Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reviewed by You: Christmas Igloo!

Hi penguins! Sorry about not posting the last days, I was very busy. Today Billybob has posted in the Club Penguin Community Blog a new "Reviewed by You". In this one he talks about Igloo Furniture. Also, he posted the best comment of the "Reviewed by You" of last week. Rolo 23 said:

I would make a game called do - it - yourself and i would put it in the igloos. you can design your own furniture item, and there would be judges. when you have fineshed your item, it would be shown to the judges. if they scored you over 50 points, you get to keep the item for free and it would be put in your inventory! if your score is under 50, you wouldn't get to keep it. there would be loads of designs to make! waddle on cp!

In my opinion, it is a really good Idea, Rolo 23! Now Billybob has a new question: What new igloo items would help you decorate for the holidays? If your comment is chosen, you will receive $10,000 coins to your Penguin Account! Also, in other news, you have noticed that I am posting a new story named "Photos", so please let a comment saying what do you think about it! See you later!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photos ( Part 6 )

- I have to talk with him -
- But, you don´t know where he lives, Jerry. And, what if that man is still outside? -
- It doesn´t matters. What we have to do is talk with the school´s cleaner -
- Why? - asked Ricky
- It´s obvious he found more than what he told you, Ricky -
- But, where can we find him? -
- I don´t know... - I said, sad. - but we can try to find him -
- Where is the first place you want to search? -
- Maybe he can be in the School... -
- That´s impossible. The police made sure that no one was there before they closed it -
I thought a little seconds and then I said:
- Ricky, if you find a person dead in the School´s Hallway, where could you go? -
- Umm, to the police office. -
- Yes, the school cleaner ( Henry ) was still in the School when the police arrived there, so he should call them by telephone. -
- Right -
- So, it´s obvious that the police thinks that Henry could kill Mr. Carl -
- Yes, maybe... -
- And - I said, - what is the place where the police takes the people to interrogate them? -
- The Police Office? -
- Yes! -
- So we have to go to the Police Office to search Henry? -
- Yes, let´s go -
We got out of the shop, caring not to find again the man. When we arrived to the Police Office we entered it. A police officer was standing there.
- What do you want, guys? - he asked, serious
Ricky turned his head to the police officer and said:
- Hi Fred! - he said, smiling
The police officer soon smiled and he began to laugh.
- Hi, Ricky! How are you? And who is your friend? -
- Umm, wait a minute - I said - Ricky, do you know him? -
- Of course! He´s my father! - said Ricky, laughing. - Don´t you remember? I told you! -
I was confused, but then I said:
- Umm, ok - I said
- He´s Jerry, dad. I´m working with him in a Science´s class project - said Ricky
- Nice to meet your, Jerry -said Ricky´s dad - and, why are you here, guys? -
- Umm, we are searching Henry, our school´s cleaner. We have to make him some questions... -
- Henry? The school´s cleaner of your School? The one that found Mr. Carl, dead? -
- Yes, him - said Ricky
- He´s there, sitting in a chair -
- Ok, thanks - I said
When we where just in front of Henry, I said:
- Hi -
Henry turned his head to us.
- Hi - he said
- Henry, we have to ask you some questions... -
- Like what? - he asked
- When you found Mr. Carl, do you found something else? -
- Yes - said Henry, shaking and with a strange face that feared Ricky and I
Then, I noticed that the lights where shutting out.
- What did you found?  -
- A photo -
Ricky and I where surprised, and terrorized at the same time. Then Ricky toked something out of his pocket and showed it to Henry.
- A photo, like this one? -
He showed him the photo of Mr. Carl in the hallway.
- Yes - he said
I was horrorized.
- Yes, yes, yes - we heard that Henry repeated
- Ok, thanks - Ricky said, with fear
When we turned around, we saw Ricky´s dad standing just in front of us.
- Where did you found that? - he asked, shaking
- Umm, one police accidentally dropped it in the School´s Parking lot - I said
Ricky´s dad saw us with a strange face, and then he said:
- Follow me -
- Follow me -
We followed him to a kind of basement. It was filled of file lockers. Then Ricky´s dad said:
- Many people have sent many photos like that one here, to the Police Office. Every one of them says that they found the photo just in one side of someone dead, with the face disfigured and smiling. It´s really strange that when the police goes to investigate, results that the same person that is dead is the same person that appears in the photo. -
He opened one of the lockers and showed us some files. We where terrorized.
In each one of the photos appeared on person, screaming like protecting their selves from something. And all of them had the same detail.
All had those blurry things at the sides.                                                                                                        Made by Je45rry
( Part 7 coming soon )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photos ( Part 5 )

