Friday, September 30, 2011

Special Update from Billybob!

Hello everyone! Before I start talking about this post, I would like to announce that my most recen t CPI Story is now over. Oh yeah, I already posted its last part! ( It's the one before this one ) I recommend you to read it ( for people from 10+ ages ) because the end is quite impressive. I don't want to spoil anything, so please read it and comment what you think about it! I will make a special poll about it later. Now, in this post I'm going to talk about the most recent Billybob Club Penguin Video: Special Updates! Just like the title says, Club Penguin will be having many updates really soon. Here's the video Billybob made for us ( with subtitles in Spanish ) and what he says in the Club Penguin Community's Blog post:

I'm really excited about the next few months in Club Penguin. The team has been working really hard behind the scenes to create some brand new stuff for you... and it's all starting in October! Tonight we're doing some major updates to get the servers ready for some HUGE stuff. As I mentioned last week, sometimes when we do major updates, we end up with some bugs to squash. As always, let us know if you find any, and the team will do their best to squash them as soon as possible! 

According to Billybob, the next 3 Months ( October, November and December ) will be full of brand - new features and updates in Club Penguin. Here is a list about the updates he mentioned in this very - useful and funny video he made with help of the Club Penguin Team:

- "Puffle Launch" App for Android
- Puffle Hats!
- Immediate Puffle Stats
- Update Penguin Chat ( predictible text! )
- New Friend System ( unlimited friends! )
- Halloween Party: Haunted Mansion for everyone!

Awesome, right? Also, I noticed some little details in the video: when Billybob is talking about the "Puffle Stats" thingy, he says something like "sick puffles" Are Puffles going to be able to get sick with all these updates? Oh, no! Well, another detail was that this was Club Penguin's Team first Video -Blog. I think it's awesome! It's going to be very useful, it would increase visits, will be much funnier, and things like that :) What do you think about all this? Did you liked the video? Please send your opinion in a comment! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Someone Else ( Final Part! )

<< Image Coming Soon! >>

Story for People from 10+ years
Just some notes before you start reading:
- Jerry is using the black glasses
- Sarah is wearing the white glasses she always wear
- Jerry just had a vision from Sarah ( read the last part before this one )


Jerry was confused by the vision he just saw. He didn't moved, trying to understand what just happened. Then, he said to Sarah:
- One moment... the girl in the vision... is you? -
- Of course - 
- I still don't understand... that man, Benjamin, was your friend? -
Sarah taked her hand to her face, clearing her eyes from something that seemed to be a little tear. Then, she said:
- He was more than a friend. He was like a father for me. That's why he gave me those glasses - 
- Wait a minute.... those 2 glasses he gave to you, are the ones we are wearing right now? - said Jerry, in shock.
- Yes. They are mine, just how I said. I didn't lied - said Sarah
- But, if these black glasses are yours, why did they appeared to me? -
- I don't know. But they are really important. Give them to me - she said, turning serious
Jerry didn't said anything for a few seconds, until he finally said:
- Sarah, your friend Benjamin-- he didn't finished, because Sarah suddenly interrumpted him saying:
- Benjamin's dead -
That answer dissapointed Jerry, because it was supposed that Sarah was dead too. But he continued:
- Umm... well, what do those white glasses you are wearing show, Sarah?
- My greatest desire, and some more things - she answered, turning kinda nervous by an strange reason.
- Your greatest desire? Your lost brother? -
- Yes, my brother -
- And what else? What else do those white glasses show? -
Sarah didn't answered. He just stared at him, looking Jerry in his eyes.
- Well, Sarah. In that case, what do this black glasses show? -
- You already saw it. They show alive people -
- But I am one of the alive--
In that moment, Jerry stopped talking. He was in an inside - panic.
- No... no, it can't be! - he screamed of horror
- Yes it is - said Sarah
- But.. that's impossible!!! -

Jerry couldn't believe it.
He was dead.

