Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Party 2012 here!

Hello everyone! I am really sorry for not posting anything since last month. I was really busy with School, family and personal stuff; though I think some of you may have noticed that I do have time for Twitter. But well, here I am now. Now that my Winter Break has started, I will have more time to post about CP the next few weeks. As many of you know, the Holiday Party is an annual event of Club Penguin that commemorates Christmas and New Year. In this party, "Coins For Change" takes place. Coins for Change ( or CFC as short ) is also an annual event, but with several purposes. Penguins can donate their coins ( from an amount of 100 to 1000 per donation ) to benefit 3 Worldwide causes. These causes are: Provide Medical Help, Protect the Earth and Build Safe Places. You can donate to all 3 causes if you want to, and the coins you donate will be transferred to REAL LIFE donations, to the cause you selected. Isn't that awesome? CFC is a very generous project, indeed. Right now, there are more than 2 billion coins donated. Please remember to be kind and donate all the coins you can: there are people out there that needs our help.

In my opinion, this year's Holiday Party is the best one Club Penguin has ever made. Everyone can transform into a Toy Car, while Members can transform into Reindeer Puffles and Frost Bites. This is possible thanks to the cookies that are made at the Club Penguin Bakery ( which is located at the Snow Forts ) Each cookie costs 100 coins, and the CP coins you pay for them are also added to the CFC Project. Turning into a Frost Bite is the most interesting transformation of them all, because they can change the environment of the rooms, freeze other penguins, and "skate" while walking. Even the Dock has been decorated specially for them! ( By the way, the music at the Dock is really amazing. The ones who composed and played that song are very talented people, in my opinion ) The Forest has been decorated specially for the Puffle Reindeers and the Toy Cars.

There are 3 brand - new emotes that will be available only during the Holiday Party. Last year's Holiday Party had a "12 days of Gifts" feature, in which everyone could get a special item per day, from December 14 to December 25. But this year, Club Penguin only made a "5 days of Gifts" feature. Each day, anyone can receive a special gift, but members can receive another one if they want to. I think that the rooms in this party are very well decorated ( they look really Christmas - festive ) and the Night Sky is also a very neat detail. If you didn't knew, Rockhopper is visiting the Island during the party. This means that you can meet him, and visit his ship ( The Migrator ) to get special items and play "Treasure Hunt". Here is a list of the Rooms I recommend you to visit the most:

- Dock
- Bakery
- Town
- Ice Rink
- Beach
- The Migrator
- Forest
- Plaza
- Santa's Sleigh Ride
- Iceberg
- Pizza Parlor

I have also made a list pointing the games in which you can easily earn big amount of coins ( so you can donate them for Coins for Change if you want to ) Here it is:

1) Pufflescape
2) Puffle Launch App
3) Treasure Hunt
4) Aqua Grabber
5) Jet - Pack Adventure
6) Smoothie Smash

Before ending this post, I have to tell you that Club Penguin created a special song for the Holidays. It’s named “Cool in the Cold”, but I guess you all know that already. I think that it is one of the best songs Club Penguin has made by far,  and you can buy it ( like all the other ones ) in the iTunes Store or Amazon. In case you haven’t seen the Music Video of the song, I put it above this paragraph. I hope you are all enjoying these Holidays! Remember that Christmas isn’t only about the presents-- it’s about trying to be better people and have fun with our family and friends, doing what is right. If you have a doubt or opinion about the party that you would like to tell me, feel free to submit a comment. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D


Sunday, November 4, 2012

+ Information: Operation Blackout!

Hello everyone! As you may know, there is going to be a new event in Club Penguin very soon, named "Operation Blackout" ( I call it OP for short ), and I'm going to talk about it in this post. At the beginning, I thought that OP was going to happen simultaneously with the Halloween Party, but it didn't. Now, Club Penguin has announced that it will begin in November 15. But what is Operation Blackout going to be? Well, there are 2 speculations: some say it will be a "party", others say it will be a new Mission, but I think it will be both; just like when the PSA Headquarter's was destroyed by Herbert back in 2010. Now, Herbert is planning to darken the Island by taking over the Sunlight. One of the many facts that support this idea is that, since some weeks ago, there have been weird questions going on in the Club Penguin Times Newspaper. One example is the question made by "Hubert P. Enguin", that says: "Dear Gary, in theory, how would you build a high frequency infrared reversion laser?" So yes, Hubert P. Enguin is Herbert P. Beat Esquire, and what he wants to know is how to block sunlight from reaching the Island. And unfortunately, Gary replied, saying that he had already invented a Machine capable to do such thing: the "Photon Wavelenght Inverter" According to G, he still keeps that invention in his lab...

2 days ago, Club Penguin released a new ( and awesome ) video that shows us more about Operation Blackout. Here it is if you haven't seen it yet:

Incredibly awesome, right? It seems that Herbert will break into Gary's lab, and then capture him. But there's something else that is also important: at second 0:25 we can see G trapped in a blue container... but there are 6 containers in total! Does that means that Herbert is planning to capture other 5 penguins?? And I think tha t the Laser - Machine that appears at the end of the video is the Photon Wavelenght Inverter I just talked about in this same post. Also, the video shows that the Everyday Phoning Facility will be destroyed! That would make it the 2nd time Herbert succeeds destroying our HQ. But, what is that luxury - house that shows up in the video? Very easy to guess: it's Herbert's Fortress, and as we can see in the video, it's located in a Mountain above the Everyday Phoning Facility ( look at second 0:17, where the agents are climbing something, and under them are the remains of the EPF building ) As many penguin -  agents know, Herbert P. Bear always hides somewhere in the Island, where he plans what to do next; but he is constantly changing his hide - place. He has hidden behind the Ski Hill, near the Mine, and more. 

( The image up here belongs to my friend Icequix ) But now that we know what Herbert is going to do, what can WE do in order to beat him again? What we already know is that we will have to enter Herbert's liar to stop him, but there might be something else. You know, there have been rumors about a Snow Trekker that is able to travel through time. It could be seen in the Telescope during the Halloween Party, and it might be a Sneak Peek of something that's coming soon-- just like the Purple Meteor we could see through the same telescope just before the Marvel's superhero Party began. What do you think? I have decided to make a list of the things that, according to what you just read, have a very big chance to occur during the next weeks. Here it is:

- Herbert will capture Gary and other EPF Agents.
- The Everyday Phoning Facility will be destroyed.
- There is going to be a Blackout ( obviously, haha )
- We will discover Herbert's newest hideplace.
- There might be a chance for us to travel in time.

