Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photos ( Part 3 )

- Something about a photo... -
- A photo? -
- Yes... well, do you want to go to the Principal´s office? ( Well, it was.... ) his family is letting the students to enter.
- Yes, I think that it would be a good idea. -
- So, let´s go! -
When we arrived to the office, we saw many things in the floor.
- Wow, it seems that Mr. Carl didn´t cleaned this room... -
I was just to respond, when  I saw a brown pack in the floor. It was strange, because when I looked it it seemed to turn blurry...
- Jerry? - said Ricky
- Umm, sorry, what where you saying? -
- That we have to go - he answered
- Ok, let´s go -
But when I turned to see the brown pack, it was even more blurry.
- Ricky, what´s that? -
Ricky turned to see the brown pack.
- That pack? It doesn´t matters... -
- But, you don´t notice that it is blurry? -
Ricky observed the pack for a few seconds and then he said:
- Yes, I think so.... very weird, don´t you think? -
- Yes... -
- Let´s take it. - said Ricky
- Take it? But if it was of Mr. Carl? -
- Oh, come on, Jerry, it is just an old pack! -
- Well, ok... -
Ricky toked the brown pack, he hid it and we went out.
- I already know what happened, Jerry... so sorry... - said my mom when she saw me
- Don´t worry about it, mom... it´s ok -
Then I saw one of the polices giving something to another police while he was murmuring something. The other police toked that thing, but when he was about to keep it in his pocket, it felled down, and the police didn´t noticed.
I went there, I toked that thing and I realized that it was a photo.
But when I was about to see it, Ricky talked to me and I had to hide the photo in my pocket.
- What´s that thing, Jerry? -
- Nothing, Ricky... - I said, nervous
- Ok... would you like to go to my house? We will do the project there! -
- Have you talked to my mom? -
- Yes, and he said that is ok -
- Cool! Let´s go -
When I turned my head, I saw something that made me shake.
A man with old and dirty clothes, was looking at me, smiling.
But I entered in panic when I saw that he was carrying a camera with him.
                                                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 4 coming soon )


  1. Hey Jerry! Just to tell you, your Catalog's page needs to be updated! Especially the Newspaper one!

    Also I like your Photos Part # . They are Nice!