Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bits & Bolts Sneak Peek! ( and important news :D )

Hello penguins! Billybob has posted something new in Club Penguin's Community Blog. He talks about a new game! It's name will be: Bits & Bolts I am thinking, why "bits"? It sounds interesting... The game will be launched next week at the renovated Lounge! Club Penguin has been remodelating many places of the Island, don't you think? That's awesome! I would like that the Club Penguin Team renovate the Pizza Parlor to a more fancy and elegant one, just like the Pizza Parlor during the Penguin Play Awards of last year. Here is what Billybob said about:

Last week we mentioned that the team is working on a new arcade game for the Lounge. We asked you what your dream arcade game would be, and Fastflier 2 said:
"I think it should be a robot building game."

Guess what, Fastflier 2? That's what the team is working on right now! The new arcade game is called Bits & Bolts, and you'll be able to play it in the renovated Lounge.

Awesome! In the Image appears something like a robot being choosen... I think that the new game will be about making our own robot! I think this game will help us to improve our brains :) Also, as you read here, the Dance Lounge will be renovated. It will be fulled of new lights, colors, and more, including this new game. And maybe, we could earn some stamps playing it. What do you think about all this? Please send a comment with your opinions. In other news, I have been checking the visit stats of the blog these last days and, though the visits where lower, the blog is getting better now! I would like to thanks everyone that visit this blog. I am really happy with this stats, and I would like them to improve :) Thanks for reading and see you later!

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