Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reviewed by You: Favorite Song!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry to be a little late for this post, I was quite busy... well, some days ago, Billybob posted in the Club Penguin Community Blog the "Reviewed by You" of this week! Yes! In this "Reviewed by You", the topic is: Favorite Song. And why favorite song? Because it is related to Music! And why is it related to music?, you may think. Well, it is because very soon, the Music Jam 2011 will take place in the Club Penguin Island! Awesome! As you may know, the Music Jam is the party with more music ever, as it name says. There everyone gots ready to jam and rock-on, playing instruments everywhere: in their igloos, in the beach, in the EPF Headquarters, and, of course, in public special stages! Yeah! During the Music Jam, there are many different stages in all the Island. Some are big, others are small, and of different colors. Also, you can make special effects with them to help you during your Music Jam concert! :D Now, last week's question was: "What's your Favorite Instrument?" Well, in the post Billybob says that many voted to the piano. One of them was Sunihh, which answer was selected! Here is what she he/she said about:

My favorite would be the piano because you can give a soft tone or something to rock with! Also you can go so high or so low depending on the mood. You can create a master piece with the piano! I play the piano and write songs all the time, I do this because it either makes me feel happy,sad,anrgy, and maybe it just makes you want to dance! That i swhy I like the piano the best! Waddle on Cp!

Very good answer, Sunihh! I do that too! I also think tha the piano is one of the best instruments ever, because they can show so many feelings like anger, sadness, happiness, scary, and many other fellings and expressions that a piano can show you, but it depends in the type of song it is. The most easiest instrument for me is the flute, because it is very armonic and easy to use. It can also make many songs! Here it is what Billybob says about: This week, we wanted to ask you about songs. There are many different songs in Club Penguin, and we want to know what you think of them! So we'd like to know... What is your favorite song in Club Penguin and what do you like best about it? Umm, that is a very good question! One of my favorite songs in Club Penguin is the "Jet Pack Adventure" game one, because it is really cool and awesome by those speciall sound effects. That's why I put that song in the new application of this blog, the Dewplayer! I'm sorry that it doesn't starts by itself, so you have to click play to it ( it is at the left side of the blog ) I hope that you like it! What do you think about all this? Do you have a favorite instrument or song in Club Penguin? Thanks for reading and see you later in the Club Penguin Island! :D

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