Friday, September 23, 2011

The Fair 2011 is here!

Hello everyone! How's everything going? I hope that well! As you may know, yesterday the Fair 2011 was finally released in Club Penguin, showing brand new features, exclusive games, only - member rooms, and many other things, just like the arrivement of our favorite Club Penguin pirate: Rockhopper! Yes! As many know, Rockhopper always comes here at time of the fair, to bring help with decorations and other important things. You can visit his ship "The Migrator" in the Beach to play the "Treasure Hunt" and buy special items. Also, you can meet Rockhopper in Club Penguin since he's here! A tip: He normally appears in always - crowded servers, just like Aurora, Mammoth and others. If you see him, remember to say hello and to get your stamp and free prize background! Well, coming back to the Fair, there are so many games! I am so excited! i can't wait to play all of them! And you? Well, here are) some places I recommend you to visit the most:

- Town
- Coffee Shop ( secret pin! )
- Plaza
- Beach
- The Migrator
- Dock
- The Great Puffle Circus!
- Stadium ( Bumper Cars! )
- Forest ( prize booth! )
- Iceberg

What do you think of this party? There's no doubt that Club Penguin Team really put their biggest efforts making it  :) All the games, the new features, the songs, everything is so original, creative and funny! I now want to play one of my favorite games: Puffle Paddle! What's your favorite game? Well, about the secret pin located at the Coffee Shop, there are some thing you need to know to get it. First, throw snowballs into the giant machine box, and once there are enough snowballs, the machine will start to work. Onceit finishes, it will let out the secret pin! Awesome, right? Thanks so much for my friend Sevalbar and Zootycooner for telling me about this :)  Also, I would like to say something: I know I haven't been posting as much I did months ago, but I promise I will post as much as I can. Please be patient, and please don't stop visiting Club Penguin Info. I really thank you to visit my page, and I am glad to help. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin! :D

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