What do you think about all this? I'm really excited for Operation Blackout to start! It seems that it will be AWESOME. Please send me a comment with your opinion, or any doubt you have about OP, and I will be very glad to answer you. One more thing: If Herbert wants to be warm, why does he wants to block sunlight? Wouldn't that make the Island colder? It's quite confusing... but well, thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

NOTE: If you didn't knew, PSA stands for Penguin Secret Agency, and Herbert P. Bear Esquire is Herbert's full name.

UPDATE ( 25 / 11 / 12 )

Hello, everyone. I am really sorry for not posting more about this operation since it started. I am not very good at posting too much... sorry again. But well, I am here with this message to tell you that, once you complete the last challenge ( Chapter 6 of the EPF Guide ), a video will show up. And I have to say that the video is incredibly awesome and quite emotional. It shows how Club Penguin gets saved, and it also reveals who the Director really is. And though my thinking about the Director's Secret Identity was correct, I didn't expected that CP would let us know that during this event. Once the video ends, sunlight will start appearing in the Island again-- it's turning back to normality. 

For me, Operation Blackout is the most awesome and shocking event that has ever happened in Club Penguin Island.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

+ Information: Halloween Party!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! I know that many of you already know about the Halloween Party that's coming up next week in October 18, and the "Operation Blackout" that is also going to happen very soon. So, in this post I will talk about everything that is related to the Halloween Party right now. Let's begin: I think that everyone already knows that Club Penguin already made another Music Video Cartoon, this time performing not only Cadence but the Penguin Band. It is named "The Ghosts Just Wanna Dance" I think this song is really catchy because of the lyrics, although they are quite spooky. The Music Video shows 3 penguins entering a very big Mansion, just to find out that it's haunted by ghosts. But then, the penguins find out that the ghosts just wanna dance! So yes, that's why the song was named that way, haha :P And guess what: the ghosts at the Mansion are Cadence and the Penguin Band members. But the video contains a very mysterious secret: we'll talk about that later in this post. Down here is the video if you haven't seen it yet. And just to remind you, this is the third Music Video Club Penguin has made until now; the first one was "The Party Starts Now" and the second one was "Anchors Aweigh".

Awesome, right? Now, changing the topic, I think that most of you know that this year's party will have, as main attraction, the lost ( and haunted ) Mansion of Uncle Gariwald VIII... And yes, it's the same Mansion that appears in the music video that's located above this. According to Gary the Gadget Guy ( Gariwald VIII's nephew ) both mansion and owner disappeared during a Halloween night many years ago. During this Halloween Party the Mansion will return, and Gary wants us to find out what happened to his Uncle. Sounds creepy, right? Well, Club Penguin has recently released 2 sneak peek - videos to Youtube about the Mansion. The penguins that appear at the videos are Club Penguin's newest bloggers: Polo Field and Businesmoose! Each one of them appear in a different video, showing us their travels around the building. Here is the video about Polo Field's journey and discoveries:

Thanks to my friend Saraapril for this video. What do you think of it? In my opinion, the ending was quite creepy. Watching Uncle Gariwald VIII's ghost pulling that lever was very intriguing :O I think that everyone knows that members will be able to turn into ghosts during the party, right? Well, I suppose that the machine at the end of the video is the one that transforms penguins into ghosts. But there's something there that scares me: ghosts are supposed to be dead, so if we enter that machine to turn into those creatures we will get... well, I think some of you know what I'm talking about :/ But remember: we can only turn into ghosts there in Club Penguin because it's fun, but never in real life. Now, let's continue to the next video, where we can watch Businesmoose's visit to the Mansion. This video is like the second part of Polo Field's video, because it seems to take place after Polo turned into a ghost. Here it is if you haven't seen it already:

Very interesting and scary at the same time... In the video we can see how Polo Field makes mysterious appearances all over the Mansion, but Businesmoose doesn't realizes that completely until the last seconds of the video. And I have to admit that, the first time I saw this video, I was quite shocked. The way the penguin - ghost reacted was something I never imagined to see in Club Penguin. Also, the background music at the video is very creepy, don't you think? There have been so much improves in CP these last months, and I think that this party will be full of them. I really liked both videos, and though there are some things that makes me feel strange, I think that this will be the best - and - scariest Halloween Party Club Penguin will ever have by now. Now that I've shown you these 3 videos, let's talk about a different topic involving the EPF and Herbert P. Bear: Operation Blackout.


Since last year there where speculations about a new EPF Mission or task named "Operation Blackout". What I first thought was that Herbert was planning to darken out the Island completely ( a blackout ) but I couldn't find out why. I mean, creating night in the Island won't bring heat, right? Everything Herbert wants to achieve with his plans is to end with our "noisy and annoying" parties and bring a warm temperature to the Island. So maybe what he wants to do with this new Operation is to end with our parties by leaving CP in darkness. But, what is he going to do exactly? Well, at first there where many theories, but now we can try to guess what Herbert is going to do. At the "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance" Music Video, we can see Herbert at the very first seconds of it. Here is a picture:

As you can see, I have made an Orange rectangle around Herbert P. Bear. He seems to be holding a sheet of paper, where a picture of the Sun has been crossed out. Though I really don't think Herbert's plan is to destroy the Sun, I think that he may try to block its light from reaching CP Island. Also, Billybob ( Lane Merrifield ) said that Operation Blackout ( OB for short ) will occur this month or November. And as many of you know, Club Penguin always darkens during the Halloween Party; by a storm, a solar eclipse, etc. So I think that OB will happen simultaneously with the Halloween Party. I think that having the Party at the same time we deal with Herbert would be something really interesting :D What do you think? If you didn't knew, Herbert now has his own Twitter Account: [ @clubherbert ] In there, you can ask him some question about his plans, but he won't say too much about them.

Before ending this post, I would like to add some things: It's said that "Night of the Living Sled 4" will be launched next year. Now, I have found a video in Youtube that shows us the Storyboard of the 4th part of these great cartoons! A storyboard is like the first idea for making something, and it has to be approved by many people before its official production starts. Although it was uploaded to Youtube last year, I think some of you haven't seen it yet. Here it is:

I found this video really funny and very well done :) I think that, once launched in Club Penguin, it will be the best "Night of the Living Sled" part to watch. With all these stuff happening around Club Penguin, I think that this year's Halloween Party will be much better than all the ones before. What do you think? I can hardly wait to October 18! I'm sure that we will have so much fun during all these events. Also, there are going to happen many other things these days. One example is that we will finally be able to meet Herbert P. Bear in the Island, as well as add him as a Friend! ( if he's not very grumpy, haha ) Please feel free to send a comment below with your opinion or any question you have about all this, and I will be glad to answer back. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Words for the Third Anniversary!

