Friday, November 12, 2010

New Newspaper and Rain in CP!

Hello penguins! Sorry about not posting, I was really busy with school. This week, many things have happened in the CP Island, like the first rain ever in the Island, the new newspaper, new field - op,the new Igloo furniture catalog and the new Igloo catalog.I will only post about the newspaper and the rain, because if I post about everything it would be too large and I would get tired. Let´s start with the new newspaper:

In this edition, Club Penguin talks about the rain that hasn´t stopped! G is really confused, amazed and happy of this awesome event, the first rain ever in the CP Island! Also, it talks about a new design in the Newspaper! Now, beginning next week, the Newspapers will be launched in Friday ( this means on Thursday night ) These are the upcoming events:
- November 12: New Igloos and New Furniture Catalog
- November 19: New Play at Stage and new Penguin Mail
- November 26: New Stamps

For the first time, in the Club Penguin Island is raining by cause of the storm. This may be the beginning of Card - Jitsu Water, but, in what way Card - Jitsu Water will appear? Maybe a flood, or something else... If you go to the Ninja Hideout you will get another surprise...Many things in real world also confirm the really soon arrivement of Card - Jitsu Water.
Also, I received an e-mail from Flipper14354 in a form of thank-you by helping him in his blog. It was a hea der! I really like the header, it is very nice and with my favorite colors! But when I tried to put it in the blog, it appeared in the left side... so I am trying to get a form to put it in the Center and use it when a special event is hapenning. Thanks Flipper14354 and see you later!


  1. Hi Je45rry,

    Your blog is great! If you add me to your blogroll I will add you!

  2. Hi je45rry! Sorry for waiting for me at serevr ice box, but my house was without energy during that!

  3. @Africa223: First can we meet in CP? You say the time and the server!

  4. Hi Je45rry,

    Ok I'll meet you now! The server is Husky and the room is the town! Come quick! I only am online for 10 mins!

  5. Sorry, Africa223! I wasn´t at the computer when you sent me the comment... if I am at Club Penguin later, I will send you a comment to your blog!