There, in the pack, was another photo.
It seemed to be really old. It sides where yellow and it seemed to be torn in some places, and it was upside down. We looked each other and then I said:
- Do you want to see the photo? -
- I don´t think so... - said Ricky - and if it has something worse? -
- We don´t know... - I said
I moved my hand to the photo, disposed to turn it around and see what it had, when Ricky stopped me.
- No, Jerry! I don´t want to see it! -
- But if it has something important? Something that can help us to know what happened to Mr. Carl? -
Ricky saw me with a temorized face and then he said:
- Turn it. -
When I touched the photo, I felt cold. Then, I turned it.
We where horrorized.
I can´t explain exactly what I saw in the photo, but I can only say that there appeared a girl, like of 16 years, dead in an alley.
- Wha... what kind of photo is this?!? I said horrorized and shaking -
Then we felt something strange. Cold. Extremely cold. I could notice how the lights where shutting off again.
Then we heard something. Something big and loudy, like a thunder, in the street.
We immediatly went down the stairs, and we got out to the street. It was really cloudy, and cold...
Then we see him. The same man I saw at the school´s parking lot. It was smiling to us, showing up his yellow and old theet. This time, when I saw that the  man was still carrying his camera, I was completely temorized.
Then he began to walk to us, slowly. But then he seemed to walk faster. Then faster.
- Run, Ricky! - I screamed
We began to run all across the street, without knowing where to go. But one thing was clear:
We had to avoid that man.
When I turned my head around to see if the man was still there, I almost screamed.
The man was only two meters behind us. 
We ran even more faster, until we arrived to the shop that was in a street corner. We entered it, hardly breathing.
- We... we lost him? - said Ricky, excited
- I think so - I said
I remembered the photos, and then I thought about the man, and his camera.
- Ricky, do you know something else about Mr. Carl´s death? - I said
- No, the School´s cleaner didn´t said me anything else. Why do you ask, Jerry? -
- I have to talk with him -                 
                                                                                               Made by Je45rry
( Part 6 coming soon)

Card - Jitsu Water here!

Hello penguins! Guess what? Club Penguin has just released Card - Jitsu Water! Yes! Let´s go first to the Dojo Courtyard: here the place is very decorated... I like the water in the Ninja Hideout´s entrance :) As you can see, the Card Jitsu Fire video has been replaced, and now, instead, the Card Jitsu Water has been placed. Now, let´s enter the Ninja Hideout!

This place is also very decorated... as you can see, there´s a new crypt with the Water Symbol that has "NEW GAME" in it. If you click it, the Waterfall´s entrance appears... just like the Volcano´s one. In the GIF animation you can see how the hideout looks with both entrances up. Cool, right? I guess why is the Water symbol at the floor not shining...

Yes, I will repeat: I am not member, so I toked this photo from a SWF ( thanks Loulou11207! ) It looks very awesome, and look! There´s the fish! The Ninja with the rubber duck is funny....

This new game is very different of Card - Jitsu and Card - Jitsu Water! I think that this one is even more funny than the other one. You have to avoid falling down, and to do this, you have to activate elements to destroy the obstacles that are in front of you. Also, in other news, Flipper14354 made a Card - Jitsu Water code giveaway and I won! Thanks Flipper14354! When I unlocked the code, I got four new cards. This is an image of my new cards:

Thanks and see you later!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photos ( Part 4 )

But I entered in panic when I saw that he was carrying a camera with him.
- Hurry up, Ricky... - I said, temorized.
- Ok, ok... - he said
We entered Ricky´s mom car and we went to his house. 
- This is your house, Ricky? It so nice! - I said, surprised
- Thanks, Jerry! - he said with a smile
- Ok, boys, I will be here making dinner, you and your friend can go upstairs to begin in the project - said Ricky´s mom
- It´s ok, mom - said Ricky
We went up to Ricky´s room. It was very nice.
- Nice room, Ricky! -
- Thanks, Jerry - he said again
When we sat down to began working, Ricky remembered the Brown Pack.
- Jerry, do you want to see what´s in the pack? - said, excited
- I don´t really know, Ricky... it is strange.... -
- Ricky, I have something to tell you... - I said
- What? -
- One police accidentally dropped this in the School´s parking lot. -
I toked the photo out of my pocket.
- What is it? -
- A photo, Ricky... -
- Lets see it... - he said
- Ok - I said
But when we saw the photo, we couldn´t move.
The photo was blurry in the sides, and in the center was something horrible.
There was Mr. Carl in the hallway, covering him with his hands, trying to protect him from something.
- Wha... What´s this?!? - Ricky said, confused
- It´s horrible, Ricky! - I said
- But, what are those blurry things on the sides? -
- I don´t know, but it seems like if the photo was toked to a great velocity... -
- To a great velocity, to Mr. Carl? - said Ricky temorized
- Also, in the photo Mr. Carl appears in the School´s hallway.... -
- The place where the School´s cleaner found him... dead. -
- This is strange and terrorizing, Ricky! - I said
- Obviously! -
I observed the brown pack. It was now extremely blurry.
- Ricky... let me see what´s in the pack... - I said, shaking
- Are you sure, Jerry? I don´t think that is a good idea... -
- Yeah, I have to see it -
When I touched the pack, I saw that the lights where shutting off.
- Jerry....- said Ricky, shaking
When I opened the pack, there seemed to be an Earthquake in the room. All the things began to fall to the floor.
Then all stopped.
There, in the pack, was another photo.
                                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 5 coming soon )

Photos ( Part 3 )

