Monday, May 30, 2011

Reviewed by You: For Agents Only!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope that fine! Sorry about not posting about Club Penguin news these last days, I was busy with School, and things like that. Before I start, remember that the Medieval Party finishes very soon, so if you still want to enjoy a little more of this awesome party is better that you log - in now, because these are the last moments the party will go on this year. As you may know, Billybob has posted the "Reviewed by You" of this week, as always, in the Club Penguin Community Blog. Last week's question was: What is your favorite part of the Medieval Party? Now, Lotzki1's answer was selected! Here is what she said about the party:

This is the BEST party of the year! I looove the quests and I like how they are really challenging! The defeating the Hydra quest is an awesome idea because you work together with other penguins to defeat the monster. I also love the decorations! Keep up the awesome work, Club Penguin Team!

That's really true, Lotzki1! This is one of the best Medieval Parties of all times, and the best party in the year! The Hydra Idea was very ingenious, because they are a very good attraction and you had to work in team with other penguins to defeat them, showing your help and colaboration with other people in the world to reach a goal, that was defeat the Hydra, finish the Quest, and get the prozes all of you deserve by completing this incredible quest, don't you think? Now, this week's "Reviewed by You" is a little bit more classificated. It talks about EPF Agents, and Herbert P. Bear. Here it is what Billybob says about: This week, we want to hear from secret agents. If you're not an Elite Agent yet, then you may not want to read this next part, because we're talking about some classified information. Agents: we want to hear from you about a certain polar bear that has been threatening the EPF for some time. Now, this week's question is: What's been your favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear, Esquire so far? Ummm... good question! I think that my favorite moment with Herbert was that time that we had to work together to save the Island from melting and flooding in the Herbert's Revenge DS Game because I never expected that Herbert would use his great intelligence to helping us by cause of one of his own error. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puffle's Curious Facts!

Hello everyone! Today I decided to make this post to make you know some of the most interesting and curious facts about our great furry mascots, the Puffles! Everyone knows what Puffles are: furry rounded animals that live in Club Penguin Island's Wilderness, but now some of them are domestic; that means they live in igloos as mascots. Before, Puffles wheren't known in Club Penguin, but during a Christmas Party some penguins spotted Puffles in the Snow Forts, and several other places. After that, we decided to take care of them, giving them home, food, and the most special thing: love. That's why everyone loves Puffles. And today, I will reveal some curious facts about Puffles, as I said in the beggining of the post. ( Before reading this, please read my blog's page All about Puffles! There you will find each puffle's qualities ) Here they are:

 - Fact #1: Did you know that there are different kinds of Puffles?
I do! Before, penguins thought that there was only 3 kinds of Puffles, pink, blue and red. But with the past of the years, more and more kind of Puffles where being discovered, each one in a different way and time. But, how can I differentiate kinds of Puffles? Easy! They are classified by colors! And each color has it own ability. For example, Orange Puffles are different of Black Puffles because they are zany and curious, while Black Puffles are serious and extreme. Also, Orange Puffles can ride trucks, and Black ones can ride skateboarders. Every penguin color has its own personality, though each single puffle is special. Penguins give their puffles a name when they adopt them, and they take care of them, give them a ride through the Island and many other funny things like that. By the moment, 10 different kind of Puffles have been discovered ( the most recent one is the Brown Puffle )

- Fact #2: How did the Green Puffle arrived to the Night Club?
Hmmm... this is a question that only a few people have answered. It is a question, that a few people have asked theirselves! This question makes you really think how did the Green Puffle arrived there. Well, let me explain you: Green Puffles are always energetic and playful, so they explore many parts of the Island, sometimes with their rollercap. Now, let me tell you something: The Green Puffle that is at the Night Club was involved in a big mystery that taked place some years ago. Before, penguins thought that the Boiler Room was haunted by a rare kind of "keeper" during nights. Only workers could enter there, but one night, a penguin named RodgerRodger stayed there by a "dare" game of a friend, DanieID. But guess what he found there? Instead of the mysterious and terrorific "keeper" of the Boiler Room, he found a green puffle! Yeah! So he decided to take it to the Dance Club. And that's how it arrived there. Awesome! Special Note: It is a female that is afraid of the dark! Click here to see the proof!

