Friday, May 6, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 4 )

Story for people of ages 10+

There was no one else there, only his mom and himself.
Jerry couldn't believe it. He was completely sure that he saw Pedro through the glasses some seconds ago. But when he got the glasses out, Pedro wasn't there anymore. That was really strange, and all the hopes that Jerry had that moment, that Pedro was still alive, disappeared. They had vanished, making Jerry even more sad that he was before. He began to cry, at the same time he put the black glasses in his pocket.
- Jerry, what happens? - said Mary, his mom
He didn't answered. He just walked to the car, crying, under his own umbrella, because it was still raining, and with more intensity. Mary turned on the car. They began their way to their house, in silence. Mary perfectly knew that his son wasn't fine. He just had the worst day in his life. But when they arrived to their house, they saw something that surprised them. Outside the house, 5 police officers, with their cars, where waiting them.
- What happens? - said Mary, as the same time he got out of the car
- Madam, we have some questions to your son - said one of the police officers.
- I'm sorry but my son doesn't want to talk about that right now. He wants to rest, he had an horrible day - she answered
- Madam, we perfectly know that. But this is important. We really need to talk with him now -
- About what? -
- About Pedro, madam. And the way he found him. We need to know exactly how he found him, madam. And we need to know it right now! -
Mary didn't knew what to do. But she decided to ask Jerry, because she thought that once they asked Jerry what they need to know, they should leave them alone and everything would turn to normality again. When Jerry was in front of the polices, one of them asked:
- Boy, did you saw someone strange in the school today? -
- No - he answered
- No one? Sure? -
- Sure - he said, wiping his tears with his hand.
- And can you tell us, exactly what kind of injuries had the body of Pedro when you founded him inside the Bathroom? -
He stared looking at the floor for a few seconds. Then he moved his head up to see the Police's face, and he said:
- An injury in his head, another one in his right hand -
All the Polices, including Mary, where impacted. Mary covered his mouth with both hands saying "Oh my god, oh my god!", while the Polices whispered things to each other.
- It's ok, friend. You can go, and thanks for your answers - said the police officer, nervous.
Mary and Jerry entered the house. Once inside, Jerry said:
- Pedro had the same injuries... that all those others persons that have been murdered in the city this weeks! -
- Jerry, why didn't you told me this before? - said Mary
- Because... because I didn't thought that you could believe me -
- Oh, Jerry! You can tell me anything, and I will believe you! -
She hugged Jerry for a moment, and then she said:
- So, do you have something else, that I don't know, to tell me? - she said
Jerry remembered the black glasses he found in the Ice Cream Shop. But he said:
- No mom. Nothing -
- And are you OK now? -
- Yes, mom. I'm ok -
- In that case, do you want to sleep? - Mary asked
- Yes, I think -
- OK. But after that, do you want to go to the Movies? There is going to be a premiere today -
- Yes, mom, I would like to go after I sleep -
- In 3 hours, ok? - said Mary, smiling
- 3 hours, ok - 
After that, Jerry went to his room, but instead of sleeping, he turned on his TV. There was only static. He tried to change channels, but the same thing happened. Only static.
- Strange - said Jerry
But then, a channel could be finally visible. It was the News Channel. The reporter was saying something about the Book Exposition at Town, and just when Jerry was going to turn off the TV, he began to say:
<< We have sad news. A new murder has been presented in the city, this time in a School. Yes, you heard me right, in a School. The report was been given to the Police after a student discovered the body of a man, identified as Pedro Gleck, dead inside a Bathroom. The student left the school some minutes after the incident, and the Forensic Medical Service began working to discover the responsible of this terrible new murder. The reports are true: after verifying with the student that found Pedro Gleck, and after the Forensic Medical Service analyzed the body, it seems that Pedro is a new victim of the serial murderer in the city. Everything is the same, he has an injury in his head and other one in his right hand. No tracks or hints exists to find the responsible, again. The police thinks... >>
The TV Image and the sound began to turn distorted, until it was static, just like all the other channels. He turned off the TV. Then, Jerry got out from his pocket the Black Glasses. He put the glasses on. Then, he turned to the mirror to see how he looked with the glasses on.

But he didn't appeared in the Mirror.

- Made by Je45rry

Part 5 coming soon!


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