- Something about a photo... -
- A photo? -
- Yes... well, do you want to go to the Principal´s office? ( Well, it was.... ) his family is letting the students to enter.
- Yes, I think that it would be a good idea. -
- So, let´s go! -
When we arrived to the office, we saw many things in the floor.
- Wow, it seems that Mr. Carl didn´t cleaned this room... -
I was just to respond, when  I saw a brown pack in the floor. It was strange, because when I looked it it seemed to turn blurry...
- Jerry? - said Ricky
- Umm, sorry, what where you saying? -
- That we have to go - he answered
- Ok, let´s go -
But when I turned to see the brown pack, it was even more blurry.
- Ricky, what´s that? -
Ricky turned to see the brown pack.
- That pack? It doesn´t matters... -
- But, you don´t notice that it is blurry? -
Ricky observed the pack for a few seconds and then he said:
- Yes, I think so.... very weird, don´t you think? -
- Yes... -
- Let´s take it. - said Ricky
- Take it? But if it was of Mr. Carl? -
- Oh, come on, Jerry, it is just an old pack! -
- Well, ok... -
Ricky toked the brown pack, he hid it and we went out.
- I already know what happened, Jerry... so sorry... - said my mom when she saw me
- Don´t worry about it, mom... it´s ok -
Then I saw one of the polices giving something to another police while he was murmuring something. The other police toked that thing, but when he was about to keep it in his pocket, it felled down, and the police didn´t noticed.
I went there, I toked that thing and I realized that it was a photo.
But when I was about to see it, Ricky talked to me and I had to hide the photo in my pocket.
- What´s that thing, Jerry? -
- Nothing, Ricky... - I said, nervous
- Ok... would you like to go to my house? We will do the project there! -
- Have you talked to my mom? -
- Yes, and he said that is ok -
- Cool! Let´s go -
When I turned my head, I saw something that made me shake.
A man with old and dirty clothes, was looking at me, smiling.
But I entered in panic when I saw that he was carrying a camera with him.
                                                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 4 coming soon )

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photos ( Part 2 )

15 years later, Washington D.C., USA. November 19, 2010

- Ok, Ricky, Thanks! - I said through the telephone just in time my mom entered the room.
- With who where you talking? - she asked
- With Ricky, mom -
- Ricky? The boy that is in your Science´s project team? -
- Yes -
- So, he could bought the materials that you and him need? -
- Yes, finally. Hey mom, I think is very late... I will going to sleep, ok? Tomorrow I have a Math Exam -
- Ok, Jerry. Good night -
- Good night, mom -
I waked up early in the morning by my cellphone´s ringing. Someone was calling me.
- Hello? - I said, tired
- Jerry? - I heard Ricky´s voice.
- Ricky? What happens? -
- Jerry, you have to go to the School right now. Something bad happened... -
I got ready as fast as I could and immeditaly, my mom taked me to the school. When we arrived, we where really confused.
Students, the Police, the Ambulance, the paramedics, detectives and the Forensic Medical Service where all around the school.
- What happened, Jerry? -  my mom said
- I don´t know... -
I got out of the car and I saw Ricky going to me.
- Jerry! Finally you are here! -
- What happened, Ricky? -
- You don´t know? -
- Know what? -
- The principal is dead! -
I got shocked.
- What?!? -
- Yes, sadly that´s the true... The School´s cleaner says that, last night, when he was going to leave the school, he saw Mr. Carl walking through the Hallway. He went to the bathroom, and when he got out he didn´t saw Mr. Carl, so he thought that he leaved the School already. He went out and closed the School. -
- What happened next? -
- This morning, when he opened the School´s door, he received an horrible surprise. -
- What did he saw? - I asked, temerous
- What do you think he saw, Jerry? - said Ricky with a sarcastic and a sad face. Then he continued:
- He doesn´t want to talk about it. He said that he found Mr. Carl dead. -
- Anything else? -
- Only one more thing... -
- What? -
Ricky made a pause and said:
- Something about a photo... -
                                                                                                       Made by Je45rry
( Part 3 coming soon )

You decide: A Card - Jitsu Water Card!

Hello! Billybob has posted in his blog ( the Club Penguin community Blog ) a new You decide! In this You decide, Billybob tells us about the "You decide" when we voted for the Island Lifter 3000 card.  Now, he give us some of the future new actions of this card. Here is the image:

Here is something of what he said:
The card you picked will be out soon in the new Card-Jitsu Water trading card set. If you have the set already, you'll be able to redeem the codes on November 25.
That´s why to Loulou11207 and many other penguins appeared "You will be able to redeem the code on November 25. Please come back then" when they tried to use the code that they got when they bought a Card - Jitsu Water Card Pack! What do you think about this images? Send a comment with your opinion!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Photos ( Part 1 )

Hello everybody and welcome to this new story named "Photos"! This story is inspired by a dream I have a couple of days ago. This story is a suspense and terror story. I assure you that you will really like it! I wrote ( created ) this story, so DON´T COPY! If you copy, I will know! Enjoy!