- Fact #3: Who is the Yellow Puffle at the Stage?
I'm sure that everyone has seen at least one time the Yellow Puffle that have been rounding in the Stage since its opening. As you know, Yellow puffles are artistic and espontaneous, which means that the Stage is the perfect place for a Yellow puffle because it is a place of art. Sometimes, to see it you have to wait some minutes, and in other ones, you have to make it appear clicking buttons in the "Switchbox 3000" It will always surrise you. But, who is it? According to some info, the Yellow Puffle was seen for first time during the Stage Construction's, and when it was finished it stayed there, I think that becuase he liked it. Now, it is still there, making surpises for actors and public that are there. You can remember in the PSA Mission "Clockwork Repairs" that we had to make a song in the piano to make him appear? Is him! And I think that it will be in the Stage forever.

- Fact #4: Why does Black Puffles are always angry?
This is one of the most frecuently questions that penguins make theirselves when they are looking a Black Puffle. As you know, Black Puffles are strong and silent. This means that they don't make so many expressions with their face or body, because it is always serious. But, why? According to investigations, Black Puffles aren't angry all the time. Sometimes, they are "happy", just like when they eat a "hot sauce puffle - o", and they get extreme hot, and they could be dangerous because they melt ice rapidly. In PSA Missions, appears a specia Black Puffle in the Wilderness. Can you remember it? And, it showed to be friendly after we gave him something to eat ( a puffle - o ) and after that he become our friend. This shows that not all Black Puffles are serious or angry, some of them are normal happy puffles, or at least friendly. But they have also showed to be incredibly disciplinated, just like the case of Flare, the EPF Black Puffle agent.

- Fact #5: Are Brown Puffles more than they seem?
Well, this is a question that many penguins thought when Probot's return was coincidence of the discovery of the Brown Puffles in that cave during the Expedition Party this year. As everyone knows, Brown puffles are super - smart and inventive, and in the cave appeared many machines and math operations like " e=mc2 " ;so this means that they can repair anything, right? Even something really big and evil like, Probot? That is what many EPF Agents thought when Probot returned. Brown Puffles lived in that cave for years, and when we discovered them, we soon adopted many of them. Though Herbert said that HE repaired Probot, he must had help, maybe from the Brown Puffles ; because they are perfect repairing things. But, if this is real, I hope that Brown Puffles didn't knew that their where helping an enemy. The mystery of the Brown Puffles will continue unexplainable for now, I think.

Thanks for reading this, and please send me your opinion about all this interesting facts. Thanks again and see you later in Club Penguin Island, having fun with your Puffles! :D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Medieval Party here!

Hello penguins! Guess what? The Medieval Party 2011 has been released! Everyone is really excited and happy because we waited for it like 2 weeks ago! Now it's here, and it's time to celebrate! This post will talk about the medieval party, places and rooms, special things and other events! To start, everyone knows that when Club Penguin has a party going on, almost every room gets decorated, even completely changed, according to the Party's theme; in this case, Medieval things. The Island has been decorated with lights, old artifacts and cool new things that makes this party one of the most funny, interesting and awesome one. And as you may know, everyone wants this party very much because it makes us return to those old and special times when people where knights and princesses. Now, the first place you will go when you log - in the CP page will probably be the Town, as usual. You can notice how it is completely changed? The stores have another look and appearance, even the "Night Club" name has been changed to "Club Real" Nice! Also, the Plaza has been changed completely. Here is a list about the places I most recomend you to go:

- Mine Shack
- Mine
- Town
- Plaza
- Recyclying Plant ( very good remodelation! )
- Pizza Parlor
- Stadium
- Lighthouse ( free item! )
- Third quest ( new! )
- Forest
- Stage ( new play! )

Oh, the Third Quest! Yes! This is one of the principal attractions of the party. You can find it at the Underground Cave. I'm sorry but I can't give you images for this event because I'm not member, ( UPDATE, Now I can ) but I can tell you that it has many challenges, one if it you will have to challenge 3 dragons; each one of different colors. Through the way, you will find free items, and when you get to the quest end you will get a special free item! Also, a new play is taking place at the Stage, "Underwater Adventure", where you can get a special pin. Do you like this party? I do! I specially like the Pizza Parlor, becuase it is SO fancy and medieval, and it's awesome. The free item you can find in the lighthouse is a Magician's hat, similar of the magician's hat of the Halloween Party of last year. But many people have been reporting Bug and connection problems to Club Penguin, so please be patient if a bug appears to you. The Club Penguin Team might fix it soon :) Now, here are the Walkthrough of the Quest #3!:

- Challenge #1: Uncover the Correct Color Gems!

