Monday, March 21, 2011

Field - Op #37!

Hello penguins! Today Club Penguin released the Field - Op #37! Let's go to the EPF Headquearters to see what's happening this time... Probot has been acting really strange these last days...

Red Alert! Probot is jamming our entire communication network. We need to get it back online ASAP. Your Spy Phone have a new tool. Find the source of Probot's signal, and gave it a taste of its own medicine.

Red Alert? This may be serious!  Now, where could Probot's signal be hiding? Let see, maybe it could be a place that could be related with Herbert... let's try at the Statue of Herbert at the Mine's Garden! Just to make you remember, this curious Statue was made by Herbert, but it was placed here to avoid Club Penguin's flood in the game "Herbert's Revenge" for Nintendo DS.

Yeah! Here it is! Walk to the statue, and once you are near of it, your Spy Phone will start to ring. Then, click it. You have to press the Space Bar in your keyboard when the lights hit the Number that appears in the left - down part of the Screen. But, be careful and try to memorize the numbers, because the game will be getting harder! Just remember that between one line and another lines are 30 points, ok? If you fail three times, the game will start again. Once you win, a message from G will appear. It says:

Good work, agent! You jammed Probot's signal, and restored EPF Communications. It will take a few days for me to work all the bugs, but we'll be back online in no time. Be ready though - Probot may try this strategy again.

In my opinion, it is a really cool mini - game. What do you think? In other news, I have already posted 4522912 ( Part 10 ). Please take your time to read it and comment, it is the longest 4522912's story - part I have ever made ( by the moment ) Thanks for reading and see you later!

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