Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Renovated Dance Lounge and new game!

Hello penguins! Finally, the Dance Lounge has been renovated! Now, it looks awesome! I like all those lights, colors, targets, and the new floor. But, look! In the floor there's a glass from which we can see what's happening downstairs! It seems that Club Penguin really made this with so much effort :) I really like the new design, it's really cool. Have you noticed that there is a Soda Machine? Also, there are new chairs and tables. But, guess what? Club Penguin has also invented a new video - game to put here, at the Dance Lounge! It's Bits and Bolts, a new game of robots. You can find it at the left side of the dance lounge.

Once you click the game, you will have to click "instructions" ( if you want ) Note: If your mouse is ponting to one of the two options that are there ( "Play now" and "Instructions" ) the orange robot that is there will wake up! Here are all the Instructions:

- Click and combine the Bolts to match the target number
- Use the blast ball to help clean the screen
- Match the correct multiples to build a piece of the robot
- Some robots will require a special number of bolts. Watch for even, odd, and prime bots.

As you can see, in the game you will have to match bolts ( they will be falling ) and once you collect the certain amount of bolts that appear at the target number, you will get points. Important: When in the Target number appears onyl a single number, you have to select bolts and complete that number. There are squares with 2 bolts ( it's value is 2 ) and 1 bolt ( it's value is 1 ) Example: In the blue target appears number #5. You will have to select 2 squares of 2 bolts each one and 1 square of 1 bolts. 2 + 2 + 1 = 5 Then, the selected squares will explode, letting others to fall. Once you get certain amount of points you will be creating a robot. In my opinion, is an interesting game for people that love machines, and it also helps to improve our math knowledges. If you are not a member, you will not be able to play some levels, only the first ones. What do you think about all this? Do you like the game? If not, what would you improve of it? Send a comment with your opinion! :D Thanks for reading!

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