Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mystery Week ( Day 2 )

                                                                        The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean, at the East of U.S.A. Its sides are composed from Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. This is one of the Most weird places on Earth, but more than Weird, terrific and mysterious... In this place many reports have been given of unknown disappearances of Planes and Boats.
Rosalie: Disappeared in 1840. No one aboard.
Mary Celeste: Disappeared in 1972. 10 persons disappeared, no one aboard.
Atlanta: Disappeared in November of 1880. 290 persons disappeared, no one aboard.
Freya: Disappeared in October 4,1902. No one aboard.
Cyclops: Disappeared in March 4, 1918. 309 persons disappeared, no one aboard.
Raifuku Maru: Disappeared in 1942. No one aboard.
Cotopaxi: Disappeared in 1925.
Stavenger: Disappeared in 1931. 43 persons disappeared.
John and Mary: Disappeared in April of 1932. No one aboard.
Anglo - Australian: Disappeared in March of 1938. 39 persons disappeared.
Gloria Colite: Disappeared in February of 1940. No one aboard.
Rubicon: Disappeared in October 22, 1944. No one aboard, only a dog.
Sandra: Disappeared in June of 1950. No one aboard.
Connemara IV: Disappeared in September of 1955. No one aboard.
Marine Sulphur Queen: Disappeared in February 4, 1963.
Sno´ Boy: Disappeared in July 1, 1963. 40 persons disappeared.
Witchcraft: Disappeared in December 24, 1967. 2 persons disappeared.
Anita: Disappeared in March of 1967. 32 persons disappeared.
Milton Iatrides: Disappeared in April of 1973.
Super Constellatión: Disappeared in October 30, 1945. 42 persons disappeared.
Martin Mariner: Disappeared in December 5, 1945. 13 persons disappeared.
A C-54 Plane: Disappeared in 1947. All its persons that where aboard disappeared.
A TUDOR IV Plane: Disappeared in  January 29. 34 persons disappeared.
A DC - 3 Plane: Disappeared in December 28 of 1948. 32 persons disappeared.
Other TUDOR IV Plane: Disappeared in January 17 of 1949.
A GLOBEMASTER Plane: Disappeared in March of 1950.
YORK: Disappeared in February 2 of 1952. More than 33 persons disappeared.
 Martin P-5M: Disappeared in November 9 of 1956. 10 persons disappeared.
CHASE: YC-122: Disappeared in January 11 of 1957. 4 persons disappeared.
A KB-50 Plane: Disappeared in January 8, 1962. 
The STRATOTANKERS KC-135: They disappeared in August 28, 1963.
CARGOMASTER C-132: Disappeared in 22, 1963.
FLYNG BOXCAR C-119: Disappeared in June 5, 1965. 10 persons disappeared.
Many boats and planes disappeared, don´t you think? I would also have to mention that many of the Boats that are in the list where founded in perfect order, just with nobody aboard. No one knows the exact causes of all the disappearances but many think it´s something paranormal, or just a big amount of magnetism. Send a comment with your opinion. See you later! 

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