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Someone Else ( Final Part! )

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Story for People from 10+ years
Just some notes before you start reading:
- Jerry is using the black glasses
- Sarah is wearing the white glasses she always wear
- Jerry just had a vision from Sarah ( read the last part before this one )


Jerry was confused by the vision he just saw. He didn't moved, trying to understand what just happened. Then, he said to Sarah:
- One moment... the girl in the vision... is you? -
- Of course - 
- I still don't understand... that man, Benjamin, was your friend? -
Sarah taked her hand to her face, clearing her eyes from something that seemed to be a little tear. Then, she said:
- He was more than a friend. He was like a father for me. That's why he gave me those glasses - 
- Wait a minute.... those 2 glasses he gave to you, are the ones we are wearing right now? - said Jerry, in shock.
- Yes. They are mine, just how I said. I didn't lied - said Sarah
- But, if these black glasses are yours, why did they appeared to me? -
- I don't know. But they are really important. Give them to me - she said, turning serious
Jerry didn't said anything for a few seconds, until he finally said:
- Sarah, your friend Benjamin-- he didn't finished, because Sarah suddenly interrumpted him saying:
- Benjamin's dead -
That answer dissapointed Jerry, because it was supposed that Sarah was dead too. But he continued:
- Umm... well, what do those white glasses you are wearing show, Sarah?
- My greatest desire, and some more things - she answered, turning kinda nervous by an strange reason.
- Your greatest desire? Your lost brother? -
- Yes, my brother -
- And what else? What else do those white glasses show? -
Sarah didn't answered. He just stared at him, looking Jerry in his eyes.
- Well, Sarah. In that case, what do this black glasses show? -
- You already saw it. They show alive people -
- But I am one of the alive--
In that moment, Jerry stopped talking. He was in an inside - panic.
- No... no, it can't be! - he screamed of horror
- Yes it is - said Sarah
- But.. that's impossible!!! -

Jerry couldn't believe it.
He was dead.

- I know it's hard to admit it. But it isn't impossible - said Sarah, looking to Jerry with a sad face.
Jerry started to cry, confused and horrorized. He couldn't be dead.
- All your friends, your family, the people you see in the street, in the school, they are all dead too - said Sarah, walking closer to Jerry, with a strange face.
- But how do you explain the murders??? How do you explain Pedro's death??? -
- All that was fake. Those people who got murder wheren't real -
- But I could swear that we saw dead people through this black glasses! People that couldn't be alive! -
- All of them where only ilussions. The Black Glasses you are wearing show them sometimes -
Jerry said everything he knew to prove he wasn't dead, but it was useless. Sara had an answer for everything Jerry tried to say.
- But the ilussion taked place in 1954!! If you are alive, how can it be possible? You should have died years ago!! - said Jerry, shaking
- By a strange reason, since I put the white glasses on, I didn't grew. I didn't got older. Then I realized, that I couldn't die. Quite Ironic, right? -
- So, the white glasses you are wearing right now, show dead people?? - he said, still crying
- Exactly. That's why these 2 glasses are so important. They communicate both worlds, the living and the dead one. We couldn't let you and your friend reveal this secret to everyone. It would be terrible! -
Jerry was still in shock. He was still crying a little bit.
- Now, give me the glasses, please - said Sarah, showing compassion in her face.
Jerry knew that if he quit the glasses he would never see Sarah again. But he wanted to have the "normal" life he thought he was having before discovering the black glasses. So, he slowly taked his hands to the glasses, and then, he quit them.
Sarah wasn't there now.
Just like the Black Glasses.
Later then, his mom and Victor appeared next to him, safe.
But Jerry didn't said anything.


2 years later

Jerry waked up in the morning. He knew he was late for school, so he fastly taked a shower, ate a cereal and brush his theet. Once he was ready, he entered the car, where his mom was, and went to the school. In the way, he was looking through the window, watching the people passing by. Once he entered the school, he began to talk with his friends, including Victor. After school, he went to his house to do homework, watch TV, play the computer, and finally sleep; for waking up the next day.

<< We are the dead ones >> he thought.
But at least no one else knew it.

Someone Else was made and created by Je45rry. All rights reserved.

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