Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Club Penguin's Beta Team revealed!

Hi, everyone! I'm sorry for posting this a little late, I was very busy with School's exams and that things. Just before I start, a Club Penguin Beta is a Special Penguin who registered in CP before it launched, and that gave it special benefits, like the very famous Beta Tester Hat, which colors are purple and yellow. When Club Penguin Officialy launched, penguins couldn't be beta testers in that way anymore. Like 1 week ago, Happy77 posted in his Youtube Page a new video, named "Beta Team???" I clicked to see the video, and in it appeared a page where Happy77 was login - in in a special Club Penguin page, with the letters "Beta Team Access Only" There, he clicked some buttons until he got into a possible new game, named "Rollerscape" ( There is an image in the Top of the post about how it looks ) In my opinion, it seems awesome! In the video, Happy77 controlled a White Puffle through a cavern, collecting Puffle O's and coins. When the video finished, I began to read the comments, and it one of them one penguin asked: "Happy77, are we going to be able to access the Beta Team?" Then, I saw that Happy77 answered him with this: "Very soon you will find out how :)" I was really amazed. Before, I thought that Betas could ONLY be from Canada and living near Club Penguin's real headquarters, as some penguins said. But now, EVERYONE can be part of this Beta Team! Do you want to? If you do, keep reading! :D

Some days ago, Club Penguin posted a new Reviewed by You named "Earning Stamps!" I was reading the post and then I saw something that called my attention: in the last part, in Club Penguin Team's sign, the word "Team" was in blue, and when a word is in blue in the Club Penguin Community Blog, it means that it is a link! And there never appeared a link like that there. I began thinking, "what could be this?" And I clicked. Guess where it redirected me? To the Club Penguin Beta Team page! Yeah! ( Hey, the link I gave you will redirect you to Club Penguin's Community Blog, so please search the link and click it to go to the exact Beta Team page ) I was really excited, I never thought that I could be part of Club Penguin's Beta Team. I registered ( in other words, log - in ) In that page you doesn't have to register, only enter with your penguin's account, and when you do that, it is like if you have registered. There is something written below that talks about the Beta Team. It says: Disclaimer. This exclusive test content is for authorized Beta Team members only. It may also never be seem on Club Penguin. Coins can't be earned within Beta Team. The Terms of Use applies to all content contained within. By logging in, the User agrees to become an Authorized member of the Beta Team. Interesting, don't you think? Also, once you are in, you will have to enter a command in the up - part of the page. If you want to see the Command List type "help". Here is the list if you want to see it now:

- ls: Lists all the games
- play ( game name ) : Opens the game and its descriptions. Ej.: play robots
- rate ( y/n ) : rates how much you like a game - type "rate y" if you like it, type "rate n " if you don't
- comment ( user comment ) : submits a comment about the game
- clear: clears the screen
- logout: logs you out

Well, I have already been registered, and now is your turn! ( If you want, obviously ) Because it seems that Club Penguin hid the Link because they don't want all the Users in the Beta Team. So, if you want to register, to it fast because we don't know if this will be only for a certain time. I'm really happy that Club Penguin gave us an oportunity to be part of the Beta Team! Just remember that this Team has been created because they want us to hae fun and see exclusives, so please don't abuse of it. Thanks for reading and see you later in CP! :D

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