Welcome, brave knight ( or princess ) to the Quest #3, the hardest Medieval Quest ever made until this time. You will have to pass #3 challenges if you want victory. But be careful, you don't know what kind of surprises you could face through the way. This is Challenge #1. Here, you will have to observe the gems, then choose the place where do you think is the gem color the computer gaves you. You will have to answer correct three times correct, but if you answer incorrect, it will not count! Oh, I see you noticed the locked door at the right of the Picture! Let me tell you: If you don't answer correct all the questions, that door will not open, and you will not able to pass to Challenge #2. But if you are lucky and win this challenge, it will open and you will be able to get pass through it! But, what's next? Here it is:

- Challenge #2: Make it to the Other Side!

Oh, look, some kind of bridges! In each bridge you can see taht is some kind of buttons of different colors: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Here, you will have to walk in the correct order clicking the correct color buttons so you can pass to the next ( and last ) challenge; passing by that door you see in the right! As you walk, obstacles will appear and you will have to find the way out of those obstacles. This is the color order you have to follow to pass this challenge correctly, passing all the obstacles that could appear:
- Red
- Blue
- Yellow
Then, just walk to the door, and you will be in a new mysterious place, that is very important. Oh, but just remember to take the free item!

- Challenge #3: Defeat the Hydra!

Before you get in this place, you will have to pass through a room in bridges, and as you walk some pictures will light on, so you can see them. You can get a free item here! The pictures tell you how to defeat the Hydras:
- Yellow Dragon: With the free item the attacks will bounce to itself.
- Blue Dragon: Throw Snowballs to its fire.
- Red Dragon: Throw Snowballs to its Mouth.
Now, let's enter the cave! Hmm... there's no Hydra here! There is only a bridge that let me to the other side. Wait a second! The Hydra!!! You will have to follow the Instructions that you read some seconds ago, and once you defeat the 3 dragons, you will able to pass the Challenge! But, be careful! Each dragon has a special power that could harm you, so be quick each time it is going to attack. Now, once you win, will have to pass through a rock bridge to the other cave!

- Quest #3 Royal Room!

Yay! You finished the Quest, and you are a great knight ( or princess )! Here you can find gold plates, cups, a royal dinner, and thrones! Make sure you take the Free final item, you really deserve it! Here you can have party with your friends, and you can have royal fun together! You go out by the exit door at the end. But don't worry! You will not have to do all the Quest again! You will be able to pass the doors anytime you want! Congratulations brave penguin, and have fun this great Medieval Party! Oh, and don't forget to explore Quest #1 and #2 for more fun!

Special thanks to my friend Sevalbar for helping me out to get these Quest #3's  pictures. Thanks for reading and enjoy this awesome royal party! :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 5 )

( Story for people of +10 ages )

But he didn't appeared in the mirror.

- What?!? - said Jerry, scared.
He walked to the mirror with the glasses on, unable to believe what he was seeing. He was just in front of the mirror, but he didn't appeared there! It was like if Jerry was invisible, because the mirror didn't reflected him.
- How?!? - said Jerry, confused.
For a moment he thought he was dead, but then an idea came to his mind. He took the glasses off, and he became amazed. He appeared in the mirror now! He was pretty much confused, and then he put the glasses on again, just to prove if his "disappearing" effect had something to do with the glasses.

And it did, because he didn't saw himself in the mirror again.