Hello! Last Sunday, ( October 7 ) this blog reached its 3rd Anniversary. I'm so sorry I couldn't post this on that same day, but I was really busy! And yes, what you are reading is correct: this blog already turned 3 years old. So today, I have decided to make this post saying some things about that. If you didn't knew, I began playing Club Penguin since 2009... Yes, that time in which the PSA ( Penguin Secret Agency ) still existed, when we had the old Newspaper, when Club Penguin wasn't so famous as it is today... and many, many other stuff. The thing here is that Club Penguin has changed too much since I started playing it. I still remember the old Secret - Agent Cellphone, the first Field - Op that ever existed, and when the Volcano went active. I feel like all these 3 years happened so fast! Did you knew that this blog's original name was "Je45rry"? One year later, I changed that name to "Club Penguin Info" ( as it still remains ) My first follower was a penguin named Loulou11207, that also had a blog like mine. Later then, I met him during an Adventure Party, in which Loulou introduced me to another penguin - blogger named Dark Falkner. They turned out to be some of my best friends in Club Penguin, just like Davidhopper2, Rosie7721, Flipper14354, Jasfriend1, JT, Pips4lucy, Chuckyb1, Sevalbar, Monstercjr and Caytlyn999 :D

All of them where the ones who inspired me to keep blogging even more. I played with them in CP frequently, but the ones I spent more time with where Loulou11207 and Dark Falkner. We where always planning parties, talking about Club Penguin Stuff, having fun, and things like that... But when my blog reached its Second Anniversary, most of my friends had already left Club Penguin - blogging. Due to that, I became quite lonely in Club Penguin. I began to feel that I had to quit too, but I couldn't. I mean, I didn't wanted to quit. I wanted to stay in Club Penguin, to keep blogging, and then see what would happen next. Months passed, and I started noticing how Club Penguin started to improve. But at the same time, I was becoming really busy with school and personal life, so my post - frequency began to slow down. One clear example of that is that, in 2010, I made 283 posts in this blog. But in 2011, I only created 108. And in this year, I have only made 22 by far! ( 23 counting this one ) So yes, I feel quite sad about that... But the good thing is that I'm still here and that I enjoy working in this blog because it makes me feel really nice.

One of the things I like the most about posting and playing Club Penguin is that it improves my English language. That's right: English is not my first language, so I don't live in the USA, nor Canada. ( I believe you are trying to guess where I live right now, haha XD ) I have worked in 3 blogs during the last 3 years: MegaCPStorm ( owned by my friend JT ) Club Penguin Zoom ( owned by my friend Flipper14354 ) and Club Penguin Watchers ( that its actually owned by my friend Chuckyb13 ) And if you didn't knew, all the posts that this blog contains right now have been made by me...  I perfectly know that many people think that Club Penguin is just a website ( because that's what it is ) but, to me, it is also a little part of my life. I don't want people to think that I'm focusing my life only in Club Penguin, because I'm not. I am a very optimistic person that enjoys life in every aspect, and I hope you are that way too.

Remember not to focus your life in the computer, and to spend time with your family and friends as much as possible, like me. Thanks to all my old friends that are now kept in my memories: I will never forget the moments we spent in Club Penguin and in our blogs. Thanks to my entire family that is always with me everytime I need help, and that made this blog possible. And thanks to you for visiting this blog, it means too much for me. Thanks again, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Fair 2012 here!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! I'm really sorry about the delay ( or lack ) of posts in this blog. I have been really busy lately, but I'm still trying to keep on with the events in Club Penguin. And just to let you know, my Membership already expired. But by a strange reason, I can still use my member - only clothes! I guess it's a bug or something, though I hope I will be able to renew my membership soon. In this post I will talk about a very special event: the Fall Fair! If you didn't knew, this Fair is a very old - event that has been taking place ( anually ) in Club Penguin since many years ago. It is a party in which the main objective is to win all the tickets you can, trade them for prizes, and obviously to have fun! But that's not all about the Fair. The Rooms are decorated in such colorful and funny ways; and there are awesome things everywhere! One of the things I admire the most of this event is the high amount of Creativity the CP Team's Designers used in it. What do you think? In order to help you, I have made my own Guide of how getting the most amount of Tickets in the Fair, as the same time you have lots of fun. Here it is:

Mini - Games' Guide

picasion make a gif

The Fall Fair has its own mini - games, in which you can win tickets depending in the score you get in each of them. Eventually, each mini - game has its own level of difficulty and you can get many different amounts of tickets in all the mini - games in the Island. For example, in the "Puffle Paddle" mini - game you can get 150 tickets in 2 minutes, while in "Spin to Win" you can hardly get at least 50. There are, in total, 8 mini - games, in which you can win Tickets. Here is some Information you need to know about each one of them: ( NOTE: The Level of Difficulty can be from Very Easy to Very Hard )

Ring the Bell
Location: Dock
Maximum Amount of Tickets you can win per round: 25
Minimum Amount of Tickets you can get per round: 5
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Is it Awesome?: Kinda. It doesn't lasts very long, but you can win tickets faster that way.

Balloon Pop
Location: Bonus Room in the Snow Forts
Maximum Amount of Tickets you can win per round: 70 aprox.
Minimum Amount of Tickets you can get per round: 0
Level of Difficulty: Hard
Is it Awesome?: Yes! It's really colorful and entertaining. Though it's one of the oldest mini - games in the Fair, it offers a good gameplay.

Puffle Soaker
Location: Bonus Room in the Snow Forts
Maximum Amount of Tickets you can win per round: 50 aprox.
Minimum Amount of Tickets you can get per round: 0
Level of Difficulty: Normal
Is it Awesome?: Of course! It's really good and full of surprises, and it's a great way to win tickets. It's probably one of the best mini - games in the Fair.

Spin to Win
Location: Dock
Maximum Amount of Tickets you can win per round: 100 aprox.
Minimum Amount of Tickets you can get per round: 15
Level of Difficulty: Hard
Is it Awesome?: Kinda. You can win from 5 tickets to 50 each spin. The amount of tickets you win per round can change drastically, and that makes it a mini - game full of surprises.

Puffle Shuffle
Location: Dock
Maximum Amount of Tickets you can win per round: 150 aprox.
Minimum Amount of Tickets you can get per round:
Level of Difficulty: Normal
Is it Awesome?: Of Course! It's really funny to watch the hats moving and trying to memorize where each Puffle is. Also, it's really enjoyable.

Memory Card Game
Location: Forest
Maximum Amount of Tickets you can win per round: 80 aprox.
Minimum Amount of Tickets you can get per round: 0
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Is it Awesome?: Yes! Though it can last for a long time, it's really entertaining trying to find the correct pair of cards, just like in real life.

Puffle Paddle
Location: Forest
Maximum Amount of Tickets you can win per round: 200 aprox.
Minimum Amount of Tickets you can get per round: 0
Level of Difficulty: Very Easy
Is it Awesome?: Of Course! It's a great way to spend your time while in Club Penguin. This games is really funny and it's the best way to win tickets in the entire fair.