Indianapolis, USA. November 19, 1995

Mr. Charlie was walking down the street, going to the subway. He was late, and the last thing he wanted was to receive another report from his job. When he arrived to the subway´s station, he saw a shadow in the wall, but he completely forgot  it when the subway arrived to the station. He entered the subway, and it began its way.
When it was just half of the way, Mr. Charlie noticed that the subway´s lights where shutting down.
- Weird... - he thought
But when he saw his cellphone, he noticed that it was also failing.
- What happ...? -
In that moment, the subway turned off. It immediately stopped, and because it was to a big velocity, all the passengers felled to the floor. But Mr. Charlie felt down with so intensity that he became unconscious.
Ambulances soon arrived to the station that was nearer to the subway, and the paramedics started to help the people. All the paramedics where confused because, rarely, Mr. Charlie seemed to be the only person that suffered an injury. They soon taked him to the hospital, and, in the way, he waked up.
- You don´t have to worry about anything, Mr. Charlie. You will be ok really soon - said Dr. Dan.
- Yeah, I think you are right... - said Mr. Charlie
- I am happy to hear you say that. Now, I have to attend other person. I will be back in an hour. Goodbye -
Dr. Dan leaved the room, and Mr. Charlie became alone.
Or that was what he thought.
He noticed that the water on his glass began shaking. Then, he saw that the lights where shutting down, just like in the subway. Then he saw that the door was opening.
- Who´s there? - he asked, shaking
A man completely white, like if it was frozen, with black, old and dirty clothes, entered the room. But he had something else.
A camera.
- Who... who are you?!? - asked Mr. Charlie terrorized.
The man didn´t respond. Instead, it looked Mr. Charlie with an horrible face, and then he said:
- Smile to the camera -
And he pressed the button.
An horrible scream was heared on all the hospital. Dr. Dan was the first to react.
- Dr. Susan, come with me! - said Dr. Dan
They run through the stairs as fast as they could
- It seemed to come from Mr. Charlie´s room! - Dr. Dan said
When they arrived to Mr. Charlie´s room, the door couldn´t open.
- It is locked! -
Dr. Dan began searching in his keys.
- Mr. Charlie! Are you okay? Mr. Charlie! - Dr. Susan shouted
- Here is the key! - Dr. Dan said
But when they opened the door, they couldn´t believe what they where seeing.
Dr. Susan screamed, full of horror.
There, in the bed, Mr. Charlie was dead, with the face completely disfigured. But with another horrible detail.
He seemed to be smiling.
- What happened here, Dr. Dan?!? - Dr. Susan said with panic.
Dr. Dan didn´t respond.
Then, Dr. Susan said, shaking:
- Dr. Dan.... -
She was pointing with her hand to something that was lying in the floor near Mr. Charlie.
Dr. Dan began walking to it, slowly. When he finally was there, he tooked it from the floor.
- What is it? - Dr. Susan said
- A photo - said Dr. Dan, now shaking
- Let me see -
When Dr. Susan saw the photo, she couldn´t move.
The photo had blurry things at the sides. But that wasn´t what caused Mr. Dan and Mr. Susan panic.
In the center of the photo was Mr. Charlie, screaming, like if he was trying to protect himself from something.
                                                                                                                      Made by Je45rry
( Part 2 coming soon )

Planet Y at Stage, New Neswpaper and Announcement!

Hello penguins! Guess what? The very famous play "Space Adventure, Planet Y", after many months, is back! Yes! Now, let´s go to the Stage to see it! There you can find several things: a spaceship, a cleaning - robot, a living room, etc.! Here you can have so much fun by clicking the Switchbox 3000.

Also, have you seen the new newspaper? It is so large! I think that I prefer the old design.... this is kinda confusing, don´t you think? Well, in this new edition ( #266 ) Club Penguin talks about the really soon arrivement of Card - Jitsu Water! This are the upcoming events:

- Starting now: New Postcards!
- From now to November 25: Water Dojo construction!
- Starting from November 25: Card - Jitsu Water!
- From November 16 - 24: Water Scavenger Hunt

Awesome, right? In other things, I have an announcement to make. As you may seen in my last post, the story "Numbers" have finished. As you may have understand, this story talks about two boys that tries to save their planet for a possible destruction by some numbers that appeared in many parts. In their way, their enemies attack them several times, trying to stop them. At the end, they understand that those people that where attacking them ( with the purpose of move forward their inventions) where from other planet, and that the name of those strange people where "Humans". ( So those stranage men where the humans )
This story shows our persistence on trying and trying to move forward our inventions, but we have to take care of ourselves. In real life, this means that we don´t have to abuse of our resources, like nature. Thanks for all that read my story! ( If you want to read it again complete I have made a new page named " CPI Library" )

I am working on a new story. This time it is going to be a suspense and terror story, and it will be named "Photos". Maybe you are thinking, why "photos"? Well, you will know it reall soon... See you later!

Numbers ( Final Part! )

- 7.15 -
- What?!? - I said with panic - 7.15?!? -
- Yeah! If 7.36 means an hour, we don´t have time to loose, we have to do something! -
In that moment, we saw something weird. The plane´s windows began shaking slowly.
Jasper saw me confused. Then he said to me:
- What´s happening, Jerry? -
The windows where shaking each time more intensive. Then we felt something even more weird in our feet. Like if the ground was moving.
- What´s that!?... -
Jasper couldn´t finish. Something strong seemed to push us apart. All the people that where there felled to the floor like Jasper and I.
- Earthquake!!! - I heard that someone screamed.
Then the movement stopped. Everything seemed normal again. Well, except for Jasper and I.
- We have to do something now, Jasper. It´s obvious that they are planning to do something bad! - Jasper said
- What we have to do? - I answered him
- Let´s go to search unusual things in the city, ok? -
- Ok, but we have to hurry -
We immediately called for a Taxi. Then we began to search in the city. We where just to give up when I saw something at one of  Madrid´s plazas.
- Stop! - I said to the taxi driver - stop here! -
He stopped at the plaza. It seemed old and abandoned.
- Why do you want to stop here? It´s just an old and lonely plaza. - Jasper said to me
When I saw the fountain that was there, I said to Jasper:
- I don´t think so -
- What are you talking about? -
- Just see -
It was 7.35 P.M. Only one minute was left.
- They are not from this city - I said
28, 27, 26, 25,...
- They are not from this country... -
24, 23, 22, 21...    
- They are not from this nation... -
20, 19, 18, 17...
- They are not from this continent... -
16, 15, 14, 13...
- They are not from this planet... -
12, 11, 10, 9...
- They are not from this galaxy... -
8, 7, 6, 5...
- They are not from this world -
- What are you talking about, Jerry?!? I don´t understand anything! -
4, 3 ...
I turned my head to Jasper and I said:
- Just see -           
2, 1...
Just in that moment, the fountain exploded, like if it was releasing a light that I had never seen. Then, we saw all those black men being absorbed to that light. It was something horrible and loudly. But the light began to disappear and then all stopped.
All became silent.
- What happened?!? - Jasper said - what are you talking about, Jerry? Please tell me! -
- Jasper, I also didn´t know who where those men and where they came from, until I saw that fountain -
- What? -
- When I was kid, my dad told me that we where not alone in this universe. He told me that there lived other things, and that they discovered us. -
- How? - Jasper said, even more confused
- They realized experiments. They created their own spaceships. When they finally organized an expedition that would be out of their galaxy, they founded our planet. The notice was spread in both planets, in both worlds. They soon reclaimed our help so they could go forward in their inventions. - I made a pause - We agreed allowing them to visit our planet each time that they want to know more about our technology. -
- What happened? - Jasper asked me
- Our advanced experiments soon transtorned them, making them aggressive. They began to attack us -
- What?!? -
- Our government soon decided to stop those permissions that we gave them. We established that their visits would stop forever on any day, at 7.36 P.M. -
- So that made you remember, right? But what about the fountain? -
- The first portal we created for them was here, at this plaza, in this fountain -
- I understand, so, the day when they had to stop "visiting" us forever was today? -
- Yes -
- Ok, well, I am glad that all this has finished -
- Yes, me too - I said to Jasper with a smile
- Only one more question, Jerry -
- What? - I said
- What´s the name of those people? -
I taked a breath and said to Jasper:
- Humans -
This story was written by Je45rry. So, don´t copy!                            19 - 11 - 10

