Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artwork contest winner!

Hello! I have the Artwork contest winner! For the first place: Flipper14354!!! Congratulations Flipper14354! You won the first place! You will soon receive a Special Certificate to your penguin e-mail! Also, please visit Flipper14354´s Blog.

Also, I would be glad to mention that Pips4lucy won the second place! Please also visit Pips4lucy´s Blog! Both created really good Artworks! This are the Poll results:

Total Votes: 11
Percent for Flipper14354: 54%
Percent for Pips4lucy: 45%

Congratulations, Flipper14354 and Pips4lucy! See you later!

Music Week: Day 5

Hello! Today is the Fourth day of the Music Week. For today, I will organize a little excercise. n this excercise, you will have to answer the questions that I will give you. This questions are related to Music ( obviously ) Well, this are the questions:

1.- What Band is considerated as best band in all the World?
2.- What song is considerated as the best song in all the World? ( Hint: It is from "Queen" )
3.- On what year does Mozart was born?
4.- What group created the song that was used in the movie "The magician´s aprenttice" ( starring Nicholas Cage and Jay Baruchel ) Hint: They mention the Group in the Movie

The first penguin in sending me at least 3 of 4 questions correct will win! Actually, there is no prize, but the winner will appear in the blog. In other news, Flipper14354 won the First place in my Artwork Contest! ( More info soon ) See you later!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Music Week: Day 3

Hello penguins! Today is the Third Day of the Musci Week! For today I have brought you another biography. ( Yes, I know, you are thinking that it is Kinda Boring, but it isn´t! Thanks to for the info) Well, the Group that I will talk about is: The Beatles!!!

The Beatles are the greatest popular group of all-time. Arguably the most successful entertainers of the 20th century, they contributed to music, film, literature, art, and fashion, made a continuous impact on popular culture and the lifestyle of several generations. Their songs and images carrying powerful ideas of love, peace, help, and imagination evoked creativity and liberation that outperformed the rusty Soviet propaganda and contributed to breaking walls in the minds of millions, thus making impact on human history.

In July of 1957, in Liverpool, Paul McCartney met John Lennon and joined his group, The Quarrymen. George Harrison joined them in February of 1958. In 1959 they played regular gigs at a club called The Casbah. They were joined by vocalist Stuart Sutcliffe, and by drummer Peter Best, whose mother owned The Casbah club. Early incarnations of the band included The Quarrymen, Johnny & the Moon Dogs, and The Silver Beetles. John Lennon dreamed up the band's final name, The Beatles, a mix of beat with beetle. In 1960 The Beatles toured in Hamburg, Germany. There they were hired by singer Tony Sheridan as a backing band for his recordings for the German Polydor label. During the year of 1961 they played regular gigs at the Cavern club and were looking for a new manager. By the mutual decision of the Beatles' members, their first manager, named Allan Williams, was replaced.

Both Ringo Starr and George Harrison were singled out for praise for their performances in the first Beatles movie, A Hard Day's Night (1964); manager (and former drama student) Brian Epstein predicted that Starr would turn out to have considerable acting ability. He did indeed begin a second career in movies as the Beatles broke up, while bandmate Harrison first befriended the Monty Python comedy troupe, then became a movie producer after he financed the Pythons' Life of Brian (1979). (John Lennon and Paul McCartney had briefer movie careers, with Lennon appearing in How I Won the War (1967) and McCartney making Give My Regards to Broad Street (1984).)

The Beatles stopped touring in 1966. To promote their new albums, they made "promos" - a predecessor of music videos. Individual members of The Beatles sometimes appeared on TV to give interviews. Their few live performances were for cameras, and invited audiences. Their 1969 rooftop show in London was for whoever could hear them, on the street below, and was their last-ever public performance.

John Lennon was asked by a news reporter in 1964 "How long do you think the Beatles will last?" Lennon answered "About five years." The Beatles began to break up in 1969.

Hope that you liked this Biography. Yes, I know, it is really long. But it has important things in the Beatles´ lives. Today is the LAST day to vote for your favorite Artwork at the vote page, so hurry up if you haven´t! See you later!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek of E.P.F Entrance!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? I decided just for you a Sneak Peek of one of the future E.P.F. Secret entrances! On the image the Secret entrance is the one that will be located at the Cove. It isn´t so perfect at all, but I do my best. So, here it is!:

So, what do you think about it? Remember that if you want this image in your blog or web page, tell me and I will sent you to your penguin e-mail the image you request! ( If I don´t know you penguin e-mail please tell me ) Also don´t forget to give me the Credit. See you later!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School help!