Feed - A - Puffle
Location: Cove
Maximum Amount of Tickets you can win per round: 200 aprox.
Minimum Amount of Tickets you can get per round: 0
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Is it Awesome? Yes! I find this game really entertaining because you have to focus in many things at the same time. It is really similar to the extra - game that appears in the Puffle Party each year.

 That's my Mini - Games' Guide for the Fall Fair. Now, I have said before, you can trade your tickets in order to get special prizes. You can do this in the Forest, at the "Prizes" Booth. Right now there are only 3 prizes, the Cotton Candy, the Blue Paddle, and the Balloon Hat ( I don't really know the exact names of the items, haha ) All these items are old items, but they are very nice. There are some new prizes ( only for members ) in the extra room at the Forest. According to Club Penguin, more prizes will be added soon, and I can't wait to get them already. Today I won like 420 tickets and I already had every single prize, so I couldn't trade them for anything; but the most important thing here is to have fun playing with friends and enjoying the party, right? Another special feature of this event is the "Great Puffle Circus", in which you can watch puffles do awesome tricks. It's entrance is located in the same extra room as the member - only prizes. Before, this Circus was only for members, but since last year it became available for everyone. Before ending this post, here is a list of the rooms I recommend you the most to visit:

- Town
- Iceberg
- Plaza
- Forest
- Dock
- The Great Puffle Circus
- Bonus Room
- Ski Village
- Cove
- Stadium

I hope you liked this post. What do you think about my Guide? Was it too long or it had too many information? Was it useful to you? Please feel free to send a comment with your opinion or any question you have and I'll be glad to help you. Don't forget to visit the Bumper - Cars Room at the Stadium. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

NOTE: Now you can keep all the Tickets you win even if you logout of CP! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Coffee Shop + New Blog Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone! I'm really sorry I didn't post anything about the Adventure Party... I couldn't post anything the first 3 days of the party, and when I finally had the chance, I realized that, by that time, you should knew all about the Adventure Party already. And though that is not a good reason to not to post, I was busy in other things, so I decided to post about other things later. And well, here I am! How are you today? I hope well. In this post I'm going to talk about 2 different things of Club Penguin: the New Coffee Shop and the future new "Club Penguin's Community Blog" If you didn't knew, few days ago the Coffee Shop was redesigned, also bringing a new game to CP: Smoothie Smash! Though I had so much memories of the Coffee Shop ( since 2009 ) I think this version is better. If you didn't knew, the Coffee Shop had been always the same since Club Penguin was created in 2005, and it was one of the most popular rooms in the entire Island. People that have played CP for more than 2 years know how it feels like to have one of the classic rooms in the Island modified... But well, the good thing about this is that the New Coffee Shop has a very good design and, unlike the old one, it's quite color full. Fortunately, the "Bean Counters" game can still be played in there, and I hope it will stay that way forever.

If you didn't knew, Happy77 organized a special party celebrating the new Coffee Shop's launch last Thursday. Here is what she says about: Thanks to everyone who turned up at our little Grand Opening meetup today! I know it was very busy online - thanks for being so patient is whatand celebrating with us! You're all amazing. Today was a special moment in Club Penguin history. The new Coffee Shop and a brand new game... Smoothie Smash. I'm glad that we were a part of it together! Unluckily, I couldn't go to the party... but according to some friends, it was really awesome ( though the whole server was full, haha ) In this type of events, you should log in into the party's server some hours before it starts in order to avoid the risk of not being able to enter it later. Now, I think that many of you have already played the new game "Smoothie Smash" Here are some tips that may help you play this game better:

Hints and Tips

- There are 2 different gameplays in the game. They are "Normal" and "Survival" 
- In the Normal Mode, you have 120 seconds to make Smoothies. To do this, you have to:
  • Jump into the selected fruits ( moving with the arrow keys ) 
  • Avoid jumping in the band - zone ( if you do, you'll eventually crash )
  • Jump in the correct fruits making combos, in order to win more points
- Sometimes in the Normal Mode you will be able to win more time
- Famous characters will appear while playing the Normal Mode. They are:
  •  Rockhopper
  • Aunt Arctic
  • Herbert P. Bear
- You win a stamp by serving them only by the first time
- ( Yep, you can win stamps )
- In the Survival Mode, you have to:
  • Jump in any fruit you want
  • Avoid Hazards like bombs or anvils
  • Don't crash ( by hitting the band - zone )
- Jumping in fruits will eventually heal your health meter
- The more time you keep going , the more coins you win ( and stamps! )

So, that's my guide for the Smoothie Smash Game... I hope it will be useful to you :D  Now that I have talked about the new Coffee Shop, I'll will talk about the future new look of Club Penguin's Community Blog. As you may know, some months ago the CP Team changed the look of the "Community" Main Page at their website, as same as many other sections and features; like the Homepage, for example. Now, Happy77 tells us that they are planning to give the Community Blog a new look. Here is what she says about: Happy77 here. I wanted to let you know about a big update we're doing next week to the Club Penguin blog! Next week we'll be giving the blog a fresh new look, and upgrading our blog system to make it run faster and smoother. One of the big reasons I'm excited about it is that you'll be able to reply to comments from other players! As part of this update, we need to turn off comments. We expect to have the comments working again next week once the new blog system is up and running. As always, you can still contact us here if you need help with anything! Thanks for your patience, and see you again on Thursday next week with the brand new Penguin Band music video!

Wait a moment, we will be able to reply to other's people comments? That sounds kinda cool! I think that these "reply" feature will help parents to know more about their kid's interests, as well as knowing more about the site. Also, Happy77 says that the CP Team is going to release another song next week: "Anchor's Aweigh", this time performed by "The Penguin Band". I think that "The Party Starts Now" from "Cadence" was a really good song, so let's see how this song will be. What do you think of all this? Did you liked the new Coffee Shop or not? Are you looking forward to the new song? Please send your opinion below in a comment, or send me a question and I'll be glad to help you. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

P.D.: If you haven't noticed, the Book Room was also redesigned since the MARVEL Party in June. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reviewed by You: Staying Healthy!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I'm sorry that I didn't posted anything since long time ago. Well, here I'm going to talk about this week's "Reviewed by You" ( or RBY ) that was posted today in Club Penguin's Official Blog. As you may know, Club Penguin's Adventure Party of this year will be fruit - themed. This means that the rooms, some of the costumes, the furniture and many other things will have fruits as main topic. Why is that? As I already told you some posts ago, Club Penguin has partnered a Fruit Company ( from the United Kingdom ) named "Innocent" that makes Fruit Smoothies, and I guess that other healthy products as well. A special feature of this party is that UK Players will be able to unlock special items online by buying Innocent's Smoothies and getting a special code within. Another reason of this party being like this is that Club Penguin wants to "encourage" kids to be healthier by making them "excited" about fruit. So today, the "Reviewed by You" post is named "Staying Healthy" ( It seems that the CP Team also wants us to make regular exercise too... which is a very good thing! ) It's good to see that Club Penguin is talking us about healthy habits. Last week's question from RBY was what our favorite summer activity was, and it seems that Ginny7891's answer was selected! Congratulations! Here is what she says about:

"I really love to do lots of things, including reading, going to the bookshop or library, visiting family and friends, tubing (which is hanging onto a tube and have a motorboat pull you around, like Hydro Hopper), swimming, and a lot more things that are so much fun! My favorite two would have to be visiting family and friends and reading. It's always nice to catch up with people, even if they're in books! Have a totally awesome summer, CP!"

