Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Renovated Dance Lounge and new game!

Hello penguins! Finally, the Dance Lounge has been renovated! Now, it looks awesome! I like all those lights, colors, targets, and the new floor. But, look! In the floor there's a glass from which we can see what's happening downstairs! It seems that Club Penguin really made this with so much effort :) I really like the new design, it's really cool. Have you noticed that there is a Soda Machine? Also, there are new chairs and tables. But, guess what? Club Penguin has also invented a new video - game to put here, at the Dance Lounge! It's Bits and Bolts, a new game of robots. You can find it at the left side of the dance lounge.

Once you click the game, you will have to click "instructions" ( if you want ) Note: If your mouse is ponting to one of the two options that are there ( "Play now" and "Instructions" ) the orange robot that is there will wake up! Here are all the Instructions:

- Click and combine the Bolts to match the target number
- Use the blast ball to help clean the screen
- Match the correct multiples to build a piece of the robot
- Some robots will require a special number of bolts. Watch for even, odd, and prime bots.

As you can see, in the game you will have to match bolts ( they will be falling ) and once you collect the certain amount of bolts that appear at the target number, you will get points. Important: When in the Target number appears onyl a single number, you have to select bolts and complete that number. There are squares with 2 bolts ( it's value is 2 ) and 1 bolt ( it's value is 1 ) Example: In the blue target appears number #5. You will have to select 2 squares of 2 bolts each one and 1 square of 1 bolts. 2 + 2 + 1 = 5 Then, the selected squares will explode, letting others to fall. Once you get certain amount of points you will be creating a robot. In my opinion, is an interesting game for people that love machines, and it also helps to improve our math knowledges. If you are not a member, you will not be able to play some levels, only the first ones. What do you think about all this? Do you like the game? If not, what would you improve of it? Send a comment with your opinion! :D Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reviewed by You: Helping your community! ( and special poll! )

Hello penguins! If you can remember, last week Billybob talked about the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan this month. He said that if we wanted to share our pictures ( about Japan ) to CP Team, we could send them our drawings! I was going to send them one, but I couldn't... Well, last week's question was What arcade game would you invent? And A L I C E C 's idea won! Here is what he/she said about:

 My dream arcade game would be called Food Shot. You would take your orange puffle with you to this game. The puffle would sit in the middle of a circle, surrounded by different foods. The puffle would shoot foods (wherever you guided it) onto the edge of the circle, making matches of three or more, until the level is clear. There would be second chances if you didn't clear the level. 

Great idea, A L I C E C ! Now, talking about Japan, Billybob said something important to us. Here is what he said: Ever since the recent disasters in places like New Zealand and Japan, a lot of you have asked how you can get involved to help. There are many ways to help others in need, and giving money is only one of them. You can also give your time to help, too! So this week, we want to hear about a time that you and a friend worked together to help your community! My idea is that when a penguin buys a Membership, %50 or %25 of the total money could be donated for people in need. Also, every penguin that helps buying memberships cold receive a Special Postcard that says "Thanks for Helping!" It would be great! Talking about this, I have been thinking if I make a contest or not... but now you will be able to decide! Vote in the poll if you would like if I do a contest. Vote here:

You can send me in comments some ideas for contests, if you want; and what prizes would you like to get. I am always here to hear all your opinions. Please take your time to comment! :D Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote!

Monday, March 28, 2011

April Fools party here!

Hello penguins! I know I'm late in this post, but it's better late than never! Club Penguin has released the April Fool's party, and everyone is really happy and silly! The complete Island has turned to a really funny place, in almost every room you go you will find something funny and different, specially boxes! Here are the places I totally recommend you to visit:

- Town
- Beach
- Snow Forts
- Cove
- Mine Shack ( new pin! )
- Mine
- Dance Lounge ( renovated and new game! )
- Cave
- Box Dimension

In the Box Dimension, you can't loose the new dimensions that are there! To enter the box dimension, you may go to the Snow Forts and start your Scavenger Hunt. Every dimension has its quality, and you will be surely surprised as you visit all of them. I can't enter the dimensions because I'm not a member, but if you are a member you have to visit every single dimension there! In my opinion, the perfect place to do a party during this party is at the "Stair dimension" because it's so funny and confusing! Here are all the available dimensions right now:

- Stair Dimension
- Barrel Dimension
- Ice Cream Dimension
- Silly Hat Dimension
- Space Dimension
- Dessert Dimension
- Pencil Dimension

In each dimension you will find a scavenger hunt item, but in some dimensions you will have to reaalize a mini-game to find the item. Once you collect all the items, you will be able to pass the locked door in the Box Dimension's center. Also, you will win a Box Costume and will be able to enter a special dimension, where you will be able to get 2 free items. And don't forget to have a great time with your friends during this party, it's the perfect time to enjoy the fun! Thanks for reading and see you later!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Club Penguin Thinking about Japan!