- I know it's hard to admit it. But it isn't impossible - said Sarah, looking to Jerry with a sad face.
Jerry started to cry, confused and horrorized. He couldn't be dead.
- All your friends, your family, the people you see in the street, in the school, they are all dead too - said Sarah, walking closer to Jerry, with a strange face.
- But how do you explain the murders??? How do you explain Pedro's death??? -
- All that was fake. Those people who got murder wheren't real -
- But I could swear that we saw dead people through this black glasses! People that couldn't be alive! -
- All of them where only ilussions. The Black Glasses you are wearing show them sometimes -
Jerry said everything he knew to prove he wasn't dead, but it was useless. Sara had an answer for everything Jerry tried to say.
- But the ilussion taked place in 1954!! If you are alive, how can it be possible? You should have died years ago!! - said Jerry, shaking
- By a strange reason, since I put the white glasses on, I didn't grew. I didn't got older. Then I realized, that I couldn't die. Quite Ironic, right? -
- So, the white glasses you are wearing right now, show dead people?? - he said, still crying
- Exactly. That's why these 2 glasses are so important. They communicate both worlds, the living and the dead one. We couldn't let you and your friend reveal this secret to everyone. It would be terrible! -
Jerry was still in shock. He was still crying a little bit.
- Now, give me the glasses, please - said Sarah, showing compassion in her face.
Jerry knew that if he quit the glasses he would never see Sarah again. But he wanted to have the "normal" life he thought he was having before discovering the black glasses. So, he slowly taked his hands to the glasses, and then, he quit them.
Sarah wasn't there now.
Just like the Black Glasses.
Later then, his mom and Victor appeared next to him, safe.
But Jerry didn't said anything.


2 years later

Jerry waked up in the morning. He knew he was late for school, so he fastly taked a shower, ate a cereal and brush his theet. Once he was ready, he entered the car, where his mom was, and went to the school. In the way, he was looking through the window, watching the people passing by. Once he entered the school, he began to talk with his friends, including Victor. After school, he went to his house to do homework, watch TV, play the computer, and finally sleep; for waking up the next day.

<< We are the dead ones >> he thought.
But at least no one else knew it.

Someone Else was made and created by Je45rry. All rights reserved.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Fair 2011 is here!

Hello everyone! How's everything going? I hope that well! As you may know, yesterday the Fair 2011 was finally released in Club Penguin, showing brand new features, exclusive games, only - member rooms, and many other things, just like the arrivement of our favorite Club Penguin pirate: Rockhopper! Yes! As many know, Rockhopper always comes here at time of the fair, to bring help with decorations and other important things. You can visit his ship "The Migrator" in the Beach to play the "Treasure Hunt" and buy special items. Also, you can meet Rockhopper in Club Penguin since he's here! A tip: He normally appears in always - crowded servers, just like Aurora, Mammoth and others. If you see him, remember to say hello and to get your stamp and free prize background! Well, coming back to the Fair, there are so many games! I am so excited! i can't wait to play all of them! And you? Well, here are) some places I recommend you to visit the most:

- Town
- Coffee Shop ( secret pin! )
- Plaza
- Beach
- The Migrator
- Dock
- The Great Puffle Circus!
- Stadium ( Bumper Cars! )
- Forest ( prize booth! )
- Iceberg

What do you think of this party? There's no doubt that Club Penguin Team really put their biggest efforts making it  :) All the games, the new features, the songs, everything is so original, creative and funny! I now want to play one of my favorite games: Puffle Paddle! What's your favorite game? Well, about the secret pin located at the Coffee Shop, there are some thing you need to know to get it. First, throw snowballs into the giant machine box, and once there are enough snowballs, the machine will start to work. Onceit finishes, it will let out the secret pin! Awesome, right? Thanks so much for my friend Sevalbar and Zootycooner for telling me about this :)  Also, I would like to say something: I know I haven't been posting as much I did months ago, but I promise I will post as much as I can. Please be patient, and please don't stop visiting Club Penguin Info. I really thank you to visit my page, and I am glad to help. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin! :D

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sneak Peeks: The Fair 2011!