Wow! It seems that you are a really active, Ginny7891! I also like reading and going to the bookstore, because it has too many different kinds of books to read and you don't know what you can find in there. The bad thing is that I finish reading book really fast, haha. :/ Though I usually spend my time in the laptop, I try to maintain healthy by doing things like taking a walk through my neighborhood, making myself Banana smoothies and hanging out with family and friends. But having a healthy body isn't enough for a person to be happy. We all need a healthy mind too! You know, a healthy mind exists by being nice people, being good with others and trying to do things right. And no, we don't get a healthy mind only by doing phisic activities or by eating fruits & vegetables. In order to stay mind - healthy, I usually read a nice book, ( because books usually encourage creativity and interest in new things ) go to church, staying close to the family, be with good people, and trying to do things the best way possible. So, keep in mind that in order to have an AWESOME life, you need to keep a positive attitude and try to manage your activities well. If you feel good with yourself by doing all this, I guarantee you that your life will be better. Good people always move forward to reach their goals. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

NOTE: Please follow me in Twitter to know more about all the events in Club Penguin. My username is [ @cpJe45rry ] Thanks! Also, because I already entered School this week, I can be delayed in some things in the future... but don't worry, I will keep trying to post about CP events at time.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Video: UK Exclusive Items!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope good! Now that the Music Jam is over, Billybob has made a very special announcement, introducing the new member of the Club Penguin Team: Daffodaily5! And today, she has done her very first post at Club Penguin's Official Blog, talking about the Adventure Party we are going to have later this Month. Also, she tells us a little bit about herself, so we can know her better. Here is what she says about: Wow, it's exciting to appear on the What's New blog! Thanks to Billybob for such a warm welcome, and to all of you guys for your kind comments. So, this is my first post and I've got some amazing news to share with you... but before we get to that, I'd like to tell you a little about myself. My name is Daffodaily5, but some people just call me Daffo (it's quicker, I guess) and I'm from Club Penguin here in the UK (hence the raincoat). Some of you guys have asked about my favourite things to do on Club Penguin; at the moment, decorating. I don't change my outfit much, but I'm always changing my igloo. At the moment it's a crazy disco jungle (I'm a bit of an outdoors-y type). 

Haha, it seems that Daffodaily5 is a very nice person, right? I really like her personality, and I prefer calling her by her complete name. It sounds better, don't you think? She says she is from the United Kingdom CPT, which means that she probably knows more about the "Innocent" products that are only available there ( in the UK ) If you didn't knew, the next Adventure Party is going to be fruit - themed and advertised by "Innocent", a fruit company. Here is what Daffodaily5 says about it: Anyway, enough about me, let's get to my exciting news from the UK! With the Adventure Party coming August 23, we wanted to make some cool, fruity costumes and igloo items for you to collect (one of my favourites is the kiwi armchair)! Watch out for special packs of innocent smoothies and fruit tubes for kids in shops across the UK - if you manage to collect all the items you'll get a fantastic pineapple igloo. Also, they decided to make a special video to explain us better all this stuff. Here it is if you haven't seen it already:

Cool video, right? It was really awesome that they showed us the indoors of the Club Penguin's HQ. I think they are really happy about this party, don't you think? I am really glad that CP decided to have Daffodaily5 as their new blog assistant. And if you didn't knew, they decided to make this fruit - party in order to encourage kids all over the world to eat more healthy food, such as vegetables, fruits, and so on. The bad thing about the party is that it seems that only UK Players will be able to unlock those special items online they mentioned in the video... though these are good news for UK penguins, I think that Club Penguin should have partnered a worldwide fruit - company so everyone would be able to get the same benefits. I am looking forward to this party, it looks really interesting. What about you? Do you like fruits? I agree with CP that eating healthy food is really important, though I don't really like eating them... haha. So, I decided to make smoothies of my favorite fruits, ( banana and mango ) and it tastes quite better! Maybe you could try it someday. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ultimate Jam 2012 here!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! I'm sorry about the delay of this post, I was quite busy these last days... As you may know, the "Make your Mark: Ultimate Jam" began last Thursday in Club Penguin, and it seems to be a very big success! There are many special features in this party, such as the Daily Challenges, the Cadence Countdown, and more; so we're going to talk about all that in this post. To began, let's talk about the characters that are visiting Club Penguin during this party. As many of you know, there are 2 new characters in Club Penguin within this party: Rocky and CeCe; from Disney Channel's show "Shake it Up". I guess CP decided to promote this show during this party because both have a music theme and special dance moves as well. Though all members can buy Rocky and CeCe's costumes, there are only 2 original penguins with those names. If you didn't knew, you can meet them at the party, get stamps and a free background from theirs. Another special character that is going to be visiting CP is Cadence, and you can meet her anywhere in the Island or every certain time in her own Stage, that you can visit in the Ski Village. There, you can also meet the Penguin Band; but the bad thing is that they're bots. I mean, you can't talk with them and they are not going to say anything.

The good thing about meeting them there ( at Cadence's Stage ) is that you will get all their stamps immediatly. Quite strange, right? It took me hours trying to get them in the last parties ( with no success ) and now, just for standing there for 1 minute, I get them all! :/ But well, let's continue: the best features during this party are the Daily Challenges. But, what are they or what they do? It's simple: each day, you will have to complete a special task somewhere in the Island; and you will get a free item. For example: the first Daily Challenge is to dance with a Purple Beatbox in 3 purple spots in the Island. To do this, you ONLY have to wear the purple beatbox and walk into a purple spot. After that, press the "D" key, and your penguin will start dancing. You will have to do the same in 2 more purple spots. The purple spots are located at the Mine, the Cove and the Forest. Once you complete this task you will get a free pin, and you will have to wait for the next day to make another challenge. Sounds easy, right? The bad thing is that the Daily Challenge #4 is for member only, and without it, the special last free item ( for completing all the Daily Challenges ) won't be available for non - members.