He took off the glasses, and he again saw himself in the mirror. He put the glasses on and then off, and he was really amazed-- he was completely sure that when he had the glasses on, he couldn't see himself in the mirror, but when he didn't had the glasses, everything was normal. Quickly, he put the glasses in his pocket, and he went out of the house, with his rain jacket, because it was still raining. When he was already out, he felt cold. Very cold. The rain drops where so freezing, that it could snow at any moment. The wind was also freezing. Jerry had to use a sweater inside his rain jacket because all the cold it was doing outside. Some minutes before, his mom asked Jerry why he wanted to go out, and Jerry answered:
- I have to see something -
Jerry's mom didn't knew exactly what was his son was trying to say, but she accepted because he had a very bad day.
Jerry began walking through the streets, and until he arrived to the main avenue of the city, Mainpalk, ( that wasn't very far from his house ) he got the glasses out of his pocket. Then, he put them on.
He saw the street, the people, the cars, the sky, the rain, the floor, and everything else. Everything seemed to be normal. But then, something horrible happened.
He saw through the glasses how a car, being a great velocity, skidded in the wet floor. It couldn't stop, and it crashed into another car that was there, near Jerry.
All the people, including Jerry, started to scream of panic. The crash sound was so intense, that Jerry thought that a bomb had exploded. Everyone got out of their cars and ran to the crashed ones. And then, Jerry heard the last words he would like to hear ever.

- He is dead!!! -

In panic, Jerry started to cry of terror, seeing how everyone else covered their mouths in horror. He didn't saw the body, because he made everything possible to not open his eyes in the moment when the people where taking it from the car. Only one person seemed to be dead. The other ones where injured, but not dead. Then, Jerry got the glasses out.

He saw something that impacted him.

There was no accident in the street!

- What?!? - he thought.
The street was completely normal. All the cars where passing by normally, and there where no tracks of an accident. But Jerry was sure of what he saw some seconds ago. He believed that he saw a car accident. But there was no one there! He saw the black glasses. He put them on again.

The scene changed completely. Now, he could see the same accident he saw some moments ago. But then, he got the out glasses. Everything was normal again!
- Impossible - he said
He put them in his pocket again, and returned home. Once he arrived, he went to his room and turned on the computer. When he opened the internet broswer, in the news page it appeared:

<<Today, many people remember the victim of the car accident that took place in Mainpalk Avenue 7 years ago. The victim, who was driving a car, accidentally skidded with the wet floor and crashed with another car, dying instantly. The other passengers got injured, and everyone else went to their help just when the accident happened... >>

The computer turned off instantly, mysteriously.
- What?!? - said Jerry
Then he remembered the accident he saw with the glasses minutes ago. Everything was exactly how the news said. "A car skidded and crashed with other car", thought Jerry as the same time he remembered the scene he saw on Mainpalk Avenue with the glasses. It was like he had traveled to the past, exactly 7 years ago!

He turned to see the black glasses. Then, he said, shaking:
- What are you?!? -

Made by Je45rry           ( Part 6 coming soon! )

Puffle and Medieval Party Update!

Hi everyone! Today Billybob posted in the Club Penguin What's new Blog something new about our puffles and the Medieval Party. Somed days ago, almost the entire planet got suprised when the penguin's mascots, the puffles, dissapeared from their igloos! I'm sorry I didn't posted about that, but here is a link to Saraapril's post: Puffle Protests in Club Penguin! It was a bug, that made all the puffles dissapear, made them not visible. Though the bug wasn't in all the servers, it was in almost every server and many penguins got annoyed and angry by that. Phrases like "Give our puffles back!", "We pay for them and then you remove them from us!" and "Herbert give our puffles back!" where some of the phrases that many penguins repeated for hours. Many of them surely e-mailed Club Penguin, reporting this terrible bug. Now, Billybob says that their are already working in that bug, so they can fiz it as soon as possible. Also, he gives us an image sneak - peek of how the Quest #3's entrance will look like. The Medieval Party 2011 will be launched in May 20, so it is almost here! Here is what Billybob says about all this:

