Saturday, June 18, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 7 )

Story for people of ages 10+

Sarah wasn't there anymore.

Jerry was shocked. In that moment, he remembered what happened in the Ice Cream Shop, in the street, and right there some moments ago. Then, he saw the Black Glasses that he had in his hands that moment. Then, he understood everything about them. Shaking, he said:

- Oh my god.. with his glasses I see dead people!!! -

There was no doubt about it. With the black glasses on, he saw Pedro, the "already - dead" school's janitorial cleaner in the Ice Cream Shop, he later saw a car accident in the street that happened time ago, and he saw Sarah there in his room some minutes ago. Though it was impossible, Jerry knew that, someway, those glasses could show him dead people, or at least that was what he thought. He had seen a movie about a kid that could see dead people many years ago, but he never imagined that such crazy thing could really happen in real life. And pretty much less to himself. There was a small panic inside him, and thought he didn't seemed scary, he really was. He decided to keep the glasses in his pocket, and then he went downstairs with his mom to eat something. When he arrived to the kitchen, he saw his mom there, already eating. He sit down with her, and began to eat too. Then, he said, shaking:

- Mom... can I go outside for a moment? -
- Outside? But Jerry, don't you see that is raining very strong? It could be very dangerous if you go out this moment. Why don't you watch Television instead? - she said, happy, while she was still enjoying the last parts of her sandwich. Jerry stared there for some seconds, until he said:
- Umm.. yes, it's ok, mom... -
He continued eating, and when he finished, he went to see TV in the main room of the House. When he turned it on, it appeared in the News Channel, just in moment of the Weather news. Then, he saw the climatologist. He began to say.

<< Hello, citizens of Mexico city! Today we have many important news! To start, there is a really big Thunderstorm that is covering all the country, with a big intensity, so please don't go out this moments unless it is an emergency. We can't still announce the reason of this great thunderstorm, but all that we know is that it seems to gain intensity each minute. It seems that it started here in the city, and it will probably get bigger through time so it is predicted that tomorrow morning it will reach some USA cities, just like Los Angeles and San Diego. The Police will soon make Red Alert in Mexico city, also we are already alerting cities in the north of the country, just like Guadalajara, Monterrey, and San Pedro, and many others. USA police will soon alert their own cities to be prepared to be hit by this storm > >

Jerry was really surprised. He didn't wanted to watch the Weather news anymore, so he changed the channel. But when he did, there was another weather news report talking about the storm. He changed it again. Still same. He changed it again, and, surprise! They where also talking about the storm! So, he kept changing channels.

<< Yeah, I'm really surprised by this storm. It seems that... >>
<< Wow, this storm seems to never stop! I think that it will... >>
<< And in fact, there is a big storm traveling through Mexico... >>
<< This storm remembers me like the one that took place in... >>
<< Do you know what do they remember me? About the storm that is hitting Mexico!... >>

- ARGGHHH!! - Jerry said - Why there isn't a channel that doesn't talks about the... -
He didn't finished his sentence.
- There isn't a channel that doesn't talks about the storm - he said. Then, he turned his head to the Black Glasses. That moment he remembered that the storm started that same day, in which he had found Pedro dead in the school and then discovered the glasses. Then he said, in a low voice, to the black glasses: ( though he knew that they couldn't hear him ):

- Do you have something to do with all this?

Created by Je45rry. All rights reserved. Part 8 coming soon!

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