Other special features of this party are the brand - new stages and rooms. Almost every single room in the Island was re - decorated for this year's event! Penguins can now gather to dance anywhere. If you didn't knew, in the new stages, the more penguins there are dancing, the best is the stage. I mean, new flashlights turns on, the floor starts shining, and the fun increases! It's something very awesome to see. Also, the "Dubstep Puffle" ( a Black Puffle with green Headphones ) makes special appearances in many places in the Island. Besides all that, there are new catalogs in the Island and new items to be bought, like new Instruments, the new Clothes at the Dock, and more. But what makes this party a little more different from the other ones is that there is a Night Sky in the Island. And as always, here is my list of the places I recommend you to visit the most:

- The Ski Village
- Cadence's Stage
- Forest
- Cove
- Mine
- Town
- Plaza
- Coffee Shop
- Night Club

I think that this party is one of the most interesting ones that Club Penguin has ever had, and I'm very happy that Club Penguin is really improving their parties' designs and themes. Also, it is a very nice party to hang out and have fun with friends, specially by making a band or dancing with different items in front of everyone. What do you think about all this stuff? Please let your opinion in a comment below. But before ending this post, I would like to tell you something: as some of you may already know, Club Penguin is planning to release another advertising party next month. This time, they are partnering an UK fruit company named "Innocent", so the party is going to be about fruits. Sounds quite strange, right? But well, I hope it will be a good party too. Also, I would like to know your personal opinion about my most recent CPI Story, "The Game". Do you like it? Or what would you like me to improve? Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Game ( Parts 1 - 3 )

Hi everyone! Also I am really sorry about the extreme delay of this story part, ( part 3) it was like 7 months! Yeah, a very long time... So, I decided to, in order to make you remember, I have posted the first 2 parts and the new one just below. And if you haven't, please read my other 4 CPI Stories by clicking here. Please enjoy!

Story for people of 12+ ages

[ PART 1 ]

London, U.K. October of 1993. 

Mr. Hudson was always a very nice person. He was really creative, and everyone liked him. He worked in the Computer Technology Apartment at London, in the United Kingdom. His vocation was the Computer Archives Management, in which he created, fixed and modified Special computer archives. He was always proud of his work, and he loved to work on it... but one day, something happened. Mr. Hudson wasn't the same person everyone knew.

- Mr. Hudson, - said Mr. Phil - I think it's time for you to go to your house, don't you think? You've been working all day! -
- I can't... I can't stop working... - said Mr. Hudson

Days passed by, each one with the same weirdness of Mr. Hudson. He never wanted to stop working: his teammates had to put some sleeping pills in his tea to make him rest. Each time someone suggested him to take a breath, he always answered the same thing to everyone:

"I can't stop working"

Everyone started to worry about Mr. Hudson, but they couldn't make anything to help him to come back to normal. Also, no one knew in what he was working so much. Just one day, one of his friends, Mara, sneaked into his office to discover what Mr. Hudson was making, while he wasn't there. She didn't found anything out of the normal, just one New Archive named "The Game" in Mr. Hudson's computer. Days after, she finally decided to ask him about the archive. Mr. Hudson, surprised, said to her, shaking:

- It's something no one has used before... something that will cross virtual reality with real one. I have to hide it... if it ends in wrong hands, everyone will pay that mistake! - he said, really nervous
- Mr. Hudson, trust me. You can tell me everything that worries you - said Mara, scared
In that moment, Mr. Hudson start looking everywhere, really scared and nervous.
- They heard me.. they know that I told you! I have to escape... I have to escape!!! - he screamed of horror, as the same time he ran into his car.

That was the last day ever someone saw him.

[ PART 2 ]

19 Years later, London, U.K.

Jerry Rogers was another student at Fiderside Jr. High School, at London. He was very smart, creative, and he was also very good at jokes. He really liked to mess up their friend's things, throw paper balls at class, and he always liked the way their friends played with him. His best friend was Peter Palks, another guy of his classroom, which knew Jerry since kindergarden. Though Peter wasn't as smart as the rest of his class, he always tried to get the best scores at his exams. He was playful, funny, and everyone liked him. But what both had was their love to videogames.

- Good morning, class -
- Good morning, Ms. Erika -

Ms. Erika was the typical strict teacher at school. She was quite fat, had brown hair, and her voice was a little rough. She was Jerry and Peter's History teacher, everyone's worst subject.

- Today, - Ms. Erika said -  We are going to talk about a very interesting topic... -
- Hey Peter - said Jerry, in a low voice
- What? - answered Peter
- Have you heard about the School Trip we are going to have next week? -
- No! ( said Peter, surprised ) Where are we going to?... -

But to everyone's surprise, Ms. Erika said, with an angry face:

- Peter Palks, shut up and please tell me what I just said -

Everyone turned their heads to Peter.

- Uuuuum... - he said, nervous
- Uuuum what? - said Ms. Erika
- I don't know -
- Really? I thought you did because you where talking so much! -

After that, Jerry decided to remain in silence until the class was over, as same as Peter. But Peter was still distracted in other things. When the class was over, Mr. Steven ( or Mr. Eleeven, as everyone called him ) came to the classroom. Mr. Steven was the school's principal.

- Good morning, students -
- Good morning, Mr. Steven -
- Well, I just came here to make an announcement. Someones may have heard about the School Trip we are going to have next week... but just to inform everyone, the place we are going to is the "Computer Technology Museum". There we will find out more about... -
- Hey Peter - said Jerry
- What? - answered Peter, again
- I have heard about that museum before. Did you knew that real people worked in their own computer systems there in the 90´s? -
- No... and, for me that Museum sounds boring... All of them do, indeed. I thought we where going to a Theme Park - said Peter, disappointed
- ... so remember to bring everything you will need for the Trip. Any questions? -  finished saying Mr. Steven
- Yes - said Mario, the class´ worst student - where can I go to buy some chocolate cookies? - he said, joking.
Everyone started to laugh.
- You shall have more respect, Mario, or you will not go to the trip! -
Hours passed by, school finished, the cleaners made their job and everyone went home.
Everyone except 1 person.

[ PART 3 ]

It was Mr. Steven, walking through the Hallways of the building. He was passing by the classrooms, checking each one of the corners, looking through all the windows, opening all the doors... but he didn't even turned on the lights. By some reason, Mr. Steven always liked to take some night trips in the school, always with the lights off, using a Lantern as guide. So there he was, walking in the darkness.
Schools are really interesting places. There are so many ways to describe them... Although they're one of the most common things in the world, they can be a place full of mysteries. But Fiderside Jr. High School was no exception.

And Mr. Steven knew that.

So there he was, walking.
All alone.