Some of you have let us know that your puffles aren't appearing in your igloo right now. Don't worry -- your puffles aren't gone. The team is working to repair the database so you can see your puffles again. Thanks for your patience! In other news... the Medieval Party is coming to the island soon! 
As you can see in the Image, the 3 entrances are really different. In the entrance #1 ( of the first quest ) it seems a cave, of nature. The entrance #2 ( of the second quest ) seems to be a volcano cave, or a fire cave. And the last entrance ( of the quest #3 ) it seems to be a Castle's entrance. Also, can you notice the 2 un-read messages that appear in the Mailbox in the picture? It should be of the pay checks of Tourist Guides and EPF Agents. What do you think about this? I can't wait to the Medieval Party! And you? In what thing are you most interested in this party? Feel free to send me a comment with all your opinions. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin! :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reviewed by You: Igloos!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not posting these last days, I was busy with school and so many other things, it was a busy week. Well, before I start, I will like to tell you that I have been having problems logging - in Club Penguin, I don't know the reason but I think it is problem only of mine, not a bug. I will see if I can fix this problem really soon. Well, today I was looking the Club Penguin Community's Blog and I saw that the "Reviewed by You!" of these week has been already launched. If you can remember, last week's "Reviewed by You!" was the "Earning Stamps!" one. Sorry but I don't posted that... now this week's theme is about something really special. Something that penguins started to have their own some years before: Igloos! As everyone know, Igloos are the penguin's homes; which are personalizable, it means that you can change items and furniture, you can choose the Igloo desing you want, and you can even put on Music to make your parties more funny! Last week's question was: How many stamps you had, and which one you found hardest to earn? Now, Alexa1girl's answer was selected! Here is what she said as answer:

I have earned 157 stamps!! The hardest stamp for me to earn was probably drill with 30 penguins on the ice berg. It took me such a long time to get it and get in! Because most of the time the ice berg is usually full, so it takes me a while to get inside because penguins are surrounded everywhere!  

Well, the "Ice Berg Drill" stamp was the FIRST STAMP I earned. It was the same day the stamps where released, and it was so easy for me to get it becuase there where already penguins drilling in the Iceberg! I haven't earned too many stamps ( I don't count them, but I know they aren't too much ) Though it is funny to earn them, I don't have many time to earn them. Well, these week Billybob says: Let us know their penguin name, and tell us what you like best about their igloo! Also, he said something else about Igloos. Here is what he said about: We want to do something a little different for Reviewed by You this time. We want to feature an amazing igloo on the blog next week! Has one of your buddies created an igloo that's worth seeing? So this time you will have to answer what do you like of a friend's Igloo, saying his / she Penguin name in the answer. What do you think about this? Feel free to send me all your opinions in a comment. I haven't been receiving comments lately, so please comment to tell me your opinions. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin! ( If I can fix the problem XD )

Friday, May 6, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 4 )

