Monday, April 11, 2011

4522912 ( Final Part! )

Day 5
Final Day

- Jerry, wake up! Wake up!! - said my mother, worried
- Mom, what happens? - I asked, tired
- It's 7:10 A.M.! You are late to school! -
- What?!? - I asked, as the same time I get out of the bed.
As I ran to the kitchen to take a breakfast, I saw that my mom was looking at me with a strange face.
- Mom, was going on? - I asked
- Why didn't you told me all this before? - she said to me, sad
- Do you mean about 4522912? -
- Yes, that telephone number. Why didn't you told me everything in the first day all these strange things started to happen? Why, Jerry? - 
- I... I don't know... I just couldn't, mom... I thought that if I told you that, you would think I was crazy or something like that... - 

My mom sat down in a chair that was near me. Then she said:

- Jerry, I just want the best for you. I would never think that you went crazy. Never, because you are my son. You can tell me everything you want, and I will believe you - she said, looking at me directly in the eye. 
- Ok, mom... I'm sorry... - I said

After I finished my breakfast, I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth and entered the car. In the way to school, I saw something really strange. In the park, the street, and even in their cars, every single person was talking by the phone with someone else.

- Jerry - said my mom - when all this things are going to end? -
- Hopefully today, mom - I said - but be in alert, I think something really bad is going to happen... -
- Something like what? -
- I don't know, it's different every day... - I said, nervous
- I see... don't you think that this is really strange, Jerry? - she said
- Yeah... why does ( you know who ) has a telephone number? And how did he get it? This is so confusing... - I said

Meanwhile, in Seattle's electricity department:

- Sir - said Kyle, one employee
- What happens, Kyle? - said Gary, the department's leader.
- Sir, our sensors are detecting something very unusal. According to my stats, the use of electricity in the city is increasing really fast. Also, we have receiving reports from Seattle's Communication Center, saying that they have also detected very unusual telephone activity these last days... - Kyle made a pause - and that 90% of all the city is, well, using the telephone today!
Gary was so impacted that he couldn't talk for a few seconds. Then he said:
- What?!? That's impossible, Kyle! We have never reached that number! -
- I know, sir.. but I have something else to tell you... - said Kyle, nervous
- What is it? -
- The last time we detected a telephone increase in the City was in January 7, 2011... just when Robert Jaley was found dead in his house, with his telephone in his hand -
- What? - said Gary, confused
- Yes, sir... and before that, in January 1, 1984, we also detected a telephone increase... just the day when Jon Klay was murdered, also... -
- Wait a second, Kyle... are you trying to convince me that this has something to do with paranormal activity?!? -
- I would like to say no, sir... but, I think that yes... - said Kyle, shaking
- And how could this be possible? -
- I don't know exactly, sir... but Seattle's Communication Center also send me a notification -
- A notification about what? -
- They think that these murders have something to do with a telephone number, sir... a telephone number that calls -
Kyle couldn't finish his sentence, because something terrible happened.
His telephone began ringing. But he became feared when he saw his Cellphone. It was red.
- Are you going to respond or what? - said Gary
But Kyle immediatly throwed his cellphone to the floor just after he saw who was calling.

Meanwhile, in Jerry and Steve's school:

- Steve! - said Jerry
- Jerry! I am glad to see you! How has been going everything? Have you, well, noticed something different? - said Steve
- Well, yes... today I saw that everyone was talking in the Phone... did you noticed that? -
- Umm, yes... really strange, don't you think? -
- Yes... - said Jerry, nervous
- What happens? -
- Steve, what do you think is he going to try today? - said Jerry, shaking
- Oh... well, I don't know, Jerry... but don't worry about that, we will be all right. I promise -

Meanwhile, in Seattle's Communication Center:

- Sir!  Sir, I have to talk to you!!- said Stan, one employee
- What happens, Stan? - said James, the Center's manager
- Sir, we have an emergency! -
- What?!? -
- The big use of electricity and telephone activity is causing electric fails in all the city! If this doesn't stops soon, the entire city lights can turn off by an overload! -
- What can we do, Stan? -
- I don't know, sir! You are the manager, you are supposed to know what to do, don't you?!? -
James was embarrased.
- It's ok, Stan... I will find a way to avoid this. Meanwhile, go out with others to the streets and try to reduce electric use by telling the people about this. But be fast, we don't have so much time! -
- Yes, sir - 

Many people say that knowing that you are going to die soon is one of the worst things someone can feel. But one of the things that you can always count with is the thing most important in the world:
And Jerry and Ricky never lost their hope. That was the reason that they where still alive.

