:

- June 9:New igloo item catalog
- June 16: Music Jam = party time! 
- June 23: New member ninja items at the Ninja Hideout and more...

Very interesting Upcoming events, don't you think? Well, if you take in count the Upcoming events in the Club Penguin's Schedule Picture post, there would be more Upcoming Events. Here are the Upcoming events that Billybob doesn't mentions in this post, and possibly are going to happen in the Island very soon: ( Note: They are not 100% guarantee that all the upcoming events that I will mention will really happen )

- iPhone ( Phase 2 - Puffle )
- Puffle Roundup Revano
- "Big EPF" Launch
- Adventure Party
- Club Penguin's Map Design Revano

Wow! These upcoming events are really awesome! Now, if we join all these Upcoming events, we will have a list of 8 Upcoming events that could happen this Month, possibly, because all these upcoming events could last more time than expected, just like the "Big EPF Launch" one, that should have happened in May, but because nothing happened that month until this one, I think that this upcoming event should continue this month, June. Here is the List of the 8 possible Upcoming Events this Month:

- New igloo item catalog
- Music Jam
- New member ninja items at the Ninja Hideout
- iPhone ( Phase 2 - Puffle )
- Puffle Roundup Revano
- "Big EPF" Launch
- Adventure Party
- Club Penguin's Map Design Revano

Awesome, right? I can't wait for the Adventure Party and the "Big EPF" Launch. I think they will be awesome, specially because Club Penguin's parties and special events have been improving very much with the pass of time. And you? Which Upoming Event you think will be the most awesome one? Please feel free to send me a comment with your opinion about all this, thanks for reading and please don't stop visiting this Blog, because I have too many more special information that you will not like to miss. Thanks again and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 6 )

Story for people of 10+ ages.

- What are you?!? -
The glasses didn't said anything or made anything, just like every other glasses should do. Jerry knew that they weren't normal glasses, though.
Jerry took the glasses and put them into his desk. He was tired, because he had one of his worst days of his life. He was really confused, and he wanted to clear by a moment his life, sleeping. He closed the door, he went to his bed, and he closed his eyes for some seconds, until he was finally asleep. Minutes passed by, and then they became hours. Everything was normal.

Until he felt something.

Something, in his right hand. Something ( or someone ) had touched it. Jerry waked up, trying to see what touched him. He observed his room quietly. But no one was there. He was about to sleep again, until he saw something that called his attention: His door was opened. But Jerry perfectly remembered that, before he slept, he closed the door. But in that case, who opened it? He first thought in his mom, or maybe his dad. But they couldn't be, his parents had never made something like that. He stood up, and he began to walk through his room. The only relevant thing he saw was the black glasses in his desk. He stared there, looking the glasses, until he took them again. Then, he put them on. Then, he saw something that paralyzed him.
There, at one side of his bed, was someone. Crying. Jerry thought that it was a girl, because she had a large black hair covering his face. But she wasn't using black or white clothes just like the terror movies. She was using a pink dress and a red diadem in his hair, which surprised Jerry very much. The only thing that was scaring Jerry was that she was crying very deep. The first moments, Jerry didn't made anything. He didn't moved. He just observed the girl for some minutes. Then, he started to walk slowly to her. Very slowly, step by step, until he was just behind her. Obviously, he was still scared by her. He didn't knew who she was.

- Girl... are you ok? - said Jerry
Suddenly, the girl stopped crying. Everything turned to silence really fast. Jerry was worried, thinking if the girl could attack him in that precise moment. The girl, slowly, turned her head to Jerry. Then, she saw Jerry for some seconds. Then, she said:
- Who... who are you? -
Jerry was surprised. That wasn't the kind of answer or reaction he was waiting for. Then, he answered, kinda funny, but still scared:
- Ummm... that was the question I was going to ask you -
The girl didn't moved. It was a really strange scene. The girl seemed to be scared, though it was supposed that the scared one should be only Jerry! Then, the girl moved her hair, revealing her face. Jerry saw something that really surprised him. The girl was wearing white glasses, similar of the ones that Jerry had, just that Jerry's glasses where black. Then Jerry said to the girl, who was still sad:

- What's your name? - he said
- Sarah - she said, as the same time she stood up.
Jerry saw her with a strange face. He was really confused. Then, he asked:
- And, Sarah - he said in low voice - why are you crying? -
The girl looked him with a sad face. It seemed that also she was confused, just like Jerry was. Then, she answered:
- I'm sad because a partner of mine disappeared years ago, and my family and I can't find him - she said.
- What do you mean with your family and I? - he said, shaking.
But before she could answer, Jerry's mom entered the room.
- Mom! Look, a girl! She's name is Sarah! - Jerry said, excited.
Jerry's mom turned his head around, but then she said:
- Are you OK, Jerry? There's no one else here. Now, come to the kitchen to eat something, please - she said, and then she got out of the room.
Jerry couldn't move. Then, shaking, he got out the Black Glasses he was using that moment.

Sarah wasn't there anymore.

Made by Je45rry  Part 7 coming soon!
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