Meanwhile, in Jerry's House:

- Peter, have you finished your homework yet? It's too late! - he said to Peter, via a video call.
- Oh come on, you know I never do homework - Peter answered, lazy.
- Haha, so that's why you fail so many exams! You should start studying. We have the School Trip next week, remember? They won't let you go if you don't improve your scores -
- Aaghhh... ok, I will study. But nowadays, I don't want to go to the museum. It sounds too boring, don't you think? -
- If you didn't knew, there is going to be an exam for it. And it will count 40% of our score! -
- What?!? Mr. Steven didn't said anything about that! How do you know? - Peter asked, surprised.
- Long story... well, I'm going to sleep. See you tomorrow! -  Jerry said, tired.
- Goodbye -

They both knew that that School Trip was going to be different from the other ones.
And they where very right.

Story made and created by Je45rry ( alias ) All rights reserved.

Friday, June 29, 2012

July 2012 Party Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone! Yesterday Happy77 posted something about next month's party: the Music Jam! As you may know, each year Club Penguin makes a special party focused in Music, named "Music Jam" In the party, the rooms are turned into performing stages, there are concerts everywhere, there is awesome music, Cadence appears in the Island, and there are member - only rooms named "Casa Fiesta" ( it's in spanish ) and the Rooftop. But this year, Club Penguin is going to change this party in a very different way. To start, they are changing the party's name from "Music Jam" to "Make your Mark: Ultimate Jam". Also, they are adding 2 new CP mascots to Club Penguin: Rocky and CeCe, the main characters of Disney Channel's "Shake it Up" comedy series. That's right: more advertising, as we all predicted. And with "we" I mean some CP Bloggers and more people :/ I mean, it was quite logic that Club Penguin was planning to advertise more of Disney's Products. Thought the rooms seem to be renovated, there are many penguins upset with this new situation. Here is what Happy77 says about the party:  Happy77 here. There have been a lot of questions about what we've got in store for July. So I wanted to share a sneak peek of the party coming next month... Starting July 19, we're going to throw the biggest music and dance party you've ever seen! Club Penguin's annual Music Jam will be transformed into the "Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam". It's going to be epic! And yes, there will be some special guest appearances at the party... Rocky and CeCe penguin personalities inspired by Disney Channel's hit series Shake It Up will be visiting the island! Of course, the island's resident dancer Cadence will also be there to show off her moves, too!

The Town ( in the first picture ) seems quite awesome, don't you think? It looks like a real - life city street and fortunately, a happy one. I think this party will be way better than the MARVEL party, but I still don't agree with the advertising stuff... As you already read, Happy77 has confirmed the participation of Rocky and CeCe during the party; but, what happens with Cadence and the Penguin Band? I guess that they will also appear in the party, but there's something that calls my attention: in the picture, Cadence appears with a microphone. Does that means that Cadence now dances AND sings? Well, if that's true, it would be something interesting to see... Maybe Club Penguin will add another special member - only room in this party, and I hope that they will also be adding more stuff for non-member penguins. Do you like Disney's "Shake it Up"? Are you excited for this party? Or not? To be sincere, I don't like the idea of Rocky and CeCe visiting the Island... more promotion :/ But well, there are many different opinions about all this; so if you really like this advertising parties, it's ok. Before ending this post, I would like to say something: I know that some of you already know about my Petition "Club Penguin: Stop Advertising" idea. I also know that there is a very small chance that it will work, but I'm trying.

But now that I think a little more about this, I see that it isn't very important. I mean, life is awesome, and we don't have to focus it in an online game. Instead of getting angry and full of hate, we should do something else, something different. You know, the World is a very BIG place, full of happiness and cool things to discover. We should read a book, go outside for a walk, be active, hangout with friends, play in family, etc. :) I know that many of you ( including me ) already do that and I'm very glad for that. I hope everyone will stay happy, no matter what. So thanks for reading, enjoy life, and see you later in Club Penguin Island!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marvel's Superhero Takeover 2012!

Hello everyone! As you might know already, the Marvel Superhero Takeover party is now on at Club Penguin since last Thursday. I'm sorry for the delay of this post; I was quite busy these days and I couldn't post anything. Well, in this post I am going to talk about the theme this party has, some of its details and I will give you more information, of course. This party has a special theme; for the first time in Club Penguin history penguins are classified in 3 groups: Heroes, Villains and Citizens. Those who are Heroes are surrounded by a yellow ring, villains are surrounded by a black ring, and citizens by a blue ring ( that no one but the owner can see ) This party was made with the Idea to make Club Penguin look as a city; that can be devastated by Villains or saved by Heroes. Also, for the first time ever, members are able to buy Marvel Character's Costumes at the Gift Shop, such like Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Venom, Loki, and more. In this event, only 9 rooms has been changed ( some in the Town, Snow Forts and Plaza ) and there are 3 new rooms. In total, there are 12 rooms for this party. Quite a small amount, don't you think? I mean, normal parties are decorated with 19 rooms ( aproximately ) Let's continue:

In this "party", the main feature is that Heroes fight with Villains in order to protect Citizens. Besides the Marvel Costumes, Club Penguin made some special items that members can use: the Recharged Gloves. There are 3 different kinds of gloves, the ones who freeze ( blue ones ) the ones who make things explode ( the yellow one ) and the ones who cover things with a weird sustance ( the purple ones ) These gloves only make effect in things that have yellow and black stripes on them. The point is that Villains can use these gloves to make destruction and chaos. But, what can Heroes do? Nothing, we just try to catch them and put them in jail :/ Though Heroes can also use these gloves, there's no point because we are supposed to save the Island, not to destroy it just for fun. Let's continue: I'm sure you have heard about the Superhero HQ and the Villain Lair, right? They are some special rooms for Member - only penguins, and they have some secret entrances. The Superhero HQ is located above Club Penguin Island, while the SuperVillain Lair is located Underground. In there, we can easily recognize a machine that apperared in a Marvel's Movie, Spiderman 2.

And guess what? Like almost CP Parties, we have to defeat a Special Boss. This time, we have to defeat Destructobot in order to save the Island ( for Heroes ), or help it to destroy everything ( for Villains ). To challenge Destructobot, you have to go to the Snow Forts. There, you will see a large building in flames. You can help the Firefighters to turn down the fire, or you can battle there with the Recharged Gloves. But if you want to go directly with Destructobot, enter the building ( member - only ) There, you will see many boxes, barrels and more striped items. In front of you, you will be able to see a Countdown Clock that says "Next Attack" That means that when the countdown reaches 0, Destructobot will appear right there, and another Countdown will appear at the left - up side of the screen. This countdown will show how many time Destructobot will be there. Here are the Instructions about how to defeat it:

[ Heroes ]
In order to defeat Destructobot, you will have to be accompanied by many other Heroes. You will have to throw Snowballs ( using Special Gloves or not ) at the Targets that will appear. But stay sharp; the targets will dissappear and they will be relocated somwhere else. If you keep throwing Snowballs, Destructobot's Health Meter will decrease and start changing color; until the point it ends and you win. Congratulations, you just saved the Island this time! But Destructobot will be rebuilt, and the Countdown will start again, preparing you for another attack.

