Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marvel's Superhero Takeover 2012!

Hello everyone! As you might know already, the Marvel Superhero Takeover party is now on at Club Penguin since last Thursday. I'm sorry for the delay of this post; I was quite busy these days and I couldn't post anything. Well, in this post I am going to talk about the theme this party has, some of its details and I will give you more information, of course. This party has a special theme; for the first time in Club Penguin history penguins are classified in 3 groups: Heroes, Villains and Citizens. Those who are Heroes are surrounded by a yellow ring, villains are surrounded by a black ring, and citizens by a blue ring ( that no one but the owner can see ) This party was made with the Idea to make Club Penguin look as a city; that can be devastated by Villains or saved by Heroes. Also, for the first time ever, members are able to buy Marvel Character's Costumes at the Gift Shop, such like Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Venom, Loki, and more. In this event, only 9 rooms has been changed ( some in the Town, Snow Forts and Plaza ) and there are 3 new rooms. In total, there are 12 rooms for this party. Quite a small amount, don't you think? I mean, normal parties are decorated with 19 rooms ( aproximately ) Let's continue:

In this "party", the main feature is that Heroes fight with Villains in order to protect Citizens. Besides the Marvel Costumes, Club Penguin made some special items that members can use: the Recharged Gloves. There are 3 different kinds of gloves, the ones who freeze ( blue ones ) the ones who make things explode ( the yellow one ) and the ones who cover things with a weird sustance ( the purple ones ) These gloves only make effect in things that have yellow and black stripes on them. The point is that Villains can use these gloves to make destruction and chaos. But, what can Heroes do? Nothing, we just try to catch them and put them in jail :/ Though Heroes can also use these gloves, there's no point because we are supposed to save the Island, not to destroy it just for fun. Let's continue: I'm sure you have heard about the Superhero HQ and the Villain Lair, right? They are some special rooms for Member - only penguins, and they have some secret entrances. The Superhero HQ is located above Club Penguin Island, while the SuperVillain Lair is located Underground. In there, we can easily recognize a machine that apperared in a Marvel's Movie, Spiderman 2.

And guess what? Like almost CP Parties, we have to defeat a Special Boss. This time, we have to defeat Destructobot in order to save the Island ( for Heroes ), or help it to destroy everything ( for Villains ). To challenge Destructobot, you have to go to the Snow Forts. There, you will see a large building in flames. You can help the Firefighters to turn down the fire, or you can battle there with the Recharged Gloves. But if you want to go directly with Destructobot, enter the building ( member - only ) There, you will see many boxes, barrels and more striped items. In front of you, you will be able to see a Countdown Clock that says "Next Attack" That means that when the countdown reaches 0, Destructobot will appear right there, and another Countdown will appear at the left - up side of the screen. This countdown will show how many time Destructobot will be there. Here are the Instructions about how to defeat it:

[ Heroes ]
In order to defeat Destructobot, you will have to be accompanied by many other Heroes. You will have to throw Snowballs ( using Special Gloves or not ) at the Targets that will appear. But stay sharp; the targets will dissappear and they will be relocated somwhere else. If you keep throwing Snowballs, Destructobot's Health Meter will decrease and start changing color; until the point it ends and you win. Congratulations, you just saved the Island this time! But Destructobot will be rebuilt, and the Countdown will start again, preparing you for another attack.

[ Villains ]
In order to battle Heroes and destroy the Island, you only have to follow one simple step: Throw snowballs at the green bucket that is located at the Right side of Destructobot. This will help Destructobot's Health Meter, increasing it. So when Heroes start to throw Snowballs at the Targets, you have Two Options: Throw Snowballs at the Green Bucket, or throw recharged Snowballs ( with any of the Recharged Gloves ) at the striped things that are located in the roofs; this will confuse Heroes. You win if, when the Countdown ends, Destructobot hasn't been destroyed already.

Here is a list of the rooms I recommend you to visit the most:

- Town
- Gift Shop
- Plaza
- Snow Forts
- Book Room
- Superhero HQ
- Villain Lair
- Pizza Parlor


Before ending this post; I would like to say a personal opinion about all this. I know that almost everyone where excited about this party ( including me ) because it involved Marvel, a very well - know company. But I thought this party was going to be more awesome, I mean; because the only interesting thing we can do is destroy things, "stop" villains and put them in jail; when they can just escape with no effort. But I'm sure that, if we are with several friends, this party would be better. I have to admit that I like the costumes, but I don't like what they mean. You know why? It means promotion. The entire party was made just to advertise Marvel, and I don't like that. And if you didn't knew, this party won't end until next month! So I thought that, if this party will be at Club Penguin for so long, at least the CP Team would have added more decorated rooms or more special features. Also, this party brings war in Club Penguin, thing that didn't happened before. There are rumors that Disney is planning to advertise more and more of their companies in Club Penguin in the future. For example, they just announced that they will promote "Shake it Up" ( a Disney Channel program ) in this year's Music Jam!

PLEASE Disney, stop your advertising plans in Club Penguin! We don't like them at all! I even wanted for a moment not to renew my Membership, because I won't pay for a website that promotes things. And if do, I will only do so just to continue bringing information to you in this blog. So please, Disney, if you are not going to listen our complains, at least make the Parties better. All this is taking Club Penguin its unique and amateur environment, and turning it into something different but bad. But if you like these things, its ok. I am just expressing my opinions; so if you don't agree with me, there is no problem. I hope that, besides all this promotion, Club Penguin will continue improving in other features of the Island. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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