Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reviewed by You: April Fool's Party!

Hello everyone! Billybob has posted in the CP Community Bog the "Reviewed by You" of the week. This tame, he talks about this awesome April Fools party. I really liked this party, it is different from all the other ones: new rooms, everything is wacky and there are boxes and silly surprises everywhere! Also, if you didn't know already, Rookie is now an official Club Penguin mascot! Yeah! I think he really deserves this, he is a really good penguin. Last week's "Reviewed by You" question was: How you've helped your local community? Shophiepearl3's answer was selected! Here is what she said:

A time a friend and I helped out the community was when we volunteered at the local animal shelter. It was really fun and it made me think of all the penguins at the puffle shop! There was all sorts of animals and all different colors like puffles! It felt great to help out the community! Waddle on CP!!!

I am really glad that you helped, Shophiepearl13! Now, this week's question is: What's your favorite room at the party, and what do you like best about it? In my opinion, my favorite room is the "Stair Dimension" ( you can enter it only by the Box Dimension ) because it is really funny and confusing. It has many hallways and rooms that makes you think every different way you can take there. Also, one of the things I really liked of the party of this year is that really much things are new, specially those dimensions at the Box Dimension. But, hurry up if you want to enjoy the fun; because April Fool's Party 2011 ends soon! In other news, I have been working on 4522912 last part lately, and before I post it ( it will be soon ) I want to remind you that it is protected and registered. If you copy, I will know and you could be in problems. Also, remember that you can still vote in the "Would you like a contest?" poll that is in my last post. Please comment and thanks for reading!

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