Hello penguins! As you may heard already, almost 2 weeks before ( March 11, 2011 ) a terrible Earthquake about 8.9 Ritcher Scale hit Japan. The earthquake was so big that it caused a Tsunami, that later crashed in Japan's coast areas, killing people... also, a nuclear plant is risking their health. At least 23,000 people have died, and many others are dissapeared. Many countries have brought their help to Japan. That's why Club Penguin has posted something new in the community blog, thinking in Japan. Here is what Billybob said about:

A little over a week ago, a major earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, causing massive damage. For those of you affected by this disaster, know that everyone in Club Penguin is thinking of you and your family during this time.
Since last week, we've received a lot of inspiring comments and great suggestions from you about different disasters around the world. Many of you have asked about ways to help others when tragedies happen. 
Over the next week, we'll be featuring a few blog posts dedicated to helping your community in times of need. And we'd like you to be involved! 
We've already seen a bunch of your pictures, screenshots and videos dedicated to Japan. We'd like to feature some of your pictures on Club Penguin to show our support! Send your images to us here. We'll publish some of them in different places around Club Penguin in the next few weeks.

I am really happy to know that Club Penguin worries about Japan, specially because they are in a big crisis. I hope that they will get better! Also, are you going to publish any image? If so, thanks for supporting Japan! And you, have you helped in something like donating food and clothes in a collection center for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami? We all know that Japan is a really good country, so we pray that they will get better soon. We pray for Japan. Oramos por JapĆ³n. Thanks for reading and see you later!

Bits & Bolts Sneak Peek! ( and important news :D )

Hello penguins! Billybob has posted something new in Club Penguin's Community Blog. He talks about a new game! It's name will be: Bits & Bolts I am thinking, why "bits"? It sounds interesting... The game will be launched next week at the renovated Lounge! Club Penguin has been remodelating many places of the Island, don't you think? That's awesome! I would like that the Club Penguin Team renovate the Pizza Parlor to a more fancy and elegant one, just like the Pizza Parlor during the Penguin Play Awards of last year. Here is what Billybob said about:

Last week we mentioned that the team is working on a new arcade game for the Lounge. We asked you what your dream arcade game would be, and Fastflier 2 said:
"I think it should be a robot building game."

Guess what, Fastflier 2? That's what the team is working on right now! The new arcade game is called Bits & Bolts, and you'll be able to play it in the renovated Lounge.

Awesome! In the Image appears something like a robot being choosen... I think that the new game will be about making our own robot! I think this game will help us to improve our brains :) Also, as you read here, the Dance Lounge will be renovated. It will be fulled of new lights, colors, and more, including this new game. And maybe, we could earn some stamps playing it. What do you think about all this? Please send a comment with your opinions. In other news, I have been checking the visit stats of the blog these last days and, though the visits where lower, the blog is getting better now! I would like to thanks everyone that visit this blog. I am really happy with this stats, and I would like them to improve :) Thanks for reading and see you later!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Field - Op #37!

Hello penguins! Today Club Penguin released the Field - Op #37! Let's go to the EPF Headquearters to see what's happening this time... Probot has been acting really strange these last days...

Red Alert! Probot is jamming our entire communication network. We need to get it back online ASAP. Your Spy Phone have a new tool. Find the source of Probot's signal, and gave it a taste of its own medicine.

Red Alert? This may be serious!  Now, where could Probot's signal be hiding? Let see, maybe it could be a place that could be related with Herbert... let's try at the Statue of Herbert at the Mine's Garden! Just to make you remember, this curious Statue was made by Herbert, but it was placed here to avoid Club Penguin's flood in the game "Herbert's Revenge" for Nintendo DS.

Yeah! Here it is! Walk to the statue, and once you are near of it, your Spy Phone will start to ring. Then, click it. You have to press the Space Bar in your keyboard when the lights hit the Number that appears in the left - down part of the Screen. But, be careful and try to memorize the numbers, because the game will be getting harder! Just remember that between one line and another lines are 30 points, ok? If you fail three times, the game will start again. Once you win, a message from G will appear. It says:

Good work, agent! You jammed Probot's signal, and restored EPF Communications. It will take a few days for me to work all the bugs, but we'll be back online in no time. Be ready though - Probot may try this strategy again.