Hello! As you may know, School clases has began ( well, maybe for someones do not but they will soon began ), and Posting has been or will be delayed. As you may know, having a Blog needs many responsability, but also school does. So, I have decided to make something for you: I will be organizing special weeks, like the "Mystery Week", or the "History Week" and things like that. I hope that this will help you in your School work, because sometimes you can learn something there. I will be making a week when I want to, but the most probable is that I will be doing one per month. This weeks will have a big variety of things, like Videos, Biographies, works, etc.! On these Special Weeks, I will try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, until we have completed 7 Days. And right now we have began the "Music Week"!!! Today I will show you a video! I recommend you to wait until it is Completely charged, so it will not have to stop every 1 minute. Also, TURN ON THE VOLUME!!! This video is really good, but without music it does´nt appreciates too much. Well, here it is! ( See the down part of the Post to see the Video´s info )

                                                                SILLY SHYMPHONY, MUSIC LAND

Where trees are Chellos, words are notes, persons are instruments, jails are Cronomethers and Ships are Xilophones, a Trombone falls in love with a Violin. But there´s a problem: They live in different islands, and they aren´t permitted to be with the ones of the other Island. In secret, they see each other. But when the Trombone is captured, he sents his island a Rescue Note. The Island of Jazz begins with a Note war! The Symhony Island responds to the attack. What will happen with each island? They will be on peace or both Islands will be destroyed??? To discover it, see the video! If you can see the video correctly, click here! See you later!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie at the E.P.F. Headquarters!

 Hello penguins! Guess what? If you go to the E.P.F. Headquarters, you sit on a chair, and make penguins sit on the chairs ( on ALL the chairs), some of the lights will shut down and the E.P.F. Logo screen will turn into a movie screen! Awesome, right! But in this video something very interesting is presented: on a part, the Beach, the Cove ( and obviously the Everyday Phoning Facility ) shows SECRET ENTRANCES! But actually the secret entrances at the Beach and the Cove aren´t available. This means that they will be available in the future! This is so cool! A special thanks to Saraapril for posting this in his blog. See you later!

Field Op #11!

Hello! Today Club Penguin released the 11th Field Op. Now, follow the next steps to complete it:

1.- First of all, you will see your Phone ringing. Click it. Then, teleport to the E.P.F. Headquarters.
2.- There, you will have to click the "Field Ops" screen and read your orders:

We´ve received information that a speaker somewherehas been rigged to cause "serious damage".
Search the island together for it, then shut it down. We can´t take any chances!

3.- Now, click the "Accept Field Op" button. Now, let´s search that speaker!
It could be at the Gift Shop? No
It could be at the Dance Club? No
It could be at the Stage? No
4.-The speaker that we are searching is located at the Lightohuse! But pay attention to this: the speaker is the one next to our Spy Phone. To go near of it, click it and you will walk to it.

5.- Your Spy Phone will began to rang and a Green light will appear. Click it to do the Field Op of this week!
6.- Once you have done with the Field Op, you will get another E.P.F. Medal! Good work, Agent!


Hello Penguins! I have several things to tell you: as you may noticed the last days, I didn´t post anything, and I was offline on CP. This is because just today my classes began. I can only say for sure that I will  not post on mornings Mondays to Fridays. Starting from now, maybe posts will be delayed. In other things, I have already stopped receiving submissions for my Artwork contest, and I only received two. One from Pips4lucy, and the other one from Flipper14354. Now, it´s time to go to the next step: the Poll! YOU will decide what Artwork do you like the most. Attention Flipper14354 and Pips4lucy: sorry but you can´t vote, because you would have no one else to vote except for your contrincant. As you may noticed, I have added again the "Vote Page!". To go there, click here! The votation will close on August 27. See you later!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Furniture and Igloo Catalogs!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin released a New Furniture Catalog and a new Igloo Catalog. So the Sneak Peeks I made didn´t stay too much... I know I am delayed with this, but I wasn´t at home... Well, in this New Furniture Catalog you can see that you can CREATE your own Furniture! This is a new application!

This is the ONLY secret  at the New Furniture catalog:

- Click the top circle at the Modern Art item, and you can get a Climbing Wall for $1000.

Now, this are the Awesome NEW Igloos at the New Igloo Catalog:

1.- Cozy Cottage igloo for $2500.
2.- Gym for $4800.

Now, the only cheat of this new igloos is the next one:

- Click the Gym´s Igloo Lights that are in  the ceiling, and you can get a Pumpkin Igloo for $2700.

