Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Card - Jitsu Water Party!

 Hello penguins! Guess what? Club Penguin has released a Card - Jitsu Water party! Now, on all the island you can see plastic tubes that led you to the Ninja Hideout. Maybe you are thinking, why tubes? Well, the new Card - Jitsu Water Dojo is in construction, and you can help! Also, at the Snow Forts you can find a Free Item! If you want to see the new dojo in construction, go to the Ninja - Hideout and enter the cave. NOTE: Only members can enter this special room. That´s why I don´t have images for that :( Well, this is a list of the places I recommend you to visit during this party:

* The new Card - Jitsu Water dojo
* The Plaza
* The Dojo Courtyard
* The Ninja Hideout
* The Mine
* The Pool
* The Boiler Room
* The Snow Forts

Also, with this party a special Water Hunt has been created. This are the places where you can find the items: ( they are in order )

1.- The Stadium
2.-  Coffee Shop
3.- Pet Shop
4.- Cove
5.- Book Room
6.- Dance Lounge
7.- Beach
8.- Dojo Courtyard

The Prize is a Free Tank Background! Do you like this party? Remember, Card - Jitsu Water starts November 25! See you later!

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