Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reviewed by You: Helping your community! ( and special poll! )

Hello penguins! If you can remember, last week Billybob talked about the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan this month. He said that if we wanted to share our pictures ( about Japan ) to CP Team, we could send them our drawings! I was going to send them one, but I couldn't... Well, last week's question was What arcade game would you invent? And A L I C E C 's idea won! Here is what he/she said about:

 My dream arcade game would be called Food Shot. You would take your orange puffle with you to this game. The puffle would sit in the middle of a circle, surrounded by different foods. The puffle would shoot foods (wherever you guided it) onto the edge of the circle, making matches of three or more, until the level is clear. There would be second chances if you didn't clear the level. 

Great idea, A L I C E C ! Now, talking about Japan, Billybob said something important to us. Here is what he said: Ever since the recent disasters in places like New Zealand and Japan, a lot of you have asked how you can get involved to help. There are many ways to help others in need, and giving money is only one of them. You can also give your time to help, too! So this week, we want to hear about a time that you and a friend worked together to help your community! My idea is that when a penguin buys a Membership, %50 or %25 of the total money could be donated for people in need. Also, every penguin that helps buying memberships cold receive a Special Postcard that says "Thanks for Helping!" It would be great! Talking about this, I have been thinking if I make a contest or not... but now you will be able to decide! Vote in the poll if you would like if I do a contest. Vote here:

You can send me in comments some ideas for contests, if you want; and what prizes would you like to get. I am always here to hear all your opinions. Please take your time to comment! :D Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote!

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