 The Cozy Cottage igloo is really awesome, but it is a little small... Well, hope you liked this new Catalogs! Also, there are new Music that you can put in your igloo:

- You Rock!
- The Ringmaster
- For Great Justice

If you want to participate in my Artwork Contest , send meyour Artwork as soon as you can, because TOMORROW I will stop receiving submissions!

EXCLUSIVE: Furniture Sneak Peek! ( Updated!! )

                                                      NEW FURNITURE NOW AVAILABLE
 Hello Penguins! Guess what? I have made just for you a Sneak Peek of the REALLY soon New Furniture Catalog. Here it is:

I made them like in 13 min.! Hope you like it! I will post more furniture sneak- peeks if I can.Remember that if you want to post this Image in your blog, please tell me before, and if I say yes, you can take it! But remember to give me the credit. If you stole this without permission, you will be catch, so don´t stole. See you later!

Newspaper #253!

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin has released the Newspaper edition #253! In this editin we can find some interesting and exciting things... do you know what I am talking about? No? Well, the FAIR is coming!!! Starting September 3 ( or 2 ) the Fair will be on the Island. And who knows, maybe Captain Rockhopper will be there!!! These are the Upcoming events:

- Starting August 27: New Play: "Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal"
- Starting September 23:
New Penguin Style
The Fair comes to the Island!

So, what do you think? What is your favorite Game at the Fair? Send a comment with your opinion! In other news, tomorrow is the LAST day you can send me your Artwork submission if you want to participate. Hurry up! See you later!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The 1000 Paper Cranes Project!

Hello Penguins! As you know, there are many persons that try to make the world a better one. One of them is Sandy, a New Jersey habitant. Her mission is to spread happiness on all the world. To do this, she will create 1000 Paper Cranes with a positive word in each one. Then, she will put them in different places of the World. Now, as you are seeing now, I decided to post about that to help her and spread the notice. If you are a New Jersey habitant or you live near there, you may find a Paper crane somewhere there. If you want to see the locations of the already Paper- Cranes that have been placed there, click here! I recommend you to see that. If you want, please spread the word so all can know why there are Paper Cranes and what they mean. To see more about the project click here. See you later!

Flipper14354´s artwork submission!

Hello! Flipper14354 has already sent me his Artwork! Now let´s see it:

What do you think about it? Remember that on August 20 I will stop receiving Artworks, so if you want to participate, hurry up! The Artwork winner will be chosen on a Poll where anyone except the participants can vote! The participants can´t vote because it is obvious that they wouldn´t want to vote for a contrincant...  See you later!

Field Op #10!

Hello penguins! Today Club Penguin released the Field- Op number 10! This means that the Field- Ops now have their first docen of editions! This are the steps to follow to complete it:

1.- First of all, go to the E.P.F. Command Room to receive G´s orders:

We have a situation: someone has tampered with the streamer in the Coffee Shop. It´s turned to dangerous levels!
Go there, and power a new safety override for the streamer. Make sure all the citizens are safe. You must hurry!

 2.- Now, click "Accept Field- Op" and go to the Coffee Shop. There, you will see that the streamer is releasing smoke. Stand Near it and your Spy Phone will began to ring.

 3.- Now, click your Spy Phone. We have done this Field- Op before. You have to charge all the circuits without getting harm by those things. If you lose all of your energy, you will lose!

If you complete the field- op you will receive another E.P.F. Medal! Good work! In other things, sorry but I forgot to mention the 200 Posts Party meeting place. We will meet at the Iceberg. See you later!

Monstercjr, Pisp4lucy and I at Youtube!

Hello! Guess what? Remember when I posted that I met Chrisdog93? Well, I forgot to mention that he was recording, he mentioned that before he went. Now, he loaded that viedo to Youtube, and Monstercjr, Pisp4lucy and I appears there! Yes! We are now famous! ( lol :) After he closed the video, he added all of us to his buddy list. If you pay close attention, the First Buddy- card- invitation ( the happy faced- card ) is from me! Here you can see us in Chrisdog93´s video:

If you can´t see the video correctly, just click here! So, what do you think? In other news, have you already noticed the New Name? ( Club Penguin Info ) Do you like it? Send a comment with your opinion! Also don´t forget to come to my 200 Posts Party tomorrow at 7:30 A.M. PST.! Also I have to mention that I have received only one submission for my Artwork Contest! If you are going to participate, send me your Artwork by the already mentioned forms before August 20! See you later!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Secret Entrance at Mountain!

Hello! Have you already entered the Mountain´s secret room? No? So, pay attention to the next instructions!

1.- First you have to go to the room with the ox and the trunk. Then, you will see a gem rock glowing at the down- right part of the screen.

2.- Click it. It will move, opening a secret entrance. Then, enter there. You will be at the Mountain´s secret room! In this room you will find a box, a Ship and Club Penguin´s prehistoric animals.