I met sensei?!?!!?

Hi, guys! Guess what? I met sensei! But the thing is that I DIDN´T KNOW that I met him! Today I was going to see my stamps and when I opened my Stampbook I saw this!:

Yeah! I can´t believe it! This means that:
- Or I met sensei without knowing,
- Or Club Penguin has another bug!

What do you think? Well, the good think is that I now have one stamp more! lol Comment and see you later!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Card - Jitsu Water Party!

 Hello penguins! Guess what? Club Penguin has released a Card - Jitsu Water party! Now, on all the island you can see plastic tubes that led you to the Ninja Hideout. Maybe you are thinking, why tubes? Well, the new Card - Jitsu Water Dojo is in construction, and you can help! Also, at the Snow Forts you can find a Free Item! If you want to see the new dojo in construction, go to the Ninja - Hideout and enter the cave. NOTE: Only members can enter this special room. That´s why I don´t have images for that :( Well, this is a list of the places I recommend you to visit during this party:

* The new Card - Jitsu Water dojo
* The Plaza
* The Dojo Courtyard
* The Ninja Hideout
* The Mine
* The Pool
* The Boiler Room
* The Snow Forts

Also, with this party a special Water Hunt has been created. This are the places where you can find the items: ( they are in order )

1.- The Stadium
2.-  Coffee Shop
3.- Pet Shop
4.- Cove
5.- Book Room
6.- Dance Lounge
7.- Beach
8.- Dojo Courtyard

The Prize is a Free Tank Background! Do you like this party? Remember, Card - Jitsu Water starts November 25! See you later!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Card - Jitsu Water video update!

Hi penguins! Guess what? The Card - Jitsu Video has been updated! Now, the video is more large, it has a narrator and it gives the exact date and place of where the new dojo will be. Here it is:

Awesome, right? There says that the Waterfall will be the place for Card - Jitsu Water, just like many penguins where thinking! Also, it says that it will begin in November 25, just as Loulou11207 and Flipper14354 said! Thanks Club Penguin for giving us this video!

Also, I have taked a photo of the video, where it shows a little part of the future new dojo and the new Sensei´s Card - Jitsu Water costume. ( Click image to enlarge ) Really cool, right? Send a comment with your opinion! See you later!

Card - Jitsu Water coming soon!

Hello! Billybob has just posted in his blog something about Card - Jitsu Water. Here is what he said:

It's true! Card-Jitsu Water is coming very soon! I hope you're ready.
Remember - only ninjas can play Card-Jitsu Water, so earn your Ninja Mask as soon as you can.
Ninjas, keep a look out for Sensei. He might be in the Ninja Hideout looking for new recruits this week.

WOW! Sensei will be at the Ninja Hideout?!? Cool! Hope I will meet him soon, I have never met him before. Also, in the Image he gave us appears the Waterfall, maybe there will be the new dojo! I can´t wait for Card - Jitsu Water! Loulou11207 posted in his blog something very relevant about Card - Jitsu Water: it will begin in November 25! Please visit his blog at: www.penguinclubhints.blogspot.com Thanks Loulou11207! What do you think about all this? Send a comment with your opinion and see you later!

Numbers ( Part 15 )

 - Now, to Madrid! - I said
It took like 1 hour more to arrive to Madrid´s Central Airport. When we arrived, Jasper shouted of happiness:
- We did it, Jerry! We are finally here! -
When we got out of the plane, Jasper seemed a little disappointed.
- What happens, Jasper? - I asked him
- Jerry, we are finally here, but, what do we have to do here? -
-Umm, sincerely, I don´t know... - I said, embarrassed
- So, what´s next? -
- Maybe we have to search in the city and see if we found something out of the normal... -
- Ok -
But then, I remembered all the numbers that appeared before in my notebook, in the clock, in the school...
- Or maybe, the numbers that have appeared before can help us... -
- Yes, Jerry, maybe you are right! -
- What where the numbers? -
- 18 - 09 - 10,  7.36, and 40, 26, 3, 41 -
- Well, the first sequence of numbers ( 18 - 09 - 10 ) meant the day when I saw by the first time those numbers... the numbers 40, 26, 3 and 41 where the geographical coordinates... -
- So the numbers that are left are... -
- 7.36 -
- But, what can mean those numbers? -
- Maybe an hour... - Jasper said
- Maybe... what time is it? -
Jasper was about to say me the time, when he couldn´t talk.
- What´s wrong, Jasper? - I asked him, worried
Jasper turned his head to me and said:
- 7.15 -
                                                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 16 coming soon )                                                                 

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Newspaper and Rain in CP!

