Sunday, May 15, 2011

Puffle and Medieval Party Update!

Hi everyone! Today Billybob posted in the Club Penguin What's new Blog something new about our puffles and the Medieval Party. Somed days ago, almost the entire planet got suprised when the penguin's mascots, the puffles, dissapeared from their igloos! I'm sorry I didn't posted about that, but here is a link to Saraapril's post: Puffle Protests in Club Penguin! It was a bug, that made all the puffles dissapear, made them not visible. Though the bug wasn't in all the servers, it was in almost every server and many penguins got annoyed and angry by that. Phrases like "Give our puffles back!", "We pay for them and then you remove them from us!" and "Herbert give our puffles back!" where some of the phrases that many penguins repeated for hours. Many of them surely e-mailed Club Penguin, reporting this terrible bug. Now, Billybob says that their are already working in that bug, so they can fiz it as soon as possible. Also, he gives us an image sneak - peek of how the Quest #3's entrance will look like. The Medieval Party 2011 will be launched in May 20, so it is almost here! Here is what Billybob says about all this:

Some of you have let us know that your puffles aren't appearing in your igloo right now. Don't worry -- your puffles aren't gone. The team is working to repair the database so you can see your puffles again. Thanks for your patience! In other news... the Medieval Party is coming to the island soon! 
As you can see in the Image, the 3 entrances are really different. In the entrance #1 ( of the first quest ) it seems a cave, of nature. The entrance #2 ( of the second quest ) seems to be a volcano cave, or a fire cave. And the last entrance ( of the quest #3 ) it seems to be a Castle's entrance. Also, can you notice the 2 un-read messages that appear in the Mailbox in the picture? It should be of the pay checks of Tourist Guides and EPF Agents. What do you think about this? I can't wait to the Medieval Party! And you? In what thing are you most interested in this party? Feel free to send me a comment with all your opinions. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin! :D