The Mountain Expedition will stay here until August 17. In other news, guess what? The blog will have a New Name really soon! Wait for it TOMORROW! IMPORTANT: The 200 Posts Party is changed to TUESDAY to 7.30 A.M. PST. Hope you can come with this changes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chrisdog93 is my buddy!

Hello! GUESS WHAT? I met Chrisdog93! Yes! I met him at the Mountain Expedition. Monstercjr and I followed him until we got to the Top of the Mountain! There, I requested to be my Buddy, and guess what? He agreed!!! Now I am one of Chrisdog93´s Buddy!! Awesome!!! We all thanked Chrisdog93 for adding us, but then he had to go. Goodbye Chrisdog!!! See you another time!!!

Mountain Expedition Stamps!

create avatar
Hello! Club Penguin has released the Mountain Expedition Stamps! But there are only Two... well, you can find them in the "Events" section of your Stamp Book. Just how I predicted! The stamps are the next:

- Happy Room
Make 10 Penguins Smile in a Room
- Party Puzzle
Solve a Puzzle at a Party

Good Luck getting those Stamps! I have already got both stamps!

Mountain Expedition here!

Hello! Guess what? The Mountain Expedition is already here!!! This are the steps to follow to get to the Top:
1.- First of all, go to the Ski Village, and if you are a member, enter the "Mountain Expedition"!

2.-You will enter the Supply Camp. Here you can get a FREE Item: a Chilly Trek Hat to get you warmer! Now go to the Cave entrance at the Right- Upper part...

3.-  Now, you have to click on the Stalactites to make that ALL of them pull apart. Once you have done this, you can continue!

4.- After that, you will go to another Camp. CHEAT: If you make at least 10 Penguins smile at the Camp ( they have to be near the fire ) you will get a Stamp!!! Now, go up...

5.- Now, you will have to make a Bridge to pass. To do this, point the ox, a Snow Crop will fall, now point and click the leaf. Remove the snow, and use the Ox to cut the Trunk. Now, throw snowballs to the Stalactites and they will fall.

6.- You have reached the top of the Mountain! Congratulations! Now you can get two free items: The Background ( to get it click the Camera ) and the Flag!

Very soon Mountain Expedition Stamp´s Cheats!

Pips4lucy´s Artwork Submission!

Hello! Remember my Artwork Contest? Well, I have received the first submission, and it is from Pips4lucy! Well, let´s see what Pips4lucy has made for the contest:

So, what do you think about it? If you also want to participate, just create an artwork, scan it, take it a photo, or something else depending on what you have made. Then, send it to my penguin e- mail: or send me the URL of the image of you artwork in a comment! ( For more info just click here! Remember that the last day to send me your submission is August 20! See you later!

Newspaper #252!

Hello! Today Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Times edition #252! There is a very interesting thing in the News:

"You will also be able to earn stamps during this event. You are going to face some though challenges, and you will get to record them in your stamp book"

This is very interesting, I wonder about what those stamps will be about, maybe they will be located in the "Events" section of our Stamp Books... Well, these are the events:

Starting August 20:
- New Better Igloos
- New Igloo Music
- Penguin Mail
Starting August 27:
- New Play at Stage: "Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal"

Remember to go today to Monstercjr´s Party. See you later!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monstercjr is organizing a Party!

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Hello Penguins! Guess what? Monstercjr is organizing a Stamp- collecting party! Here is the invitation:

Day: Thursday, August 12, 2010
Server: Sabertooth
Room: My Igloo, we will be going places!
Time: 11 AM PST

Be sure to assist to his party tomorrow! Hope you can come! See you later!

My Artwork!

Hello! In honor and celebration to the Mountain Expedition ( that starts tomorrow :)! I have painted something. Guess who is it? Haha, well, the Scanner of my Printer wasn´t working, so I taked a pair of photos to my painting. ( sorry for the Image- bad quality, there was sunlight at the moment I took the photo, but don´t worry, I will change the photo when the scanner is repared ) Do you like it? Do you already know who is that Penguin? Yes, it´s me in the top of a Mountain with a Club Penguin´s Flag. Are you going to participate in the Artwork Contest? Remeber that I am NOT participating in my Contest, I will only vote in the Final Poll for someone, so this Image is only for entertainment to you. See you later!

Artwork Contest!

Hello! I am organizing another Contest! But this will be a contest a little different: it is an Artwork Contest! Yes! In this contest you can practice your artist skills to win! These are the rules:

1.- You can make everything what you want: a picture, a model, or something else!
2.- It can´t be an offensive artwork, if it does you can be eliminated!
3.- You can use all the material you want, but be careful!
4.- Be sure the materials aren´t toxic!