[ Villains ]
In order to battle Heroes and destroy the Island, you only have to follow one simple step: Throw snowballs at the green bucket that is located at the Right side of Destructobot. This will help Destructobot's Health Meter, increasing it. So when Heroes start to throw Snowballs at the Targets, you have Two Options: Throw Snowballs at the Green Bucket, or throw recharged Snowballs ( with any of the Recharged Gloves ) at the striped things that are located in the roofs; this will confuse Heroes. You win if, when the Countdown ends, Destructobot hasn't been destroyed already.

Here is a list of the rooms I recommend you to visit the most:

- Town
- Gift Shop
- Plaza
- Snow Forts
- Book Room
- Superhero HQ
- Villain Lair
- Pizza Parlor


Before ending this post; I would like to say a personal opinion about all this. I know that almost everyone where excited about this party ( including me ) because it involved Marvel, a very well - know company. But I thought this party was going to be more awesome, I mean; because the only interesting thing we can do is destroy things, "stop" villains and put them in jail; when they can just escape with no effort. But I'm sure that, if we are with several friends, this party would be better. I have to admit that I like the costumes, but I don't like what they mean. You know why? It means promotion. The entire party was made just to advertise Marvel, and I don't like that. And if you didn't knew, this party won't end until next month! So I thought that, if this party will be at Club Penguin for so long, at least the CP Team would have added more decorated rooms or more special features. Also, this party brings war in Club Penguin, thing that didn't happened before. There are rumors that Disney is planning to advertise more and more of their companies in Club Penguin in the future. For example, they just announced that they will promote "Shake it Up" ( a Disney Channel program ) in this year's Music Jam!

PLEASE Disney, stop your advertising plans in Club Penguin! We don't like them at all! I even wanted for a moment not to renew my Membership, because I won't pay for a website that promotes things. And if do, I will only do so just to continue bringing information to you in this blog. So please, Disney, if you are not going to listen our complains, at least make the Parties better. All this is taking Club Penguin its unique and amateur environment, and turning it into something different but bad. But if you like these things, its ok. I am just expressing my opinions; so if you don't agree with me, there is no problem. I hope that, besides all this promotion, Club Penguin will continue improving in other features of the Island. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Sunday, June 10, 2012

+ Information: MARVEL's Superhero Takeover!

NOTE: The video that is located in this post will play immediatly when you enter this page. Sorry about that.

Hello everyone! I'm quite sure that you already know about Club Penguin's upcoming party, Marvel's Superhero Takeover. In this post I will talk about its benefits and some of its negative sides; plus I will bring you some sneak peeks of the party. To start, I think everyone have already seen a MARVEL movie. If you didn't knew, MARVEL is a company that makes Superheroes based in comics ( those comics where made some decades ago by the same company ) They make Action figures, comics, movies and more products. Also, if you didn't knew, Marvel was bought by Disney several months ago, which should explain why Club Penguin ( bought by Disney too since 2009 ) is making a party about this. This is the first time Club Penguin makes an entire party to promote something; in this case they are advertising Marvel and its products. Well, according to the Newspaper, this party will start in June 14, which is next Thursday. In this party, we will be able to choose a side: good or evil. If we choose good ( which I hope almost everyone will ) we can dress up of our favorite Marvel Superheroes, such as Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Hulk. If we choose evil ( which I hope not ) we would be able to dress up as Marvel's Super Villains, like Loki, Venom, and more. Also, Club Penguin made a special web page of this party. To visit it, click here. ( Update: Club Penguin hasn't fixed a bug that doesn't lets you enter to this page, I'm sorry ) In that page you will be able to see each of the Superheroes and Supervillain's costumes that will be available during the party. There is also a special video. Here it is in case you haven't seen it already:

Well, I have to admit that this video can be quite disturbing for some kids. And did you hear what the voice said at the end? "Parent permission required" This means that CP is not quite safe for little kids anymore, because this party could be quite violent. If you didn't knew, the reason of all this is because of a Meteor that landed in the Dock. Yes, the same pink - purple meteor we could see through the Telescope of the Lighthouse during the Medieval Party. But, why is this Meteor so important? Well, according to an EPF Message, it restored Probot's energy, and it seems it will try to destroy Club Penguin in the party... or I mean war? :/ Nowadays, another feature of this upcoming event is that Club Penguin will be completely transformed into a "real life city" just like the ones in the Movies. We will be able to dress up like a Hero, a Supervillain, or a Citizen ( normal people, police and criminals ) But please listen to me when I say that being bad is NOT good. So if you are going to choose the evil side during the party, please make sure you won't choose the same thing when you grow up. But besides all the promotion, fight and other things, it seems that this party will be awesome, specially for MARVEL fans. As said in the video, penguins will need to have Membership to access some special features of the party, such as buying the characters costumes and fighting the Giant robot. Oh, I didn't told you that? Probot has made a giant robot and it will use it to destroy Club Penguin with help of the Supervillains ( that's when Heroes show up )

Up here is a picture of all the Marvel Superhero and Supervillain costumes that will be available in the Party. If you noticed, I classified the costumes according to its side: Heroes are in the left side, villains are in the right side. And fortunately, there are plenty more heroes than villains. Its good to see that Club Penguin hopes that most of the kids will choose to be good instead of bad! Here are some facts of the party that you should know: 
  • Probot has been trying to gather Supervillains in order to help it destroy the Island, but... this means that Herbert P. Bear will be also in the Party?
  • Black Widow and Ms. Marvel are the only Women characters. 
  • It's supposed that Heroes and Villains will have special abilites during the party, so maybe they can change the environment of the room they're in.
  • Sadly, this is the first promotion in Club Penguin History.
  • If there's a special prize for saving the Island, only heroes would receive it.
Before ending this post, I would like to say something. For the people that are new at Club Penguin, this party and all these stuff would seem really awesome to them; but for the people that have been playing in CP for a long time ( like me, I started playing CP in 2009 ) this would seem quite cool, but strange. Club Penguin has been changing a lot since this year, and, in my opinion, Club Penguin is losing its peaceful, friendly and amateur environment. The parties are great, I admit it, but I kinda miss the old CP. Besides, if CP starts promoting other things ( like Disney's TV programs, movies, products and more ) I would feel really bad... Disney, please don't continue advertising your products in Club Penguin; you have plenty of more places where to do that. I only hope this party is not too violent, and that we will realy enjoy this party. Who are you going to suit up as? Are you going to be a Superhero or a Supervillain? Send your opinion in a comment! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D