Hello penguins! Sorry about not posting, I was really busy with school. This week, many things have happened in the CP Island, like the first rain ever in the Island, the new newspaper, new field - op,the new Igloo furniture catalog and the new Igloo catalog.I will only post about the newspaper and the rain, because if I post about everything it would be too large and I would get tired. Let´s start with the new newspaper:

In this edition, Club Penguin talks about the rain that hasn´t stopped! G is really confused, amazed and happy of this awesome event, the first rain ever in the CP Island! Also, it talks about a new design in the Newspaper! Now, beginning next week, the Newspapers will be launched in Friday ( this means on Thursday night ) These are the upcoming events:
- November 12: New Igloos and New Furniture Catalog
- November 19: New Play at Stage and new Penguin Mail
- November 26: New Stamps

For the first time, in the Club Penguin Island is raining by cause of the storm. This may be the beginning of Card - Jitsu Water, but, in what way Card - Jitsu Water will appear? Maybe a flood, or something else... If you go to the Ninja Hideout you will get another surprise...Many things in real world also confirm the really soon arrivement of Card - Jitsu Water.
Also, I received an e-mail from Flipper14354 in a form of thank-you by helping him in his blog. It was a hea der! I really like the header, it is very nice and with my favorite colors! But when I tried to put it in the blog, it appeared in the left side... so I am trying to get a form to put it in the Center and use it when a special event is hapenning. Thanks Flipper14354 and see you later!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Card - Jitsu Water Sneak Peek video!

Guess what? Billybob sent Mama Bear ( a Ckub Penguin Club House Blog´s author ) a sneak peek video of Card Jitsu Water! Thanks so much to the Club Penguin Club House Blog for posting this!

Really awesome, don´t you think?!? In the first part of the video you can see the waterfall, the Mountains and a type of rock... then it starts to RAIN!!! This means that, for the first time ever, in the Club Penguin Island will rain! But, the question is, when? I can´t wait to see how Card - Jitsu Water will be! See you later!

EPF Update!

Hello penguins! Sorry about not posting in the last days, I was very busy. Billybob has posted something in his Blog respect the new Class: the Comm one! This is a NEW class that is full of new cool gear that creates and awesome movement when you have them all. This is what Billybob said:

Elite Agents - today I've got an update for you.
This week, a new EPF 'class' is being launched. What's a class? It's a special kind of job that an agent can unlock. Remember - you can trade in badges for Elite Gear in your phone. 
The Tactical Class was introduced in August, and the new one is called the Comm Class.
The team has some big plans for these classes. The details are top secret, but I will say there's a LOT of important events coming up. Including hints to the location of a certain polar bear... 
So what do you think is in store? Let us know in the comments, and keep watch for anything unusual.

The location of a certain polar bear? Herbert? So this means that we will soon locate Herbert? Awesome! Thanks and see you later!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Numbers ( Part 14 )

What I saw was horrible.
There, just in front of me, was a black dog. But it wasn´t a normal dog, because his eyes where completely black and it had giant theet. When I turned to see Jasper that seemed to be "pasted" in the wall of the plane, in the Camera was one of those black men pushing him with his hand against the wall.
- Leave us alone! - I screamed
Immediately, the dog barked showed his big theet and saw me, furious.
- Jerry! Help me! - Jasper shouted to me, frightened
Suddenly, all those men saw me at the same time. Then, one of them smiled to me. I was terrorized, feeling trapped. Feeling indefense.
- What do you want from us?!? Leave us alone! - I repeated, screaming
All the people in the plane seemed so confused, looking at me like if I was crazy, because, to them, I was screaming to the air. Then, the men that smiled to me, answered:
- If you want... - he said with an horrible smile.
I felt a sensation of panic so big. Immediately, every single of those men disappeared. But something was wrong, out of place.
- They just disappeared? - I asked, shaking - that simple? -
Suddenly, something pushed the plane. Something big, and then all of the passengers felt the same thing.
- We are falling down! - I screamed
Immediately, Jasper and I ran to the front of the plane, to the pilot cabin. But the he wasn´t there.
- The pilot has disappeared!! - Jasper said, horrorized
- Calm down! I think I can fly this thing - I said
I sat down in the chair, and started to think.
- Hmm, move this thing up to fly down, move this thing down to fly up! - I remembered
- Quickly, Jerry! We are falling down to the ocean, don´t you remember!?! -
- OK! -
Then, I started to pilot. Immediately, the plane straightened.
- It worked, Jasper! - I said, full of happiness
- You saved us, Jerry! -
- Now, to Madrid! - I said
                                                                                                        Made by Je45rry
( Pat 15 coming soon )

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mystery Week! ( Day 5 )

Sorry for not posting day 3 and 4, I was very busy.