I will give you one and a half week to make the artwork ( the last day to send me your Artwork will be August 20 ) Once you have finished it, take it a photo ( be sure nothing else appears on the photo ) or scan it and then send it to: or put your image somewhere in the web and send me the URL!

These are the prizes:

1.- You will be the Penguin of the Week!
2.- You will appear at the blog!
3.- I will link to your blog!
4.- Your banner ( if you have one ) will stay forever at the Banners page!
5.- You will receive a special certificate to your penguin e- mail!

If you think another prize can be added tell me! The winner artwork will be decided in a Poll. Good Luck to everybody!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogger´s 11th Anniversary!

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Hello Penguins! Today Blogger began his 11 years! This means that today is Blogger´s 11 anniversary! You can look for more info at Blogger Buzz! Blogger plans to make a party, but it is Kinda insecure for Club Penguin Bloggers like us, so just Congratulate other bloggers! Here is some info:

-Last year, Blogger turned ten. We were excited to present you with a (small-but-mighty) bounty of gifts, a token to commemorate all of your contributions over the years.

Now we’re a year older (and would like to think a bit wiser), have some great features under our belt and are ready for another celebration with you, our closest friends. For Blogger’s 11th birthday, we’re hosting the first ever Blogger global birthday party!-

So, congratulations to all Bloggers!!! In other news, do you like my first animation picture? Send a comment with your opinion! See you later!

200 Posts Party!

Hello Penguins! I am organizing another party celebrating the 200 Posts of the blog! Here is the Invitation:

200 Posts Party!
Day: Monday 16
Hour: 5:30 P.M. PST
Server: Flippers

Hope you can come! Remember that all the parties are probable to be changed sorpresively, so this is the Date, Hour and Server I am planning right now. Remember that if any problem is presented, I will post about it in the Blog. See you later!

My Stamp Party taked place!

Hello! As you may know, yesterday my Stamp Party taked place... but anyone more than Flipper14354 and Agentmarland came... First we danced at the Town, then we decided to go to the NightClub to dance there :)

After that, we went to the Snow Forts to get a stamp, and so we did!

Later, we went to the Mountain to play some Sled Racing. I won only one round while Flipper won two! Good game!

Then, we decided to go to the Lighthouse to get another Stamp. I bought a Tuba and began playing! And then, we got the Stamp!

After that we went to play some Card- Jitsu Fire, and Flipper won the first round. But then, he had to leave. But Agentmarland was still there, so we decided to play another round of Card- Jitsu Fire. He won! Because we had almost all the Stamps of the list, this Party was more like a normal Party, but we had so much fun! Thanks for going to my party! NOTE: Starting today my posting delay will be more strong. See you later!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Field- Op!!!

Hello Penguins! Today ( very earlier than normal ) Club Penguin released the 9th Field Op in Club Penguin history!!! First we have to go the E.P.F. Headquarters... Now let´s see what mission G has assigned to us:

Someone has been tampering with the island´s coin supply. We must handle this situation quietly!
Investigate the island´s cash registers. Fix the one that sets off your Spy Phone. Good luck!

 Now, let´s see what Cash Register is the correct one. Umm, I think I already know where! Yes! The one at the Stadium!

Mmm, we have done this Field- Op before... You have to join pairs before the falling square dissapears. If it does, you lose!

Now we have another E.P.F. Medal! Good work! Don´t forget to come to my party today later in a while at 5:30 p.m. PST! See you later!

Chuckyb13´s Party!

Hello Penguins! Today Chuckyb13´s party taked place! First we met at the E.P.F. Headquarters, there where many Penguin friends, in them Chuckyb13, Squeaky, and Alex ( he appears at Monstercjr´s and Chuckyb13´s Movie "The End of Club Penguin" ). But Monstercjr didn´t come... After that we went to the Dance Club for a Dance Contest. We went to many places, including the Lighthouse where we played many Instruments!

After that, we went to play some Sled Racing! I won first place! Yay!!!

Then we went to the Stadium, where I get the "Soccer Team" Stamp!!! Then we went to an igloo ( I don´t remember where, oops )

Then, we went to the Box Dimension with our Blue- Soccer Team Jerseys! Our friends played with the Soccer Ball.

After that, we went to the Snow Forts where we divided into two teams, the Blue one and the Red one. There, Pips4lucy came!

Then we went to play Card- Jitsu! But then, the party was over. Thanks Chuckyb13 for the Party!

Oh, and remember to assist to my Stamp Party today! See you later!