Monday, June 6, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 6 )

Story for people of 10+ ages.

- What are you?!? -
The glasses didn't said anything or made anything, just like every other glasses should do. Jerry knew that they weren't normal glasses, though.
Jerry took the glasses and put them into his desk. He was tired, because he had one of his worst days of his life. He was really confused, and he wanted to clear by a moment his life, sleeping. He closed the door, he went to his bed, and he closed his eyes for some seconds, until he was finally asleep. Minutes passed by, and then they became hours. Everything was normal.

Until he felt something.

Something, in his right hand. Something ( or someone ) had touched it. Jerry waked up, trying to see what touched him. He observed his room quietly. But no one was there. He was about to sleep again, until he saw something that called his attention: His door was opened. But Jerry perfectly remembered that, before he slept, he closed the door. But in that case, who opened it? He first thought in his mom, or maybe his dad. But they couldn't be, his parents had never made something like that. He stood up, and he began to walk through his room. The only relevant thing he saw was the black glasses in his desk. He stared there, looking the glasses, until he took them again. Then, he put them on. Then, he saw something that paralyzed him.
There, at one side of his bed, was someone. Crying. Jerry thought that it was a girl, because she had a large black hair covering his face. But she wasn't using black or white clothes just like the terror movies. She was using a pink dress and a red diadem in his hair, which surprised Jerry very much. The only thing that was scaring Jerry was that she was crying very deep. The first moments, Jerry didn't made anything. He didn't moved. He just observed the girl for some minutes. Then, he started to walk slowly to her. Very slowly, step by step, until he was just behind her. Obviously, he was still scared by her. He didn't knew who she was.

- Girl... are you ok? - said Jerry
Suddenly, the girl stopped crying. Everything turned to silence really fast. Jerry was worried, thinking if the girl could attack him in that precise moment. The girl, slowly, turned her head to Jerry. Then, she saw Jerry for some seconds. Then, she said:
- Who... who are you? -
Jerry was surprised. That wasn't the kind of answer or reaction he was waiting for. Then, he answered, kinda funny, but still scared:
- Ummm... that was the question I was going to ask you -
The girl didn't moved. It was a really strange scene. The girl seemed to be scared, though it was supposed that the scared one should be only Jerry! Then, the girl moved her hair, revealing her face. Jerry saw something that really surprised him. The girl was wearing white glasses, similar of the ones that Jerry had, just that Jerry's glasses where black. Then Jerry said to the girl, who was still sad:

- What's your name? - he said
- Sarah - she said, as the same time she stood up.
Jerry saw her with a strange face. He was really confused. Then, he asked:
- And, Sarah - he said in low voice - why are you crying? -
The girl looked him with a sad face. It seemed that also she was confused, just like Jerry was. Then, she answered:
- I'm sad because a partner of mine disappeared years ago, and my family and I can't find him - she said.
- What do you mean with your family and I? - he said, shaking.
But before she could answer, Jerry's mom entered the room.
- Mom! Look, a girl! She's name is Sarah! - Jerry said, excited.
Jerry's mom turned his head around, but then she said:
- Are you OK, Jerry? There's no one else here. Now, come to the kitchen to eat something, please - she said, and then she got out of the room.
Jerry couldn't move. Then, shaking, he got out the Black Glasses he was using that moment.

Sarah wasn't there anymore.

Made by Je45rry  Part 7 coming soon!
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