                                                                                The Silence Zone
The Silence Zone is located in the North of Mexico, in a desert. It is a very strange place. It has almost the same characteristics as the Bermuda Triangle. The Silence Zone has also many reports of strange things happening around. But, why is it named the Silence Zone? Here is the answer:
When you enter the Silence Zone, all your electronic artifacts like watches, cellphones and cars turn off. The radio shuts down and there´s no signal. When you try to turn on something it doesn't works. The Silence Zone is the place with more heat than in other place on Earth. Many think that this is the reason of the strange animals that live there. Orange rabbits, blue cactus and many other unusual animals have been founded there. Also many reports of little meteorites have been given, because it has a special amount of magnetism and gravity.
Other reports of UFO ( Unknown Flying Object ) have caused that many people think that the Silence Zone can be a paranormal place. Many scientists think that, with its characteristics, it would be a great place to form a Laboratory and a Nuclear Plant. It is located at parallel 27, one of the most mysterious parallels in all the planet. Scientists are investigating to reveal the reasons of all the strange things that happen there, but meantime it will be a Mystery.
And you, any mysterious thing that you want to share in the Blog? If yes, please send it to my penguin e-mail ( je45rry@hotmail.com ) Thanks and see you later!

New Clothing Catalog!

Hello penguins! Club Penguin has released the New Catalog. These are the secrets!

gif animation creator

Click on the selected tree to get the Brown Teal Cap for $300 and the Green Vest for $450. In this page you can find the Puffle Raincoat, a really cool new item and an Umbrella.

gif animation creator

Click the Pink penguin´s beak to get the Blue Designer Scarf for $150. In this page you can find another raincoat and another Umbrella.

gif animation creator

Click in the Purple penguin´s beak to get the Pink Designer Scarf for $150. Well, that are the new pages in the Clothing Catalog. Did you noticed that many of the new Items where related with Rain? The Raincoats, the Umbrellas... Storm = Rain = Water = Card - Jitsu Water!!! I think that Card - Jitsu Water will be here very soon! See you later!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Newspaper #264!

 Hello penguins! Yesterday Club Penguin released the #264 edition of the Newspaper. In this edition, Club Penguin talks about the Sorm. If you didn´t know, the storm is still in the Island even when the Halloween Party has finished, just as Gary predicted some weeks ago! Gary also tell us that never rained before in Club Penguin, so if it does it would be the first time ever in the Island. And this also give us some ideas, because if it never rained in Club Penguin before, we can´t know what a Rain can cause in the Island! Many proofs of Card - Jitsu Water have been given already, and my suggestion is the Next one: If it rains, something in the Island can flood. Sensei would approach that opportunity and he could create Card - Jitsu Water! Here are the upcoming events:
- November 11: Igloo Catalog and New Igloo Items.
- November 19: Newspaper Announcement  and New Play at Stage!
Thanks and see you later!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mystery Week ( Day 2 )

                                                                        The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean, at the East of U.S.A. Its sides are composed from Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. This is one of the Most weird places on Earth, but more than Weird, terrific and mysterious... In this place many reports have been given of unknown disappearances of Planes and Boats.
Rosalie: Disappeared in 1840. No one aboard.
Mary Celeste: Disappeared in 1972. 10 persons disappeared, no one aboard.
Atlanta: Disappeared in November of 1880. 290 persons disappeared, no one aboard.
Freya: Disappeared in October 4,1902. No one aboard.
Cyclops: Disappeared in March 4, 1918. 309 persons disappeared, no one aboard.
Raifuku Maru: Disappeared in 1942. No one aboard.
Cotopaxi: Disappeared in 1925.
Stavenger: Disappeared in 1931. 43 persons disappeared.
John and Mary: Disappeared in April of 1932. No one aboard.
Anglo - Australian: Disappeared in March of 1938. 39 persons disappeared.
Gloria Colite: Disappeared in February of 1940. No one aboard.
Rubicon: Disappeared in October 22, 1944. No one aboard, only a dog.
Sandra: Disappeared in June of 1950. No one aboard.
Connemara IV: Disappeared in September of 1955. No one aboard.
Marine Sulphur Queen: Disappeared in February 4, 1963.
Sno´ Boy: Disappeared in July 1, 1963. 40 persons disappeared.
Witchcraft: Disappeared in December 24, 1967. 2 persons disappeared.
Anita: Disappeared in March of 1967. 32 persons disappeared.
Milton Iatrides: Disappeared in April of 1973.
Super Constellatión: Disappeared in October 30, 1945. 42 persons disappeared.
Martin Mariner: Disappeared in December 5, 1945. 13 persons disappeared.
A C-54 Plane: Disappeared in 1947. All its persons that where aboard disappeared.
A TUDOR IV Plane: Disappeared in  January 29. 34 persons disappeared.
A DC - 3 Plane: Disappeared in December 28 of 1948. 32 persons disappeared.
Other TUDOR IV Plane: Disappeared in January 17 of 1949.
A GLOBEMASTER Plane: Disappeared in March of 1950.
YORK: Disappeared in February 2 of 1952. More than 33 persons disappeared.
 Martin P-5M: Disappeared in November 9 of 1956. 10 persons disappeared.
CHASE: YC-122: Disappeared in January 11 of 1957. 4 persons disappeared.
A KB-50 Plane: Disappeared in January 8, 1962. 
The STRATOTANKERS KC-135: They disappeared in August 28, 1963.
CARGOMASTER C-132: Disappeared in 22, 1963.
FLYNG BOXCAR C-119: Disappeared in June 5, 1965. 10 persons disappeared.
Many boats and planes disappeared, don´t you think? I would also have to mention that many of the Boats that are in the list where founded in perfect order, just with nobody aboard. No one knows the exact causes of all the disappearances but many think it´s something paranormal, or just a big amount of magnetism. Send a comment with your opinion. See you later! 