In my opinion, it is a really cool mini - game. What do you think? In other news, I have already posted 4522912 ( Part 10 ). Please take your time to read it and comment, it is the longest 4522912's story - part I have ever made ( by the moment ) Thanks for reading and see you later!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

4522912 ( Part 10 )

Day 4 

 In Seattle's Communication Center:

- Sir - said an employee, nervous
- What happens, Stan? - said the manager.
- Sir, we have detected unusual telephone activity... - said Stan - very unusual... -
- Unusual Telephone activity? How that possible, Stan? In the many years I have been working here in Seattle's communication center no one have detected unusual activity. What's going on? - 
With more nervousism than before, Stan led the manager, James, to the Activity Control Room. Seattle's Communication Center was made to control all the communication sources in the city, including TV, Radio, Telephones, and more. Stan showed James the stats of recent Telephone activity in the City ( how many calls where given, who called, etc. ) through a giant screen. 

James was really suprised.
The stats showed a big amount of Telephone activity. The stat´s lines where up and down, up and down. They where like zig - zags. James had never saw something like that before. Before, the lines where blue, but now they where red. 

- How did the lines changed color, Stan??? -
- We don't know, Sir... the stats where designed to only show lines in blue! - 
- I see... - said James, the manager - and Stan, can I make you a question ? - he asked.
- Of course. What is it? - 
- Who is causing all this weird Telephone activity? - 
- According to my computer, it is from a number "4522912", sir - 
- Let's use the Telephone number finder, ok? It will show us in what place the calls have been made - said James with a smile
- All right, sir -
They typed in the Telephone finder: 4522912. Then they clicked "Search" The finder started to localize, but when it finished it said:

Unidentified and Unkown Number

- Stan, are you sure that it is the correct number? - asked James
- Yes, sir... here it says "4522912" in my computer... - 
- But, how can someone call to other person from a Telephone number that doesn't exists!?! -  
Stan was completely confused. He was sure that the Number was 4522912.
-  I... I don't know, sir - he said, embarrased.
- Stan, to who did "4522912" called? - said James, sarcastic but at the same time, confused.
Stan showed James the number. Then he said:
- Should we try to localize them, sir? - 
- Yes, Stan. Let's see if they can provide some information - said James.
- Then we call the police - say Stan.

Everyone smiled.

Then James pressed "Search".

In other part of the city:

- Jerry? - said Steve.
It was the fourth day already. Jerry and Steve where very excited, because it mean that after the day of tomorrow, ( Day 5 ) the would be free.
Steve and Jerry where in the park that was near Jerry's house. Though it was a cloudy day, they wanted to go there because there the possibility of an attack was lower, and there where witnesses. 
- Jerry? - repeated Steve.
- What? - said Jerry.
- Jerry, all this things that have been happening have made me think about something... Maybe the Police knows the possible existence of a Number that calls, you know, that - Steve said. 
- That if the police knows? Hmm, that's probably... but I think that they can't do too much to stop the calls to "4522912".... don't you think? - 
Steve agreed.
- Anyway, we almost complete the 5 days. Only today and tomorrow are left - said Jerry with a smile.
- Jerry, I'm sorry... - said Steve.
- About what? - 
- About calling "4522912". I should be never called. I'm sorry about getting you in this problem. I'm sorry... - 
Jerry saw Steve with a smile. Then he said:
- Dont'w worry about that, Steve - 
In that moment, Jerry's cellphone was turning on itself, in his House.
- The good thing is that we are OK - said Steve
Jerry's cellphone began clicking itself. It was now in the Contact's list.
- Yeah, I think so - answered Jerry.
When it reached "Mom" contact in the list, the cellphone turned red, like happy by something. 
- Well, I don't think that "you know who" will try something today. It seems so peaceful here... - said Steve.

He was wrong.

Jerry's cellphone clicked "Call Mom" in the Contact's list. 
Meanwhile, Jerry's mom was in his job. Then she heard his Cellphone ringing. But she became confused when she saw it. 

His cellphone was ringing, but in red color.

- Curious, I don't remember that I modified the light color - she said, as the same time she taked the Phone. 
- Hello? - she asked. 
Then she heard it again. 
- Hello? - she repeated 
Then she heard his son's voice. Jerry's voice, though he wasn't.
- Hi mom - 
- Oh, hi dear - said Jerry's mom - Jerry, why I am hearing you with too much static? - she asked
- Oh, that static... don't WoRry AbOUt that, mom... - 
In that moment, she became feared. When she heard the words "worry about" the voice seemed to be distorted, and turned to a deep and scary voice.
- Ok... Jerry, it's everything right? - she asked
- Of CouRsE, mom, EVerYtHing is right - 
Though the static and the big change of voice, it seemed to be happy and calm.

