Sunday, November 4, 2012

+ Information: Operation Blackout!

Hello everyone! As you may know, there is going to be a new event in Club Penguin very soon, named "Operation Blackout" ( I call it OP for short ), and I'm going to talk about it in this post. At the beginning, I thought that OP was going to happen simultaneously with the Halloween Party, but it didn't. Now, Club Penguin has announced that it will begin in November 15. But what is Operation Blackout going to be? Well, there are 2 speculations: some say it will be a "party", others say it will be a new Mission, but I think it will be both; just like when the PSA Headquarter's was destroyed by Herbert back in 2010. Now, Herbert is planning to darken the Island by taking over the Sunlight. One of the many facts that support this idea is that, since some weeks ago, there have been weird questions going on in the Club Penguin Times Newspaper. One example is the question made by "Hubert P. Enguin", that says: "Dear Gary, in theory, how would you build a high frequency infrared reversion laser?" So yes, Hubert P. Enguin is Herbert P. Beat Esquire, and what he wants to know is how to block sunlight from reaching the Island. And unfortunately, Gary replied, saying that he had already invented a Machine capable to do such thing: the "Photon Wavelenght Inverter" According to G, he still keeps that invention in his lab...

2 days ago, Club Penguin released a new ( and awesome ) video that shows us more about Operation Blackout. Here it is if you haven't seen it yet:

Incredibly awesome, right? It seems that Herbert will break into Gary's lab, and then capture him. But there's something else that is also important: at second 0:25 we can see G trapped in a blue container... but there are 6 containers in total! Does that means that Herbert is planning to capture other 5 penguins?? And I think tha t the Laser - Machine that appears at the end of the video is the Photon Wavelenght Inverter I just talked about in this same post. Also, the video shows that the Everyday Phoning Facility will be destroyed! That would make it the 2nd time Herbert succeeds destroying our HQ. But, what is that luxury - house that shows up in the video? Very easy to guess: it's Herbert's Fortress, and as we can see in the video, it's located in a Mountain above the Everyday Phoning Facility ( look at second 0:17, where the agents are climbing something, and under them are the remains of the EPF building ) As many penguin -  agents know, Herbert P. Bear always hides somewhere in the Island, where he plans what to do next; but he is constantly changing his hide - place. He has hidden behind the Ski Hill, near the Mine, and more. 

( The image up here belongs to my friend Icequix ) But now that we know what Herbert is going to do, what can WE do in order to beat him again? What we already know is that we will have to enter Herbert's liar to stop him, but there might be something else. You know, there have been rumors about a Snow Trekker that is able to travel through time. It could be seen in the Telescope during the Halloween Party, and it might be a Sneak Peek of something that's coming soon-- just like the Purple Meteor we could see through the same telescope just before the Marvel's superhero Party began. What do you think? I have decided to make a list of the things that, according to what you just read, have a very big chance to occur during the next weeks. Here it is:

- Herbert will capture Gary and other EPF Agents.
- The Everyday Phoning Facility will be destroyed.
- There is going to be a Blackout ( obviously, haha )
- We will discover Herbert's newest hideplace.
- There might be a chance for us to travel in time.

What do you think about all this? I'm really excited for Operation Blackout to start! It seems that it will be AWESOME. Please send me a comment with your opinion, or any doubt you have about OP, and I will be very glad to answer you. One more thing: If Herbert wants to be warm, why does he wants to block sunlight? Wouldn't that make the Island colder? It's quite confusing... but well, thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

NOTE: If you didn't knew, PSA stands for Penguin Secret Agency, and Herbert P. Bear Esquire is Herbert's full name.

UPDATE ( 25 / 11 / 12 )

Hello, everyone. I am really sorry for not posting more about this operation since it started. I am not very good at posting too much... sorry again. But well, I am here with this message to tell you that, once you complete the last challenge ( Chapter 6 of the EPF Guide ), a video will show up. And I have to say that the video is incredibly awesome and quite emotional. It shows how Club Penguin gets saved, and it also reveals who the Director really is. And though my thinking about the Director's Secret Identity was correct, I didn't expected that CP would let us know that during this event. Once the video ends, sunlight will start appearing in the Island again-- it's turning back to normality. 

For me, Operation Blackout is the most awesome and shocking event that has ever happened in Club Penguin Island.