Field - Op #21!

Hello Penguins! Yesterday Club Penguin released the Field - Op #21. Let´s go the E.P.F. Headquarters and see what G wants to tell us:

Red alert! Our new defenses have detected an advanced computer bug. We´re under attack!
Work together to find the infected EPF computer, and fix it. You must hurry!

 Hmmm, and advanced computer bug??? That´s really interesting... well, we have to find that computer! But, where it can be? Hmm, let´s try to go to that computer with a bunch of penguins... Yes, there it is! Oh, hi, Sevalbar!

This Field - Op is NEW, but it is a very difficult... it toke me like 5 tries until I completed it! You have to guide that bot to the red circles.

Congratulations, now you have earned a new E.P.F. Medal! See you later!

New in November!

Hello penguins! Yesterday Billybob posted in his blog some sneak peeks about what´s coming new in November. Here is what he said:

November has some big events. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming up:
  • Ninjas - if you don't have your Ninja Mask yet, now would be a good time to earn it...
  • Elite Agents - new top secret spy gear is in the works. More updates coming next week.
  • Club Penguin Times - the newspaper is getting a new look! The brand new newspaper launches soon - check back for detailsSo what are you most excited for this month? 
 Wow! My suggestions are the next ones: for Ninjas, I think that the Card - Jitsu water is coming this Month!!! For elite agents: That Image that Billybob led us seems to be a part of some metallic googles... And the Club Penguin Times, wow!!! I don´t have any suggestion for this, but I think that it will be Awesome! What do you think about all this? Let us know in the comments. See you later!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mystery week! ( Day 1 )

Hello penguins! Maybe you remember the last "special week" I made. Well, that was the only one because I was very busy. But now that I can, I a organizing the Mystery Week from today ( November 2 ) to November 8! ( Yes, I know that I would have made this week in October, but I couldn´t, but anyway, November is also a mysterious month ) I will be posting things and events that have been changing the human´s mind through time and their form to see the World of different parts of the world. The next event is from Mexico. The event of today is:
                                                                 The Legend of la Llorona
All began in the Colonial period. Mexico´s capital, the Federal District, was a nice place. All their habitants lived well, and happy. But that couldn´t stay forever....
There are many versions of this legend, but the next one is the most credible:
Once upon a time lived a really beautiful woman, named Marisa. Many where the man that went to his house to see her all the day, all days. But, all nights, she went out to see a man. This man was rich and good with others, and he felled in love when he saw Marisa for the first time, and Marisa also with him.
One day, no one founded Marisa in his house. All the people searched her in all the City, but no one found anything. According to the Legend, she went to another place to live with that men, now married. They had three children. All of them lived happy, until one day all changed.
The men went sick of a strange virus. Marisa couldn´t do anything, and in a couple of days her husband died, leaving her alone with his three children, poor and sad. One day, she taked them in a boat, saying that they will go to a ride to the River. But when they arrived, Marisa pulled them to the water, and they died drowned. She, repenting of what he had done, went to the City, screaming and crying in the streets, plazas and everywhere. When the people noticed what she made, they sentenced to death. And she died.
But, since that night, people started to hear a woman screaming in the Streets: ¡¡¡AHHH MY CHILDREN!!!
This scream could be here in every house of the city, terrorizing all the people. This happened every night. When the people heard the Church´s bells, all of them ran to their houses, closing their doors and windows to pray. But one night, no one heard the screamings, and since that night, no one have heard Marisa, searching her children.

What do you think about this legend? Send a comment with your opinion! Do you have any scary testimonial that you would want to tell us, or any scaring story? If you do, send it to my penguin e-mail: je45rry@hotmail.com See you later!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My C.P.I. Halloween Assignment results!

Hello Penguins! Remember the C.P.I. Halloween Assingment? Well, I have my results! Here they are:

                                                      2010 Halloween Costume Stats

Zombie:                 I I I I I I I I I I ( 10 )
Devil:                     I I I I I I I I ( 8 )
Witch:                    I I I I I I I I I
Princess:                I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ( 21 )
Housewife:            I I ( 2 )
Killer:                    I I I I I I ( 6 )
Sportsman:            I I ( 2 )
Dancer:                 I ( 1 )
Skeleton:               I I I I I ( 5 )
Superhero:            I I I I I I I I I I ( 10 )
Pirates:                  I I I I ( 4 )
Angels:                  I I ( 2 )
Clown:                  I I I ( 3 )
Ghost:                   I I I I I I I I I I I I I ( 13 )
Vampire:               I I I I I ( 5 )
Fairy:                    I I I I I ( 5 )
Pumpkin:              I I I I I I I I ( 8 )
Extern Countries:  I I I I I I ( 6 )

Total of Kids counted: 111 Kids

                                                                         Top 5 Costumes!
First Place: Princess
Second Place: Ghost
Third Places: Zombie and Superhero
Fourth Place: Witch
Fifth Places: Devil and Pumpkin

So, with these information, we can say that the most used and liked costume of the kids in my sector is the Princess Costume! NOTE: I only counted the costumes of the kids I saw in my sector.

And, do you do this C.P.I. Assignment? If yes, send me your results to my Penguin e-mail: je45rry@hotmail.com Thanks and see you later!