Something was wrong.

- Jerry, I'm going house right now, ok? - she said, feared.
- I'm GlAd to hear that, Mom. See yOu here - 
The voice seemed to be really glad. That was alarmant to Jerry's mom.
In the way, she was thinking, worried:
<<What if he wasn't Jerry??>>
<< What if someone kidnapped Jerry?!? Oh my god!! >>
She was incredibly fast, like at 100 km/hour. Obviosuly, she attracted the attention of everyone. 

But ( you know who ) had everything prepared. 
Jerry's phone started searching "Steve" in the Contact List. When it founded him, it clicked Call by itself.

The Cellphone was being controlled by 4522912.

Steve heard his Cellphone ringing. 
- Jerry, you have to see this - said Steve.
- What is it? - answered Jerry.
- Are you calling me? - 
- No, I don't have my Cellphone, it's on my house - 
- In that case, why my Cellphone is receiving a call of yours??? - 

Meanwhile, the Police was in way to Jerry's house, because the Communication Center localized his house, and they called the Police just as they said. But then, they saw something that attracted their attention.
- Oh gosh, that car is going to 100 km/hour!!! -
- We have to stop it! - 
They began to chase the car, which driver was Jerry's mom.

Jerry and Steve couldn't believe what they where seeing.
- Oh my, someone has my cellphone! I have to go to my house to see! - said Jerry, worried.
- No, Jerry! - said Steve
- Why not? - 
- What if it is another trap from "you know who"? - 
Jerry thought a little about that possibility, but then he said.
- It doesn't matters, I have to go to my house! - 
He ran through the Street, hearing Steve screaming.
- Jerry! No! Come back, please! - 
But when Jerry was at the middle of the street, something pulled him down. He tried to get up, but he couldn't. Something invisible was grasping him, so he couldn't get up and go.

- Stop!! - said one of the Polices to Jerry's mom, that was in the car
Then they turned on their police lights and the siren. 
Jerry's mom was about to arrive to her house, without knowing that, his son was at the middle of the street!
Steve saw that Jerry's mom was in her car really fast and in Jerry's direction. He ran as fast as he could to him.
- Jerry!!! Get out of here! - he screamed, in panic
- I can't! - Jerry answered
Jerry's mom was about to run over his son!
Jerry tried to get out of the Street, but the invisible thing was still grasping him in one of his feet. But just before Jerry's mom could run over him by accident, he removed his feet from the shoe, and once he did, Steve and him ran to the sidewalk, just in time the car passed by, totally crushing the shoe Jerry left there, in the street.
- Jerry! Oh my god, are you ok?!? - Jerry's mom screamed when she get out of the car.
The police applied a fine to Jerry's mom because she completely exceed the velocity. The Police decided to make the interview about the number #4522912 other day, because everyone where really excited about what just happened.
Jerry, Steve and her mom talked about what was happening. Finally, Jerry told his mom everything about the day Steve called #4522912, and everything else that happened since that day.

Now, after they experimented all the things that happened that day, they knew something very clear:
Tomorrow, it will be really hard to survive.

4522912 All rights reserved.                                   ( Final Part coming soon! )

Reviewed by You: Arcade Game!

Hello! I know I'm a little late with this, but I hope that it could be useful for you :) Billybob has posted the "Reviewed by You" of the Week. If you can remember, last week's question was: What games you like to play with your puffle? Yello Pengi8's answer was selected! Here is what he said:

I have a suggestion for all of the Puffles out there who cannot play games with their owners. Orange puffles should play Pizzatron 3000 because they love food so much, they also could put toppings on while you work on the pizza's too. Brown puffles should play Hydro Hopper and they can help you jump higher with gadgets it makes and you may even be able to jump over the buoys! White puffles should play Sled Racing because they love snow! They could make ice with its breath and you could go faster because of the ice. Blue puffles should play ice fishing and it could wear a little fishing hat and it can help you get extra fish.

 Really good analizing, Yello Pengi8! I completely agree with your opinion. Now, Billybob has posted something really interesting... see what he said ( and this week's question )

Speaking of games... next week there'll be an update to the Dance Lounge with another new game! So we want to know... If you were to invent a new arcade game, what would it be? Write your review as a comment. We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

I would invent a puffle - finder game, where your Puffle is lost and you have to find him / she somewhere in the Island following hints. What is your idea? In other news, I will try to post 4522912 Next part today. I know that I have delayed a little in posting it, but don't worry, I will try to post it today. Thanks for reading and see you later!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Puffle Launch: Tips and Tricks!