The school seemed to be really large for Jerry and Ricky, because they knew that it could be the last class of their lives. When it finished, their where really nervous, and obviously, in panic. Every step they made where really careful. Before they decided to go to a place like the Library or even the Bathroom, first they analized all the possible ways to die there. And yes, it sounds a little bad, but that's the true. When Jerry's mom arrived, Steve said to Jerry:

- Jerry, can I be with you today? I think that if we are together we will be more safe... -
- Of course, Steve! - Jerry said
- Come one, Jerry, please enter the car now... - said Jerry's mom - oh, is Steve coming with us? -
- Yes, mom... - said Jerry
Steve and Jerry entered the car, and it started its way, really carefully.
- Steve, Jerry, can you go with me to my office right now? I have to check something... - said Jerry's mom
Jerry and Steve didn't knew what to respond, until Jerry said:
- Ok mom -
- All right - said Jerry's mother
The office building was really big and tall, like aproximately 50 floors. Jerry's mom office was in the floor #34. They had to use the elevator to get there.
- Come on, mom! - said Jerry, as the same time Jerry and Steve entered the elevator.

But that, was a terrible error.

In that moment, the elevator's doors closed immediatly, with Jerry and Steve inside. Jerry's mom couldn't enter the elevator, and she was screaming of panic, maybe knowing what was happening.
- Mom!! - screamed Jerry inside the elevator, in panic.
They tried to stop the elevator clicking all the buttons they could, the emergency button, stop button, open doors button but no one of them was working. They feeled that the elevator was going up really fast.
- 10, 11, 12, 13, 14...!! - said Jerry, looking the screen of the elevator that showed in what floor they where.
They where screaming, pushing the door, walls and even jumping to try to get out of the elevator.
- 29, 30, 31, 32, 33...!!! - said Jerry, almost crying
- What is he going to do with us?!? Throw us to the air?!?? Stop! Please Stop!! - said Steve, as the same time he was still clicking all he buttons.
- 45, 46, 47, 48, 49...!!! -
But just before the elevator reached the last floor, it suddenly stopped, making Jerry and Steve almost crash with the elevator's ceiling, and making them fall.
Everything was silence.
Jerry was the first to stand up. Then, he helped Steve to stand up, too.
- What happens? Why did the elevator stopped?? - said Steve, hardly breathing
But just before Jerry could say something, the elevator, with the same energy it was going up, started to go down.
- No!!! Stop, please stop!!! - screamed Steve
- We are going to crash with the floor if this doesn't stops soon!!! - screamed Jerry.
To their horror, the elevator's lights turned red, and it seemed to be wind inside it.
- 13, 12, 11, 10, 9...!!! -
- This is our end!!! We are going to die!!! - screamed Steve, now crying
- 4, 3, 2, 1...!!! -
The crash that Jerry and Steve where waiting for didn't happened. Instead, the elevator continued going down, to their horror.
- -4, -5, -6, -7?!? - could read Jerry in the screen - How's this possible?!? -
But when they where like in the floor #-13, began the heat.
- Oh my god, oh my god!! Where are we going?!? - screamed Steve
Meanwhile, with Jerry's mom, she was trying to find someone that could save his son and Steve.
- Help!!! Someone help me!!! - she was screaming, desperated.
- What happens?!? - said a man that was there
- My son and his friend are inside the elevator and they can't get out!! -
- Calm down, madam... how do you know that? -
- See!! In the screen appears that they are in level -26!! How is that possible?!? - she screamed
The man saw the screen, and he immediatly tried to call the Police.
That was another big error, well, at least not for Jerry and Steve.
That was the call that made the city's electricity collapse. All the lights turned off, and nothing electronic that was connected to a switch was working.
- Oh, no!!! - said Kyle, in the Electricity Department
But, in that moment, the elevator where Steve and Jerry where trapped stopped, just in floor #-49. Then, something really amazing happened. The elevator started to go up, slowly. When it was in floor #0, Jerry and Steve received a message from their cellphone. But when they arrived to floor #1, the doors opened, and Jerry and Steve get out running as fast as they could, crying of happiness that they where alive.
- Jerry!!! Steve!!! - said Jerry's mom, crying of happiness - are you both ok?? -
- Yes mom, we are ok!!! - said Jerry
They knew that that was the last trap from 4522912, and that they where free. Some minutes later, the electricity started working again, and everything went to normal.
- Steve - said Jerry
- What happens, Jerry? -
- Did you received a message from your cellphone? -
- Oh, yes! Let's see it... -
But when they saw the message, they panicked.

Hi again, Jerry and Steve. 
I see that you finally survived my tests. 
Congratulations. You both are still alive.
This ends here. Now, I have to go.
I have some calls to make.

From: 4522912
( Unidentified and Unkown Number )

4522912 was created by Je45rry. It has already been registered and it is protected. All rights reserved. Don't call.


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