Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reviewed by You: Memories! ( and more )

Hello everyone! I'm really sorry that I didn't post anything these last days, I have a technicall problem with my computer so it doesn't lets me post anthing at the moment. I hope it will be fixed soon, and meanwhile I will be posting using other computers. In this post, I will post some things ( two for being exact ) that I missed up this days I didn't post. I will start with the "You Decide: Animal Costume!" post. As you may know, sometimes Club Penguin organizes a special poll in the Community Blog of the site, telling penguins to vote for their favoite option in that poll. As usual, the winner of the poll  is always put somewhere as a special item in a party or special event. Now, Billybob gaves us another "You Decide!" poll, which this time talks about Animal Costumes. Here is what Billybob says about: While the Music Jam party continues on the island, we thought it was time for something a little different here on the blog. We wanted to show you a few costume ideas the team's been working on. We want YOU to decide which items we should make for an event in September! Vote for your favorite... The team will work on the two items that get the most votes. And here are the Animal Costumes options:

1- Lamb's Costume
2- Pig's Costume
3- Chicken's Costume
4- Horse's Costume
5- Cow's Costume

Those are the options Billybob is giving us to choose. In my opinion, I like most the Horse and the Cow's Costumes, they seem very friendly and nice. Remember, the 2 most voted costumes will be selected to appear in an event that will take place in September. But my question is, why animal costumes? Is Club Penguin going to do a special animal party or something like that? Or this costumes are going to be just only to sell at the Gift Shop? I think that we will have to wait to find out. Now, the second ( and last ) thing I will talk about in this post is about the "Reviewed by You: Memories" post Billybob made. Last week's "Reviewed by You" question was about the Music Jam Party, which was: What do you like best about Music Jam? Now, Zoeyice's answer was selected! Here is what she said about:

Hey Club Penguin! I love the music jam! My favorite part is how there is so many different styles of music. I also love going to penguin's own music jams at their igloos! Oh, and I love how the Penguin Band floats in this year and their rocking new threads! Oh, and I hope to meet Candance and the Penguin Band. Waddle on!!

Nice answer, Zoeyice! I also like the way Club Penguin makes special events like this one, changing completely the rooms, adding cool new music and updating the catalogs so we all can enjoy the fun! I also like the cool new way the Penguin Band floats in the Iceberg at the same time they make a concert. It's so awesome! And, thruthfully, I have never meet any of the Club Penguin's Mascots except Rockhopper and Gary ( they are the only one I have ever met  )
but I am still trying to meet new mascots. Now, this week's question is: What did you like the most about the first time you logged into Club Penguin? Tell us about your first memory of Club Penguin! Oh, that's a really nice question, Billybob! I can remember that the first time I logged into Club Penguin, I was really amazed with the pin that was there ( the Green Trevor pin ) at the Ski Mountain. I was really happy waddling in the Island, discovering new rooms abnd friends. Now, guess what? This question remembered me about all the good memories I had in Club Penguin, so I will soon make a new Label in the Blog named: "Memories"! Hope that you will like it! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

UPDATE: The "Memories" label is already created! Click here to see it! In this label you will find important posts about special things that happened to Club Penguin and to me through time, many of those posts' events are already forgotten, so another purpose of making this special label was to remember you about all them. More posts will be added through time. Enjoy! :D

Note: This post takes part of the "Memories" label because is the post where I announced the creation of the already mentioned label :)

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