Friday, June 10, 2011

Puffle Improvement Update!

Hello everyone! How are you? Billybob has posted something new in the Club Penguin's Community Blog, talking us about our Puffles. He says that many improvements have been applied for these furry mascots, such as changing them in appearance, as you can observe in the Pet Shop. If you go there, you will find many things, such as some new Transport - Tubes where Puffles have fun traveling by them. You can find some food, toys, and puffle houses on there, waiting to be bought by a Puffle - Adopter. Also, here you can Adopt your favorite Puffle and give him/she a name, and also play the recently new game: Puffle Launch! Well, Billybob made us a list of some of the things he improved on Puffles, and also some other things that has something to do with them just like the Pet Shop. I'ts very curious that Puffles are the only pets that penguins can adopt... the "Pet Shop" should be named "Puffle Shop" because they are the only creatures in the Island that we can adopt! Now, here is what he said about this:

Some of you may have already noticed that the team updated a few things for puffles recently. In case you missed it, here are a few things they updated last week:

* New ways to play with your pet... You can now poke, pet or even tickle your puffles!
* New puffle mats in the Pet Shop. Now the carpet in the middle of the room looks different depending on which puffle is walking with you!
* Puffle close-ups load faster
* Small interface improvements in puffle close-ups

Had you noticed any of these new puffle updates? Which update is your favorite?

Awesome uupdates! It's very funny and cool when you poke or tickle your Puffle to make it laugh. I really like it. Now, as you can read here, the carpet in the Pet Shop ( located at its center ) changes of color when you are riding a Puffle! Example: When you are with your Black Puffle the carpet will change to Black, and when you are riding a Yellow Puffle it will change to yellow, and so on. In my opinion, Puffles look better now than before they changed their appearance, but I would like if the Club Penguin Team could turn back the Puffle's Cards to the other ones, because they where easier to control and more clear. And you? What's your favorite Puffle Update? Would you like to improve something of the puffles? Please send me a comment with your opinion, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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P.D.: Someone copied information from my "Puffle Curious Facts!" post today. If it was you, please send a comment; or I will have to start searching who copied.

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  1. Cool! Personally, I like the flood mat update the best! What about you Je45rry?
    Sorry I havnt commentes in a while. Blogger wont let me comment with My Google account.