Hello everyone! How are you today? Club Penguin has released the really cool new game already. It's name: Puffle Launch! It is located at the renovated Pet Shop. If you enter the Pet Shop, you will se a type of cannon in the right side of the shop. Click it to begin playing! You will have to choose one of your own puffles to play the game. Once you choose one, the levels will appear at the screen. If you haven't played this game already, please read this tips and tricks about the game:

- Choose the First Level ( the only one unlocked by the moment, the other levels will get unlocked as you continue playing )
- Blue Cannons send your puffle inmediatly to the next cannon.
- Green Cannons change direction, stopping like 2 seconds in each one. Once it is on the direction you want to go, click the Spacebar. You have to do this quickly.
- Red Cannons change direction, but they doesn't stop. Hit the Spacebar just in time it is on the direction you want to go.
- Yellow Cannons are checkpoints. If your puffle lands in the water, you will begin form the last Checkpoint you passed by.  
- Follow the Puffle o's like a guide to where to go. Try to collect every single Puffle o's.
- If you hit the Spacebar in the wrong time ( in a green cannon ) your Puffle could get out of the way and land in the Water.
- Follow the paths until you get to the BIG Puffle O's. Once you touch it the level will end.
- You can use your arrow keys to move your puffle once it is in the air.
- At the end of the level, the number of Puffle O's will be counted, and depending on the number, you will win a different Puffle O's Medal.
- You will find obstacles in the way. Try to avoid them, though you can bounce in some abostacles.
- In the right - up corner of the screen a Puffle O's will appear telling you how much Puffle O's you have colected.
- Some Puffle O's are hidden in places hard to find. Try to explore every single direction a Green Cannon shows you.
- Once you finish certain amount of levels, you will be building a cannon for yourself!
- You can earn stamps in this game. Try to collect them all!

In my opinion, this game is one of the best ones in all Club Penguin since I started playing it. What do you think about it? Do you think it could improve something? Or do you have any question to ask me about the game? Send a comment with your opinion! Thanks and see you later!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Good News! :D

Hello penguins! After some kind of self - analizing, I have decided to NOT QUIT CLUB PENGUIN until I get something else to post about. I have been thinking about making a new blog of curious information, or about a TV Channel, or something like that. Now, if you have been thinking to quit CP, please read this: I know that you want to quit Blogging about Club Penguin maybe because you think you are not a kid anymore, or because you want to do something else than blogging about CP. Now, I have a solution for you: Try blogging ( or at least verify if there's something new in CP ) for 30 minutes per day. That's enough for a day, don't you think? I mean, try to spend 30 minutes blogging or playing CP per day. If you make this daily, your visits will increase because you are posting frecuently! Now, if you want to qui,t maybe it is because you don't want to leave your followers, or leave your blog. But you can try blogging about something else, something you really enjoy and like! Search for anything you want, you know you can ALWAYS count on me if you do a new blog. Also, I could give you publicity to others so your new blog get more visitors! Yeah! So, what do you think about this? And what do you think I could start blogging about? Please comment with your opinion! :D
P.D.: I will post 4522912's next part soon, so you can't loose it! Please continue visiting :) Thanks!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reviewed by You: Puffle Games! and an important announcement :(

Hello penguins! Billybob has posted in the CP Community Blog the Reviewed by You of the Week! Last week he asked: What do you think of the renovated Pet Shop? Todo265's answer was the selected one! Here is what he said about:

I love the new pet shop because it shows more puffle spirit! Everything in there is puffle oriented from the clock to the beds and houses and play pens. Its also a lot more colorful which i love fun and funky and more interesting too! Waddle on cp! (PS the pizza parlor should be renovated next!)

I also agree in your opinion, Todo265! The new Pet Shop is really colorful and everyone is very happy :) Now, this week's question is: What games do you like to play with your puffle, and why? Remember that if your answer is selected, you will get $10,000 coins as reward! Now, I have an important announcement to give to you and everyone else. You may noticed I haven't posted lately. And that I don't enter CP as usually as I entered before. Maybe you have thought I'm quitting, and, truthfully, I have also thought if it should be the best option. But I don't want to quit. But sadly, the true is that I will leave CP soon :( I knew that this day was going to happen someday, since the first day I posted here in Club Penguin Info ( which original name was "Je45rry" ) But I am looking for a way to stay in contact. Do you have an idea? I have been thinking about making a new blog of something else , I mean not of Club Penguin or any other virtual world. Please comment. Thanks :)
NOTIFICATIONS: I am not leaving CP now, I am just telling you that I will leave soon. Please comment with your opinion about all this. Also, I will post 4522912 Part 10 today. I promise I will finish the story :)