Hello everyone! I know I didn't posted anything last week, and I am really sorry for that. I have been very busy with homework, school, normal life, and things like that; and I can't post very much. Well, Happy77 posted yesterday a new Video in Club Penguin's Community Blog. It is about the upcoming fair! As you may know, the Fair is a special event that happens once in a year, and it is full of Mini - Games, prizes, and parties, like a real - life Fair! Also, Rockhopper comes to celebrate with us! We can play, go to exclusive ( member only ) rooms such as the "Great Puffle Circus". Also we can get free party items, and new stamps! I amk sure that the Fair will be full of awesome new stamps. The Video shows us features of the fair, like the Puffle Paddle game ( which can be played also in Club Penguin's Wii Videogame: "Club Penguin Game Day" ) and many others. Here is the video if you haven't seen it already:

Awesome, right? If you noticed, at second 0:13 we can see that the Brown Puffle has been added to the Great Puffle Circus team! For those who don't know, the Great Puffle Circus shows one puffle of every color ( yet discovered ) and they shows us their special and funny abilities! The problem is that it is for Member - Only :( Well, did you liked the video? I did! But for those who don't know yet, there's a secret link in it. I was looking the video when I noticed an interesting square at second 0:02, and I paused the video. The square was showing the Stadium, and I clicked it. It redirected me to another Club Penguin Video! In it, Happy77 shows us a brand - new feature of the Fair: the Bumber Cars! In real life, Bumper Cars are little cars made for children that resist crashes. They are made to have fun! I think this will be awesome. I hope that it won't be for Members - only... but maybe it will. Well, here is the video if you didn't found it yet. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin! :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Club Penguin: Puffle Launch App!

Hello everyone! As you may know, some weeks ago Club Penguin made an announcing saying that they where working in their first App ( a short word for "Applications" ), but they didn't said to us what was it going to be about, until today! Yes! Billybob has announced that the future new app is going to be about the most recent Puffle game: Puffle Launch! He also says that it is going to be released this week for Mobile Mac Products ( only mobile, it will not be available for other type of products such as computers ) Here is what Billybob says about: Many of you know that we're working on the very FIRST Club Penguin mobile app. Last week we asked you to guess what it would be and a lot of you were right... We'll have more details about the Puffle Launch app this week, so stay tuned! We've got a lot more apps we're already working on, but we'll need your help to decide what they should be! Also, Club Penguin made us a video to know more about this first Club Penguin App. ( Notice that there's Captain Hook playing too! ) The video is only 25 seconds long, but it shows us many things. Here it is:

Now that you already watched the video, let's talk about its details. If you watch carefully, we already know some of the people that appears in the video, like Dave, Billybob, Captain Hook ( lol ) and others. Also, we can see that this App will be available for iPad, iPhone, and iPhone Touch ( all of them are Mac Products ) As you may know, these type of Apps are designed specially for mobile products, and they are downloaded. Some are free, some not. I guess that this App will not be free... I hope it will not be expensive :) Well, Billybob says that they are working in more Apps! What do you think they will be about? I hope that some of them will be PSA Missions, or  Aqua Grabber, Jetpack, Card Jitsu, and more. it would be awesome to play multiplayer mode and to transfer coins to our online penguin account, right? I was reading some comments of this video in Youtube and I found some replies ( from Club Penguin Team ) saying interesting things like that it will cost $0.99 cents ( not expensive! ) What do you think about all this? If you have iPhone, or iPad, or iPhone Touch, are you going to buy it? I should! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 13 )

- Sarah??? -
Jerry couldn't believe it. She was right there, in the other side of the Kitchen. But there was no sign of his mom anywhere.
- Hello, Jerry - said Sarah.
Jerry was in shock. That wasn't the words he was expecting to hear. Sarah's voice wasn't normal; it was like a very soft and transparent voice, just like an echo. She was wearing the same clothes when Jerry saw her for the first time.
- What are you?!? Where's my mom?? - said Jerry, shaking
- Be careful, Jerry! She can--
By a strange reason, Victor didn't finished his sentence, and he just went still.
- What do you want??? -
Sarah saw Jerry just in the eyes, with a dissapointing face. Then she said with the same strange voice:
- Isn't it obvious? I want the glasses back - 
- Back? What are you trying to say?? I found them, not you!! -
- You don't understand, right? We need the glasses. They belong to us - 
- Us??? Do you mean there are more "people" like you? -
- Of course I do. All those people that you and your friend saw in those Black Glasses are my friends. My family. -
- I don't understand anything, Sarah! -
- I see. In that case, let me show you - 
I can't explain very well what happened next. It was like a rare type of vision, but I will tell you just the way Jerry saw it, so try to imagine something like this:

April 26, 1954. London, UK. 