Story for people of ages 10+

There was no one else there, only his mom and himself.
Jerry couldn't believe it. He was completely sure that he saw Pedro through the glasses some seconds ago. But when he got the glasses out, Pedro wasn't there anymore. That was really strange, and all the hopes that Jerry had that moment, that Pedro was still alive, disappeared. They had vanished, making Jerry even more sad that he was before. He began to cry, at the same time he put the black glasses in his pocket.
- Jerry, what happens? - said Mary, his mom
He didn't answered. He just walked to the car, crying, under his own umbrella, because it was still raining, and with more intensity. Mary turned on the car. They began their way to their house, in silence. Mary perfectly knew that his son wasn't fine. He just had the worst day in his life. But when they arrived to their house, they saw something that surprised them. Outside the house, 5 police officers, with their cars, where waiting them.
- What happens? - said Mary, as the same time he got out of the car
- Madam, we have some questions to your son - said one of the police officers.
- I'm sorry but my son doesn't want to talk about that right now. He wants to rest, he had an horrible day - she answered
- Madam, we perfectly know that. But this is important. We really need to talk with him now -
- About what? -
- About Pedro, madam. And the way he found him. We need to know exactly how he found him, madam. And we need to know it right now! -
Mary didn't knew what to do. But she decided to ask Jerry, because she thought that once they asked Jerry what they need to know, they should leave them alone and everything would turn to normality again. When Jerry was in front of the polices, one of them asked:
- Boy, did you saw someone strange in the school today? -
- No - he answered
- No one? Sure? -
- Sure - he said, wiping his tears with his hand.
- And can you tell us, exactly what kind of injuries had the body of Pedro when you founded him inside the Bathroom? -
He stared looking at the floor for a few seconds. Then he moved his head up to see the Police's face, and he said:
- An injury in his head, another one in his right hand -
All the Polices, including Mary, where impacted. Mary covered his mouth with both hands saying "Oh my god, oh my god!", while the Polices whispered things to each other.
- It's ok, friend. You can go, and thanks for your answers - said the police officer, nervous.
Mary and Jerry entered the house. Once inside, Jerry said:
- Pedro had the same injuries... that all those others persons that have been murdered in the city this weeks! -
- Jerry, why didn't you told me this before? - said Mary
- Because... because I didn't thought that you could believe me -
- Oh, Jerry! You can tell me anything, and I will believe you! -
She hugged Jerry for a moment, and then she said:
- So, do you have something else, that I don't know, to tell me? - she said
Jerry remembered the black glasses he found in the Ice Cream Shop. But he said:
- No mom. Nothing -
- And are you OK now? -
- Yes, mom. I'm ok -
- In that case, do you want to sleep? - Mary asked
- Yes, I think -
- OK. But after that, do you want to go to the Movies? There is going to be a premiere today -
- Yes, mom, I would like to go after I sleep -
- In 3 hours, ok? - said Mary, smiling
- 3 hours, ok - 
After that, Jerry went to his room, but instead of sleeping, he turned on his TV. There was only static. He tried to change channels, but the same thing happened. Only static.
- Strange - said Jerry
But then, a channel could be finally visible. It was the News Channel. The reporter was saying something about the Book Exposition at Town, and just when Jerry was going to turn off the TV, he began to say:
&lt;&lt; We have sad news. A new murder has been presented in the city, this time in a School. Yes, you heard me right, in a School. The report was been given to the Police after a student discovered the body of a man, identified as Pedro Gleck, dead inside a Bathroom. The student left the school some minutes after the incident, and the Forensic Medical Service began working to discover the responsible of this terrible new murder. The reports are true: after verifying with the student that found Pedro Gleck, and after the Forensic Medical Service analyzed the body, it seems that Pedro is a new victim of the serial murderer in the city. Everything is the same, he has an injury in his head and other one in his right hand. No tracks or hints exists to find the responsible, again. The police thinks... >>
The TV Image and the sound began to turn distorted, until it was static, just like all the other channels. He turned off the TV. Then, Jerry got out from his pocket the Black Glasses. He put the glasses on. Then, he turned to the mirror to see how he looked with the glasses on.

But he didn't appeared in the Mirror.

- Made by Je45rry

Part 5 coming soon!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's new in May and June!

Hello penguins! Yesterday Billybob posted in the CP Community Blog some important sneak peeks of what is coming this Month, May, and next one, June. The sneak peeks that he gives us are images, incompleted images, but I think we can easily know what they mean. The images show an uncoming event, taht could take place this Month or next one, as the title of the post says. Before I start with my ideas, I recommend you to read my "Upcoming Events: May!" post, in which I explain  possible upcoming events in Club Penguin, adding extra information. Also, this is almost like the second part of that post, because it's almost the same thing and it's related very much. As you may know, strange things have been happening lately in the Island, and some of them have kinda relations with EPF's enemy, Herbert; and new enemy Probot. But it seems that something special is going on, because according to the EPF messages we have been receiving, Herbert helped us to avoid Trees destruction last Earth Day's Party. The reason? I certainly don't know. Or Herbert helped us because he is going friendly, or he helped us because he wanted trees in the Island ( which is more logic, because Herbert needs trees for protection and oxygen ) Thanks, Herbert! :) Well, turning back to the upcoming events, here is the Image Billybob gave us:

Hmmm, interesting.. well, according to the Image order, the first Image ( the biggest one ) seems to be white fur and a dark - blue nose. Interesting, don't you think? But EPF agents already know who is: Herbert P. Bear, Esquire! If Herbert appears in this image, it means that something related with him and EPF Organization will happen very soon! It could be the "Big EPF" Launch! ( I talk about that in the "Upcoming Events: May!" post ) I am really excited, I think that something new will take place soon, like a new Mission, special Field Ops or something more relevant! Now, Image #2 seems to be an electronic Piano and a penguin. It seems to be related with Music, and new clothes. It could be Music Jam Part 2011! If this is true, I can't wait to see it, because last year's party it had new stages, new places and many funny other things! Now let's go to the last image, Image #3. It seems to be a penguin - knight. It may be the New Medieval Quest, at the Medieval Party 2011; which launch is announced in most recent Club Penguin Times' Newspaper. Since 2009 Club Penguin have been releasing 1 quest per Medieval Party, and this year's Medieval quest will be the Third one! I can't wait to see how it is! So, here are my suggestions for these 3 images:

- Image #1: Big EPF Launch! ( or something like that )
- Image #2: Music Jam Party 2011!
- Image #3: New Quest at Medieval Party 2011!

