Monday, November 15, 2010

Card - Jitsu Water coming soon!

Hello! Billybob has just posted in his blog something about Card - Jitsu Water. Here is what he said:

It's true! Card-Jitsu Water is coming very soon! I hope you're ready.
Remember - only ninjas can play Card-Jitsu Water, so earn your Ninja Mask as soon as you can.
Ninjas, keep a look out for Sensei. He might be in the Ninja Hideout looking for new recruits this week.

WOW! Sensei will be at the Ninja Hideout?!? Cool! Hope I will meet him soon, I have never met him before. Also, in the Image he gave us appears the Waterfall, maybe there will be the new dojo! I can´t wait for Card - Jitsu Water! Loulou11207 posted in his blog something very relevant about Card - Jitsu Water: it will begin in November 25! Please visit his blog at: Thanks Loulou11207! What do you think about all this? Send a comment with your opinion and see you later!

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