Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Field - Op #21!

Hello Penguins! Yesterday Club Penguin released the Field - Op #21. Let´s go the E.P.F. Headquarters and see what G wants to tell us:

Red alert! Our new defenses have detected an advanced computer bug. We´re under attack!
Work together to find the infected EPF computer, and fix it. You must hurry!

 Hmmm, and advanced computer bug??? That´s really interesting... well, we have to find that computer! But, where it can be? Hmm, let´s try to go to that computer with a bunch of penguins... Yes, there it is! Oh, hi, Sevalbar!

This Field - Op is NEW, but it is a very difficult... it toke me like 5 tries until I completed it! You have to guide that bot to the red circles.

Congratulations, now you have earned a new E.P.F. Medal! See you later!

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