Awesome, right? What do you think about this? Are you excited for these events? Or what do you think will be the most funny event? I think it will be the Medieval Party! In other news, "Someone Else" Part 4 will be released soon. I am sorry to do not post it these last days, but don't worry, it will be posted soon. What do you think about this new CPI Story? Please feel free to send me your opinions in a comment. Any doubt, question or things like that, you can send me a comment OR an email to :)

P.S.: Please visit my author's blogs here:

And some friend's blogs and forums too:

I make this in way to thank them by being special friends and several other reasons. Thanks for reading and see you later in CP! :D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Club Penguin's Beta Team revealed!

Hi, everyone! I'm sorry for posting this a little late, I was very busy with School's exams and that things. Just before I start, a Club Penguin Beta is a Special Penguin who registered in CP before it launched, and that gave it special benefits, like the very famous Beta Tester Hat, which colors are purple and yellow. When Club Penguin Officialy launched, penguins couldn't be beta testers in that way anymore. Like 1 week ago, Happy77 posted in his Youtube Page a new video, named "Beta Team???" I clicked to see the video, and in it appeared a page where Happy77 was login - in in a special Club Penguin page, with the letters "Beta Team Access Only" There, he clicked some buttons until he got into a possible new game, named "Rollerscape" ( There is an image in the Top of the post about how it looks ) In my opinion, it seems awesome! In the video, Happy77 controlled a White Puffle through a cavern, collecting Puffle O's and coins. When the video finished, I began to read the comments, and it one of them one penguin asked: "Happy77, are we going to be able to access the Beta Team?" Then, I saw that Happy77 answered him with this: "Very soon you will find out how :)" I was really amazed. Before, I thought that Betas could ONLY be from Canada and living near Club Penguin's real headquarters, as some penguins said. But now, EVERYONE can be part of this Beta Team! Do you want to? If you do, keep reading! :D

Some days ago, Club Penguin posted a new Reviewed by You named "Earning Stamps!" I was reading the post and then I saw something that called my attention: in the last part, in Club Penguin Team's sign, the word "Team" was in blue, and when a word is in blue in the Club Penguin Community Blog, it means that it is a link! And there never appeared a link like that there. I began thinking, "what could be this?" And I clicked. Guess where it redirected me? To the Club Penguin Beta Team page! Yeah! ( Hey, the link I gave you will redirect you to Club Penguin's Community Blog, so please search the link and click it to go to the exact Beta Team page ) I was really excited, I never thought that I could be part of Club Penguin's Beta Team. I registered ( in other words, log - in ) In that page you doesn't have to register, only enter with your penguin's account, and when you do that, it is like if you have registered. There is something written below that talks about the Beta Team. It says: Disclaimer. This exclusive test content is for authorized Beta Team members only. It may also never be seem on Club Penguin. Coins can't be earned within Beta Team. The Terms of Use applies to all content contained within. By logging in, the User agrees to become an Authorized member of the Beta Team. Interesting, don't you think? Also, once you are in, you will have to enter a command in the up - part of the page. If you want to see the Command List type "help". Here is the list if you want to see it now:

- ls: Lists all the games
- play ( game name ) : Opens the game and its descriptions. Ej.: play robots
- rate ( y/n ) : rates how much you like a game - type "rate y" if you like it, type "rate n " if you don't
- comment ( user comment ) : submits a comment about the game
- clear: clears the screen
- logout: logs you out

Well, I have already been registered, and now is your turn! ( If you want, obviously ) Because it seems that Club Penguin hid the Link because they don't want all the Users in the Beta Team. So, if you want to register, to it fast because we don't know if this will be only for a certain time. I'm really happy that Club Penguin gave us an oportunity to be part of the Beta Team! Just remember that this Team has been created because they want us to hae fun and see exclusives, so please don't abuse of it. Thanks for reading and see you later in CP! :D