Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reviewed by You: Puffle Games! and an important announcement :(

Hello penguins! Billybob has posted in the CP Community Blog the Reviewed by You of the Week! Last week he asked: What do you think of the renovated Pet Shop? Todo265's answer was the selected one! Here is what he said about:

I love the new pet shop because it shows more puffle spirit! Everything in there is puffle oriented from the clock to the beds and houses and play pens. Its also a lot more colorful which i love fun and funky and more interesting too! Waddle on cp! (PS the pizza parlor should be renovated next!)

I also agree in your opinion, Todo265! The new Pet Shop is really colorful and everyone is very happy :) Now, this week's question is: What games do you like to play with your puffle, and why? Remember that if your answer is selected, you will get $10,000 coins as reward! Now, I have an important announcement to give to you and everyone else. You may noticed I haven't posted lately. And that I don't enter CP as usually as I entered before. Maybe you have thought I'm quitting, and, truthfully, I have also thought if it should be the best option. But I don't want to quit. But sadly, the true is that I will leave CP soon :( I knew that this day was going to happen someday, since the first day I posted here in Club Penguin Info ( which original name was "Je45rry" ) But I am looking for a way to stay in contact. Do you have an idea? I have been thinking about making a new blog of something else , I mean not of Club Penguin or any other virtual world. Please comment. Thanks :)
NOTIFICATIONS: I am not leaving CP now, I am just telling you that I will leave soon. Please comment with your opinion about all this. Also, I will post 4522912 Part 10 today. I promise I will finish the story :)

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