Everything is blurry, there are no colors. We can barely see a tree without leaves, maybe by the freezing winter. The image seems to turn more clear. Now we can notice that there's a lantern next to the tree, that illuminates the area with white light. There's also a fountain next to the tree, but there's no water in it. The buildings, the cars and the sky begin to appear, slowly. Everything is so real that it seems to be from a movie. The colors start to appear, gaining intensity every second, showing a grey sky without sun and a dry grass. Just when everything seems to be normal, one more figure  appears. 

A girl, with a pink dress, a red diadem and a beautiful black hair, suddenly appears in the vision. She begans to walk slowly to the tree, with a sad face. She seems to be worried by something, but we don't know why. She suddenly stops walking, and then she sits in the grass, making a little noise. Then she starts crying, but by an unknown reason, we can feel her pain. We can feel an extreme sadness, that we start to cry too. But then, another figure appears in the scene. It's a man, that is wearing the usual clothes of that time. But there's something that calls our attention. A brown bag begans to appear in the man's hand, showing us that he is carrying something. The girl soon notices his pressence, and she stands up, clearing her tears. 

- Hi again, Sarah - says the man, with the same echo voice Jerry heard some seconds ago - What are you doing here? - he asks, with a curious face.
- Umm, nothing, Benjamin. I only came here to think - says Sarah
- Well, I came here to show you something very important - says Benjamin. 
Benjamin searches in his brown bag for something, until he founds it. But Sarah, like us, can't believe what she is seeing. 2 pairs of glasses soon begins to appear: 1 black glasses and 1 white ones. 
- These are for you - says Benjamin, giving the black and the white glasses to Sarah.
We can feel excitement, as the same time Sarah takes the glasses.  
- Thanks, Benjamin! - 
- I have modificated them, Sarah. I heard that your brother dissapeared some days ago, so I made this glasses myself. Please don't ask me how, but the white glasses will show you some things, including your greatest desire. In this case, your brother - 
We can see how Sarah's face turns to be dissapointed to confused. We can feel it.
- But how I will know where's him? - she asks
- Once you put them on, you will know - 
Sarah soon changes his face to a happy ( but still impressed ) one. We can feel her happiness, that we smile, feeling joy and hope.
- And, what does this black glasses do, Benjamin? -
- Sarah, I will tell you, but I will need you to keep it as a secret - 
- Benjamin, what's going on? - 
- These black glasses are quite different from the white ones. They will show, to the person that is wearing them, unexpected things - 
- Like what? - 
- Alive people, like us -  
And in that moment, everything vanishes. 

Created by Je45rry. Final part coming soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reviewed by You: Apps!

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Hello everyone! I am sorry by not posting anything last week, I was only focused in the Great Snow Race and in Operation Hibernation. I would like to announce something very important: I am now the new author of "Club Penguin Spies", Zootycooner's blog. I still haven't posted anything yet, but I will do really soon ( today ) Well, as many of you may know, some days ago Billybob announced that Club Penguin will release its first App Ever! For those who don't know, an App is an abbreviation for the word "Applications" Usually, Apps are made specially for Mac products, such as iPhones, iPads, iTouchs, etc. Though the Club Penguin Team didn't revealed any info about the future new app, they said that it will be released very soon. Maybe it will be free for Club Penguin users, maybe not. I think that this app will have some features similar of others Club Penguin games, such as transfer coins to our online penguin account. That would be great! Well, last "Reviewed by You!" post was about EPF Agents. Rosie92853's answer was selected! Here is what she says about:

I totally think that Tif000 is the best epf agent because she completed all her missions right away and she is always trying very hard to complete the feild-ops,and when she sees other penguins asking for help with the feild-ops she helps them,she never gives up when doing system defender.Mostly I think she is just very helpfull and good at never giving up! Waddle on cp!

Very nice answer, Rosie! Your friend Tif000 is really doing a great job at the EPF Agency. It's very good to help other agents in need! Congratulations, Tif000! Well, this week's "Reviewed by You!" question is about the future new ( and first! ) Club Penguin App. Here is what Billybob says: Yesterday we mentioned that we're just about finished our very first mobile app! So for this week's Reviewed by You, we want to know... If you were to make your own mobile app, what would it be? Ummm, that's a very curious question, Billybob! I think that if I could make a mobile app, it would be my Blog's App. It could bring users the opportunity of knowing more about future new CPI Stories, or exclusive posts, and things like that. And you? What's your idea? Please send a comment with your opinion, and thanks for reading. See you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

P.D. #1:
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